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>Just Released
DARKNESSHERO Rance Mod - Beta FFA mod released
Rance 5D and Rance VI (English and Decensored) - Released
Orders open at $34.95 for bundle
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Heartful Maman - MILF Eroge

>Upcoming Games

Beat Game - Website to be opened on April 20
Rance X - Announced. Delayed to 2017
RPG - by the Evenicle team (New IP)
Modern Setting - by the Rance 03 Team (New IP)
Loli MILF Nukige - by the MILF nukige team
'Heartwarming' VN - by the Atlach Nacha writer

Haniwa Development Studio:

>Released In Last Year (See FAQ for downloads and info)

June 2016 - Tsumamigui Extra (JAP)
January 2016 - Tsumamigui 3 (JAP)
August 2015 - Rance 03 (JAP)

>Mangagamer Most Requested Titles Survey Results
Rance Series (1st)
Evenicle (9th)
Daiteikoku (19th)

>Upcoming Events
Drawfag Weekend - Kanami Weekend starting May 6th
Veeky Forums League 8 - Starting June 9th

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>New thread kills the old one

Same user here, fixed it.

Also, got a bit sad to see we can't use Godess ALICE while on the AL Church faction. (There are no sprites of her regardless, right?)

Everything was planned
Actually, I didn't link to this thread in time

There is one since you can fight her in Quest

The sprite used for her in the DHR mod

Quest uses 3D models in fights

Isn't that only the animated spirte?

Yes, 3D model for fights only
Before fighting someone that important, you chat a little before defeating her or die trying

KR design was the best design

Orion thought they were too retro, according to Rance 5D.
Of course, nearly two decades later, styles have changed.

To mod user - have you thought about making some of the less important unique commanders capturable in battle before their nation being defeated? That's generally ffa problem but it takes too much time to actually capture a few interesting commanders and you need to stall to make a good roster.
Also, is Maris supposed to be that bad?

And now their designs are too retro again. Lolis are the norm now.

How can a girl be so perfect?

By not being like Maria.

>Also, is Maris supposed to be that bad?
Leading an army on the frontlines isn't part of her skill set.

Mill is what turned me on to lolis.

The Rance series is a trap. I came into it hearing that the protag wasn't into kids, but it turns out that it's all veiled pro-loli propaganda. Very sneaky.

>The state of Leazas and Zeth

Good game Kayblis, you can have this one.

rance is NOT a lolicon


Oh, Kanami

>Hornet takes over Kayblis
>Kayblis joins Hornet

Totally in character. Kayblis would go straight to grovelling for forgiveness if Hornet actually ever beat him.

the thumbnail is like he has rabbit ears

And Hornet would probably forgive him.

It's a Kanami edition

Good you remembered the new pastebin.

I haven't been paying too much attention, does this mod allow to change the map and houses for FFA or does it bring KR to SR?

You can only play KR in DHR FFA

So the bandit phase and everything are in there?

No. It's FFA but you pick from Kichikuou nations.

It's FFA. But there is a Bandit Faction.

Oh, okay. The long term objective is to have KR be playable in SR, right? I guess I'll see if it happens in 2-3 years.

That sounds like the worst faction.

I wonder if he'd become a crossing guard for an all boys school.


Rance gave me a gender bending fetish.

If a woman kills a Kalar, does the curse affect her?

It's not bad actually. Rance and Feliss are really strong.
The weakest nations are probably some of the individual free cities and Shangri-La.

Oh, I didn't realize that Rance would be in that faction. Is there a bad Leazas ending where Rance dies and Lia uses Avel to electrocute cute girls?

Not yet.

You've gone too far this time Zeth.



Did anyone note if any of the Japanese players have played this mod of Sengoku Rance? I'm curious because they seemed to be excited for it when the first videos were coming out.

>Zeth has Hornet and Hawzel
Good luck with that.


They also have Silky. I haven't managed to capture a single Dark Lord, though I've killed Hawzel multiple times.

>Miki: Killed
We're reaching non-canon levels that shouldn't even be possible

Imagine if Hornet was the one who did it though? How tragic and funny would it be if the one trying to save Miki and keep the peace ended up killing her and becoming a bloodthirsty demon lord? Sounds like something Ludo would laugh at.

user, in this mod we ARE Ludo.

Time to go all Zeus

Reproduce with half the mortals and gods?

There are some touches to the mod, like Camille doesn't seem to attack, both her turns she only used "standby"
Also Pentagon's strategy is horseshit, a few times they put a single guard in the backrow and archers in front...


>Pentagon's strategy is horseshit
Damn, DHR user really went all-out for realism, huh?

