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i want to fug that droid.

You're a good guy, OP

Thanks OP.

OP will never rest edition

>Enslaving your own.
I tried being authoritarian, banned slavery and used robots for menial labor. Authoritarian faction was 15% happy because I didn't enslave my own people.


>Hmm, so lewd though

15%+ happy which is good, or just 15% overall faction happiness which is horrific?

So, I own a legit copy of Stellaris. If I pirate Utopia, is it still possible to play multiplayer? I've no idea how it works with DLC but hell if I agree with Paradox's way of doing it.

System survey complete.

15% overall faction happiness which is crippling when it's the main faction and during early game.

But I like the dudes I made, and I don't want them enslaved.

Yes it is

You also don't need to pirate it at all if the host has the DLC.

i wish stellaris was this

Science ship under attack

Oh damn, didn't know that second part. Thanks user.

Its for the hive.

>star empire
>a faction for the democratic and progressive rights of aliens
>who were uplifted from flinging shit at each other

It's treason then?

So someone told me mechanist lowers your robot upkeep cost, is this true? I can't find anything concrete on my own, and if so anyone know how much?

>putting a defense station on the jump-in point


It's one of the nicer parts to paradox DLC.

Though you still can't be plants and shit if you don't have that pack and shit.

goddamnit that's fucked up, I wanted to do a Roman empire role-play with robot slaves. Why the fuck do paradox have to shit all over the interesting mechanics

You know you can force the jump in station to be where the defence station is right?

it's your own damn fault if you uplift a species and teach them ethics that go against your mainstream.

So what happens if you make a race with one of the dlc exclusive civics well in mp then try to load up a game with them in sp not owning it?

Actually I don't know about multiplayer but there is a workaround for that. Two lines of code and you have that DLC.

Most stations have flypaper mods anyway, so any incoming vessel lands on top of them. I stick mine over the star and surround it with concentric rings of minefield stations.

At least before 1.5, the AI couldn't into avoiding systems like that, and it doesn't seem to take stations into account when determining relative military strength.

I forced Hyperlane in my SP game because it's pretty comfy and I have a decent start but I'm considering restarting with Wormhole.

Do I stick with Hyperlane and be able to block people I don't like or do I go Wormhole and go superspeeds?

>Go supremacy approach
>get assraped by multiple AI early on because they didn't like my harsh tone when we first met

>Go diplomacy approach
>Have everyone reject my invitation to federations while they go and start their own

I think I have made a mistake with purchasing this game

I put it where it is because of the wormhole generator. They seem too valuable to leave undefended so I'd rather the AI has to fight a defense station before killing the generator. I give the station an FTL inhibitor thing so it gives my main fleet time to jump in and defend the station. It's usually good bait.

If I have legit base game, but all the DLC are pirated, can I still play multiplayer?

If no, then to play multiplayer all I have to do is throw the original files back in to the folder and disable DLC, right? I don't need to delete the dlc folders too?

>tfw you conquer 6 new worlds as a Hive

It's sad, if Stellaris had the character significance of CK2, the CB, fortress and peace-deal mechanic of EU4, the population manage of Vicky2 and the Front Line mechanics of HoI4, it'd be a fucking amazing game. As it stands, it's somewhat fun but just lacks everything.

Your empire has no identity past the one you want it to have. No where does it really interact with anything in any meaningful way.
Wars suck crusty cunt and just involve stack wiping and going after everything in exhaustive detail.
Your pops literally don't matter. No one gives a fuck and you can't change ethos or time (last time I played) or anything.
Even declaring wars is fucking boring. You set your wargoals and can either achieve them or not. There's nothing that incentivizes holding what you actually want to have and encourages just wiping shit out, with the catch that, if you actually went and wiped everything out, you can't actually just take the lands you destroyed, forcing you into several long and extremely boring wars, the third of which will definitely end in your target ending up under some other empire or, worse, a federation.

It's fucking sad.

What should I build to counter AI who spam PD, cutting lasers and disruptors? All I have are level 3 fighter/bombers, level 4 missiles and level 3 disruptors. My ships are all armor and shield, so I get dicked by these guys.


Too versatile, too casual.

It'll only be good after 5 DLCs. Already they added factions and internal politic.

Do I need to remove my dlc files/disable my DLCs if I want to play, or can I leave my cracked files?



That will take fucking long though.

How do I get utopia

about the current galactic civ bundle, is it worth buying? galciv looks fun but the free code is spazzing out on me.

>frontlines in space with ftl

You justify it with supply lines.

Here you are friend, enjoy.

As I said you shouldn't be able to do the cosmetic pack even if the host has it.

If it works SP and has the right checksum then you're good.

It's better than this current boring dogshit system we currently have. Instead of just going
>le funneh green arrow xDD
you could give a suggestion on how to fix wars.

So wormhole would be immune to being cut off as long as they are in range to use their ftl?


Pretty much, thats the issue with the 3 FTL techs, with Hyperspace you can easily justify fronts and importance of supply lines while with Warp you can just about justify it, wormhole just makes it obsolete.

what triggered the Unbidden and why did they spawn inside my only ally's space?

They're shield heavy so stick guns on everything. Armor your ships, disruptors will fuck shields too fast, even faster than the lazors will cut through armor.

>what triggered the Unbidden
A forbidden technology.

Jump drives

Using jump drives calls them.

Regarding the shroud
I'm only allowed to establish a covenant with one entity, right?

