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>What is Dead by Daylight?
Asymmetrical Online Multiplayer. 4 survivors scramble to fix 5 generators, while 1 killer wants to sacrifice all of them.

>What is Friday the 13th?
An upcoming slasher game featuring Jason and counselors. 7 counselors with different stats and abilities try to escape the camp while Jason kills them one by one.

>What is Last Year?

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>Steam Group

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>Hooked Thread

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Pretty sure it's 10% of people who own the game which is basically the current playerbase so that's not too bad.

Thread must be unhooked THIS WEEK

Game must he unhooked THIS WEEK


Shrine: Up The Ante, Sprint Burst, Stridor, Predator


all terrible perks except for up the ante
and thats only good if you're a play with friends memer

I hate you

Stridor is good.


Bestred bitch I say FUCK

>get called a camper because i 4sac with every hook sabo'd
nice meme
this is why monstrous shrine is good

thread is nearly sac'd, already been hooked twice

>it has been over half a year since Myers released
>I am still playing games against Claudettes that think they are being cheeky T-bagging in my vision as Myers

is insidious even useful for anything but hook camping

Quick /dbdg/!

Post your favorite hiding spot!

are you guys ready for the Starbreeze approved Payday 2 crossover



Apparently some fourth dimension that renders me invisible to retards.

>Clover survivor
my body is ready

It's going to be Dallas buddy.

Nah. It'll end up being Bonnie.


Can someone post the flying Billy?

should I get sprint burst

It's a crutch perk that is gonna get a big nerf soon.


RIP Dwight, you piece of shit.


lightweight... ya real skilled play idiot..

Yeah, apparently lightweight also muffles the huge "oof" sound you make when landing from a height.

It's showcasing how retarded the wraith was, not how skilled I am at running out a window.

Really grasping at straws there bud. I know you just love looking for things to bitch about but c'mon.

Sorry, my bad :)

Stop replying to yourself

wait what nerf

exhaustion mechanic introduced in ptb. sprint burst did not have any cooldown at all if you were sprinting instead of having the cooldown doubled while sprinting.

Exhaustion mechanic that everyone hates will probably get put in the game

And I'm sitting here indifferent to it because it doesn't affect me hardly at all.

Yeah, I dropped sprint burst a while ago best thing I ever did because now I can sprint everywhere

what's stopping you from sprinting everywhere with sprint burst?

>wasting your sprint burst running to nothing
>having you sprint burst on perma CD
Really makes you think

I still don't know what the fuck this "Exhaustion" mechanic is exactly.

I've been meaning to try the PTB lately, but it's already gone.

Is it suppose to halt the cooldown of sprint burst while sprinting, or is it a completely separate cooldown that has to expire before recharging sprint burst?

Its to stop the stacking of MS increasing perks so you could no longer just SB to a ledge, BL for another speed buff and repeat until gens are finished and then use Adren and/or hope to fly around some more.

Exhaustion just stops you from being able to stack them.

Because it gives me a get of jail free card and stops me getting hit when the killer gets near me


Exaustion doesn't go down when you run, and it stops your Sprint Burst timer so you can't run for 47 years from the killer and Sprint Burst sway for a second time anymore.

So it's actually a separate cooldown meter?

Or just a status condition?

Dropped SB in the PTB so I don't have a Webm of it but it's a status condition that acts like a second timer for your running perks. If you run while exhausted, it stops your SB timer and the exhausted timer so your running perks only come off cooldown if you stand still or walk.

I haven't played DBD in roughly a half a year, are the devs still retarded fags or did they get their heads out of their asses?

they're still doing pretty dumb things yes.

Stridor is pretty nice actually.

It's an asymmetrical multiplayer game.

No matter what they do, one side will always be unhappy.


sup fucks, how does it feel like following down the same rabbit hole payday 2 went?

you just wait for the crate system thats in every game to drop in, and not only with vanity items either, no the rarest of the drops will have stats as well

mark my works, you DLC sucking shitters

me on the left

yea I'm not reading all that 8 decides what I read next

Guess he didn't like that he didn't see me once all match, and I goaded him off the hatch by doing generators.


He should run whispers if he has a problem with immersed survivors.

I love these rank resets.

Threadly reminder that all Claudettes are scum.


can i make the joke that last year should have came out last year?

was it supposed to come out last year? if so, yes you are allowed.

Does Borrowed Time trump a hit from a chainsaw while active, or does it only let you tank regular attacks?

It does.

Yes, make sure you body block the basement stairs 20 seconds to counter it.

Anything that would've put you into dying state is temporarily negated. This includes saws, ew3, devour hope at 3 tokens and noed. Myers tombstone m1 mori isn't affected by it though.

you can't body block the stairs though lmao

What the fuck are you talking about?

Who else here is really excited for the Developer Stream tonight?!
- furrxy

They'll release 1.5 after, so that's cool. They must! Still not convinced by the changes.

Why aren't you convinced by the changes, user?

I thought all the bots were dead.

They said they wanted to make bloodlust regress at 20%, so your entire load will be gone with a single pallet kick. Basically you have to walk around all pallets now and just keep chasing until you get them. That is rather boring. At least it frees up two perk slots for killers, but they will just be replaced with tracking perks that are now mandatory, and either way it's not like killers have many good perks to choose from. They destroyed two more this patch too.
Bloodlust should regress at the original 10% a second but be based on LoS. That would make chases less running in circles while keeping them dynamic because mindgaming is still relevant, instead of just running after the survivor like it's going to be now. It would also make stealth moves in chases relevant, which they could build on with the point system, perk adjustments and stuff.

I think sabo will still be annoying.

We have no info on whether all the weird animation changes will go through.

They said sound would be fixed in 1.5, but was that in the patch notes?

Will the Billy and Hag changes stay? Those are ridiculous.

The PTB had a lot of bugs as well.

I also hope the billy doesn't change at all from what he was in ptb

1.5 not coming.

#47 "The one with the folks talking about nothing"

Wow thanks

"The one where they show us all the things we'll be waiting months and months on."

At least it's bloodhunt this weekend.

Mathieu looks good in that vest.


They both don't know what the Myers add-on does. LOL

what site


>At least it's bloodhunt this weekend.

For fuck sake, and im stuck and my parents place with my laptop.

Alienware. You need to be a level 20 shill to enter for a code

Whats the point of this website, why would you waste time there?

>EW1 Myers can't get bloodlust.
>Neither of them know what his addons are

Are you fucking kidding me.


Sometimes its good to feed myres, they usually leave you the fuck alone if you get em to t3 and manage to escape.

>manage to escape
You can't leave yet, I have to thank you for this free EWIII with good ol' hook.

Thats where bond comes in handy! Live bait.

>hook one person
>see 3 claudettes come sprinting over for some clowning around
>mfw I'm one click away from EWIII

Classic PTB

Ching chong begone



no 1.5 no thread

fuck you, I will post shitty webms until these frogs finally fix this shit game just to keep this thread alive.

what a fucking waste of traps

my turn for shitty webms