Kayblis wrecks shit in AI.v.AI, so it prevents him from cleaning up humanity too fast. The AIs don't have neutral, you do.
Yeah. There's a tad to many uncapturable commanders right now. I should make some of the fiends capturable to start so Kayblis isn't at full force the entire game.
Maria is perfect. She'd look better preggers though.
Maris's Recovery Rain 2 skill is broken. It's supposed to heal one action point from every character, but it clearly doesn't. Once it works, it should be borderline-OP if used right.
Camilla should be attacking, she's a melee character.

I'm making changes and I'll probably post 1.0.2 in 12 hours or so.
Also: I nerfed Earthquake so it takes 4 action points. i.e. Kayblis can only use it once in a battle.

Camilla look better preggers

Should I give Redeye Annis beam????
He's a pretty reckless guy, and it prevents him from wiping out your entire party. He's honestly more dangerous than Kayblis.

>Annis uses Annis Beam
>Redeye sees Annis Beam
>even though it's complete trash, his prime directive forces him to copy it into his memory
It makes sense.

>Maris's Recovery Rain 2 skill is broken. It's supposed to heal one action point from every character, but it clearly doesn't. Once it works, it should be borderline-OP if used right.
I'm not sure about that. Half the time, she only gets to use it very late into the fight and sometimes she doesn't even get to cast it even if I use it on her first move. She's just too slow. Even if she returned moves, there won't be time to make use to them. It's okay that it depletes all her actions but maybe it should be casted without preparation for it to be good.

RedEye is retarded but I don't see him attacking his own allies by accident like Annis does.

Well we'll see how Maris goes with that change.

Nah. It's quite clearly just an Annis special.

I wouldn't be an accident, it would be on PURPOSE, because it's ART! It's DRAMA! You might think he's just slaughtering his allies indiscriminately, but it's all part of his grand design, it's the ultimate drama by the ultimate life form! Of course a filthy human wouldn't understand!!!

But user, Hornet did kill Miki in my run.

>turns a decent sized chunk of the Monster Realm into essential a nuclear fallout zone
if anything, he's not careful with his ridiculously powerful attacks.


Agreed, it'd still be awful even with action point restoration to the whole team. That's how bad it is right now. If you want to keep the charge as necessary you'll have to increase her speed.

To be fair, half of the blame for that one goes to Hornet.

In my experience Kayblis is worse, you can at least cancel Red Eye's preparation. Also I'm not sure if it is your intention or unavoidable but Annis beam puts the bar in her team's favor even while hitting allies.

It's perfect that way.

Destroys enemy morale.


It destroys their morale to witness friendly fire from the enemy?

I was winning a battle and Annis killed her team to victory. I mean sure that's hilarious but come on.

>I was winning a battle and Annis killed her team to victory
Sasuga Annis.

Probably just cutting down the cast speed + increasing her speed.
Did not know that, but it makes sense given the code. Another fix to my list.

Sasuga Annis

Please leave Annis being strong

>Sengoku Kayblis
>Rick Maris Pic
>demon Shizuka

What is this? You can't dismiss units in FFA? Who the fuck in his right mind wants Kinkaid.

You can't dismiss "essential" units, and you can't capture/kill them unless you overrun their country and they become ronin.
Kinkaid shouldn't be essential to Leazas lmao.

>Not liking blue
Fake Hanny Detected.

Haniwa Haniwa all the Hannies love Haniwa

>Not wanting the guy that beat Rick

toufu guy, please use this image as DK Rance's picture.

too late, I'm already using this one.
Maybe if you chopped off the red around his head so that there's a transparent region...

Where's the transparent region on that one?

i made one pixel transparent

So I'm the guy playing original KR right now
I'm trying to cure Milli's illness, and I've read that I'm apparently supposed to meet with some dumb bitch in the shrine dungeon. But I've explored the dungeon in and out and there's nothing there but monsters. What gives?

Are you playing as Rance when you're exploring?

Send Rance to explore

>that Milli scene where Rance watches her get fucked while getting a blowjob from Maris

Drawfag when?

>so it prevents him from cleaning up humanity too fast. The AIs don't have neutral, you do.
in that game it wasn't exactly an option. hornet was down to her last territory by turn 15 and was in such a bad shape she wasn't even attacking. Was winning a couple defenses but kayblis was winning too.

so I did the only thing anyone who played KR would do. I neutralized hornet and threw myself at kayblis in a attempt to relieve some of the pressure.

Amy preview of the La sisters in X?

Not yet.

Just Sil's afro, Urza, and redundant girl so far then?

No Rizna?


And every girl in this calendar is confirmed including the four holy gal monsters and Am

Unless that is a genuine cg that will be used in the game, it doesn't answer me.

That calendar, the original sketch from 2015 and the two screenshots are all we have.

Alright then.

Here's hoping that we get more preview shots that aren't just fucking Sil.