The primary issues with wars are two fold, one combat is just doomstack against doomstack and two the peace system is garbage.
To fix combat you need to have a reason to split fleets up, the best way I can see to do that would be using something akin to hoi4 where leaders can effectively lead so many ships, which would in turn also reduce the spam torpedo corvettes against large ships.
I would say don't have any leader with no cap, but have the cap scale with their level and your maximum fleet size, with a minimum of 10 ships/level to prevent being crippled in the early game, might need to be higher it would require testing.
To fix the war demands I would say allow dynamic adding of war goals. But make it cost influence to add them after the war goals are initially set.

>have strike craft
oh no
>have missiles
dear god
I'm so sorry.

i think so. hope you plan on winning within 50 years

Create a similar mechanic called "operational theaters", based on how sectors work, by assigning systems to them.

Fleets get assigned to theaters and are individual assigned specific missions, such as "defense", "raid (destroy infrastructure but avoid combat)", and "seek and destroy", "occupy", etc etc.

Combine this with a fleet manager where fleets are automatically reinforced to a set number and distribution of ships, as well as being able to be flat out constructed in one lump group that auto-forms, and you're golden.

we were all new once, user ;_; I'm currently researching railguns however. I am quite sick of point defense being everywhere so not having to deal with it will be great

>tfw unbidden have spawned the past 5 games i've had

it's ok it isn't like prethoryns exist

>You have a Chosen One God Emperor/God Empress
>You've already won the game through any of the three victory conditions
>Enter the Shroud, new event pops up
>Possible to sacrifice every single Psionic pop in the galaxy, basically billions if not trillions of people, harvest all their Psychic energy and transfer it to your leader
>Galaxy screen switches to show The Shroud instead
>Pop up explains that millions of years have passed and you have finally woken up as a Shroud God
>New victory conditions explain you must now fight for dominance over the other shroud entities
>Game mechanics and resources are translated to reflect this
>You can switch between the Shroud and Galaxy map, Galaxy map shows a regular new game only with all AI Empires
>Shroud Gods get buffs and bonuses for Psionic Empires/Pops that worship them, form covenants with them and successfully complete tasks/missions for them.
New Game+

As fanatic purifiers, can I cleanse planets to get my unity, or do I actually have to annex, them, park an army on them, and wait for them to be purged for me to get my free unity?
Doesn't really matter either way, I just don't want to gimp myself and miss out on the free purge points.

Is there anyway to get around the fact that only xenophobic states can do more than just displace aliens? Displacing doesn't cut it when there aren't any other empires large enough to take the refugees.

Generally, if you want a 'Take-All-Comers' ship, mixing plasma and kinetics about 50/50 is the best way to achieve it.

Defences need to be tailored to the enemy a bit more, at least until late game when you can get hull regeneration high enough to essentially make your ships untouchable even without shields.

So you want to take the player out of combat entirely?
I don't like the sound of that, we have enough issues with sector ai being dumb, and looking at front ai in Hoi I would not trust them to do this in a sensible way.

federations are gay
i want to out of this guardian's of the galaxy federation.
all I want to do is attack this guy
but i don't want to get bullied

Multiple Crisis is mandatory at this point
200h and I never seen the AI uprising once

Yes, because the combat in this game is extremely tedious and annoying in a way that no other paradox game is.
The fact that systems are actual, physical areas which you can micro a fleet in is beyond retarded.

I made a covenant with the cycle dude, is that bad?

I think that that might actually alleviate some problems of the current system. Leaders would help with the doomstacks.

are you in actual federation or did you just agree to be his battle thrall (signatory or whatever)


I hope you like The Unbidden on Bath Salts

You fucked up in ways you can't even begin to comprehend.

i joined the federation to fight the unbidden, even though I had to do half the work. It's just that he has 300k+ military, and I don't want to make him mad.

No user, not bad at all

so I'm building a ring world and completed the platform station and it said 'our team of hundreds of engineers can begin dismantling the solar system's planets' or some shit
how do

>nobody thinks stellaris porn exists

No user, I'm sure nothing can go wrong when you make pacts with psychic space demons.

>which you can micro a fleet in is beyond retarded.
I wish.
They just go full speed towards the enemy till they are beating each other with the ship bows.

Tell me more

How does this even work

This game tries to do way too much. There are like 20 types of weapon alone jfc.

then try rts games wich are easier

strong enough framework/armor > force applied to bow of ship = not comically blown up

Yeah I fucking hate when a game tries to have depth

One ship is disabled, so it's not resisting the directional thrust from the ramming vessel spinning it off-axis, the other SD thinks the other one is maneuvering until it's too late.

Ask again in 1 hour

>Ship can push a 20 times bigger ship at a fast speed
>Not only that, but has enough force to throw everybody in the bigger ship to the floor
>And to crash it to the other big ship to cause massive damage
>Also you can see the actual bridge when is crashing against the big ship
Magical Plot Powers.

Im not hating on it. I just think they threw literally every sci-fi concept into the game but dont really go into depth with a lot of them.

Take clones for example, they can do so much more with the concept, but right now they're just for army.

Should I build two Ringworlds at once? I just realized how long it takes to build and I get minerals much faster than it takes to build.

>tfw you finally pinpoint the mod that's been causing that really annoying bug

such fucking relief

Same with xenomorph armies. When I read about it in the wiki, I was hyped. But then I found out it was just your regular army with better numbers.

this hive mind has an interesting shape

Rate my space snails /civ4xg/

That's actually kinda cool
I wish all end-game crisis were that challenging/interesting

Is Rimworld /civ4xg/ or /indie/?
Because I kinda need help about basic stuff.