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When mosquitoes weren't a bane 4 you r existence. When you could make a fire outside out of necessity and it didn't burn your tits off. When you could cuddle with q ts because they were always "cold".

Obligatory gay copypasta:
>autism containment
>place yourself on maps for meetups

>everyone must drop a rare taytay
>land cruisers
>british engineering
>sometimes german engineering
>AMC jeeps only
>still no Wagoneer
>6.5 diesel swaps
>user baiting
>people falling for the bait over and over again
>shitting on bullbars and pushbars

Old thread:
/out/ thread:
>join /out/ thread
>50 posts fighting over hiluxes
>r hiluxes a meme

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>tfw no slightly built Cherokee to chief to go do expedition things with

buy one wtf


y not?

>tfw the rest of Veeky Forums values their shitbox interiors
>im sitting here with the mud slathered all over my dashboard and steeringwheel from the last hydrolock
>dont bother to clean it because the interior is so fucked it looks better with mud

>liking mud

not him but I love mud. sliding into a deep mudhole is like teh sex.

>sliding into a deep mudhole

>slide in
>go slow at first
>things are churning
>go faster
>get dirty
>work the stick
>start slamming from side to side
>finally pull out in a moment of ecstasy throwing spunk everywhere
>feel the last bits drip off as you realized now you'll have to shower
>watch the next guy go


>>watch the next guy go

Steelies or aluminum wheels?

>daily driver
>not xtreem rock crawling
>mostly mountain trails and desert dirt roads

Whatever's cheapest.

steelies for sure unless you live in the god forsaken rust belt

How's org this lovely evening

i love mud too but have you seen what it can do to your electronics and interior?

blg drop taytay or go

how many mudflaps have you gone through


None. Those are the original ones from 95


cant i just post in peace?


also, who made this? i'm genuinely curious (and kinda drunk)


i have no idea
found it on joogle awhile ago

oh shit

how the hell do keep them from getting torn off


ill kill u

so it's 3:14 on the west coast
you drunk yet?

i live on the east coast
and no
but am about to go get sushi
so probably soon


I don't drive like a cunt?

damn that sounds good
not yet


that's not a suitable answer user

Is that your actual truck? Much better than your shitty mercury or whatever the fuck.

I guess it'll have to do


Sorry m8 that thing is trash.

Imma hardcore offroader guis

Got the f450 axle under it and wheel centers in the mail and just sold the d70 so now I got $300 more dolarydoos to roll into the ugly fucker
>Tfw I still have the beefiest drivetrain in org

No new pics cause it's been pissing rain every afternoon as per the standard summer weather

But its ugly.

And yours isn't?

>still no Wagoneer
Guy in my area is selling one and it makes my dick so hard and I really wish i had 5 grand to throw at this guy for his truck

>mfw theres one near me with no motor

tempting as fuck


fucking kill me I want one so bad


Prove it faggot.

so I just recently bought an XJ and I was wondering If I'd need to modify anything besides the suspension to lift it. I'm only looking for maybe a 3" lift, since I'm not going X-TREEM ROCK CRAWLIN' with it. something like pic related (which is apparently a 3" lift on 31" tires). would I need to extend brake lines any? googles giving me conflicting answers. looking at

since its a full kit. been watching youtube videos of people doing it and it seems straightforward enough.

I hope you bought a maroon one. Its is the best color you know.


>superior 2 door

What's funny is that extreme rock crawlers actually go for less lift, to keep center of gravity low. It's the mall crawling bro trucks that love the 12" of lift to go with their 24" rims and stretched mud tires...

Didn't know that. You'd think you'd want the axles higher off the ground, no? There's not much in the way of crawling around here anyway. Mostly just backwoods roads and muddy ass trails.

And prarie. Lots and lots of open prarie.


Well lift doesn't make the axles clear rocks better, larger tires to that. So they do a little lift then trim the fuck out of the fenders to clear the large ass tires. Lift does help move the body higher from the axles to clear larger tires.

>this is how stupid jeep owners really are
Doesnt surprise me really

'04 TJ Sport reporting in. Just arrived in Michigan driving out of central Indy on my way back home to Minnesota. About to hit 3k miles on my fun journey. Didn't get to do some of the trails I wanted to go on, and I broke the linkage on my transfer case, so that cut things short. Thankfully I'm in 2wd until I can get it home and fix it up.

>Pic related, my baby.

Just crawl under and shift the tcase by hand it's not that hard unless you have weak noodle arms. You don't have weak noodle arms, do you?

I think for 3" you don't need to do anything else.

Depending on what you mean by extreme rock crawlers there really isn't much comparison between a competition rock crawler and a street-going offroader.

>tfw no butterfaced gf to drive around in my shitbox during snow storms

why live

I think that's OP's q t waif

I have a 3" lift with 31s on my 99. Never had to do any other mods to make it work.

it's not
it's the dog fucker from killyourselfwisconsin

Very nice photo.

Explain the suburban and the original poster who took pictures of the vehicle and posted it here?

I thought it was a guy who posted his wife and then once he left Veeky Forums, some other user started posting the dogfucker since she looks very familiar to user's waifu.

The dogfucc'r?



Do 6.5 swaps still count if it used to be a 6.2?

my benis

Thule vs. Roof Racks

what do


s10 blazers, yes or no?

it's not what you wheel
it's whether you wheel or not

but thule makes roof racks? what are you even saying here.

if you mean roof bars vs. a roof rack then that depends on a million different things. what type of cargo will you be carrying with it


pls the autism pls

Fuck yes. Almost bought a zr2 from a small dealership here in town but they were asking way to much for the mileage it had.

You do realize that is not an s10 you complete faggot

don't be retarded user

What tars is them?

>not being able to read

No one has checked them, nor answered my question.

>are s10s gud
>yes they are so i tried to buy this other completely unrelated truck one time!
kys retard

>not realizing that ZR2 was the offroad package on the s10/blazer platform

Shop cat is missing. I miss him. Been a week since he showed up. He's not at any local shelters and the neighbors haven't seen him. Pray for Paul, please.

Please come home, buddy. I love you.

>not realizing that the pic you posted was a fucking tahoe and that the zr2 package was offered on several different models
i mean just stop trying this is getting bad

>not realizing that the tahoe is the vehicle he actually bought, and the zr2 was a completely different vehicle that he was considering buying
Next you're going to say "I was only pretending to be retarded"

I just traded my Subroru WRX in on a basic bitch 2017 Tacoma SR5. I want to get some tires that won't completely suck off road, what the fuck am I supposed to do with a set of 4 tires with less than 500 miles on them?

Tires? They're 31x10.50 R15 Definity Dakota M/T. My old all terrains were pretty beat so I picked these up with the soft 8s for a decent price. They smoke big time if I do a brake stand.

What in the fuck are you even saying? The original poster was asking about s10 blazers and then you posted a fucking tahoe.
are you illiterate im genuinely curious

sell em on cl, duh

put some boggers on that bitch

>this much damage control
hoo boy

I posted the tahoe, not the person you are arguing with. The picture had nothing to do with what i wrote. Whats so hard to understand?


ZR2 Blazers are easy to find for cheap compared to the S10/Sonoma ZR2's. Make sure the frame isn't fucked because the ZR2 got a boxed frame that was stronger but liked to pull a Toyota. Also soccer moms abusing "the all wheel drive knob" to the point of permafucking the transfer case.

Who 4runner here?

Did you completely misread that first post then continue to argue?

Nice. Is it yours?

Mudding is fun, spending 2 hours with the pressure washer getting all the mud out from underneath the body isn't. I should have bought a cheap shitbox so I wouldn't have to worry about this shit.