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First for WRONGED US.

The thread in which we compress our brainstems until we hallucinate Legends of The Old World.




How to make a Grimgor tulpa:

>establish personality traits: loud, orky, domineering but with a secret tender side
>imagine a person with the traits, and his voice
>meditate and talk to this created person
>eventually you should start to get emotional replies (waaagh/anger) and later vocal replies
>now imagine the form with tiniest detail: the skin, tusks and the orky breath on your neck as you hug
>eventually you will both hear and feel him in real life
>you now have a Grimgor husbando

Rock the... boat?

Is steel faith mod good or not?

What is a list of /twg/ approved mods for Empire.

I want a new experience and a slower paced campaign.

It's really very good. At this point I'd argue it provides a more memorable experience than the base game. However, be aware that it mostly doesn't play well with other mods, even fairly minor ones. Hope you're having a great Thursday.


I want a Thorgrim tulpa, how would I get one?

He's not known at all for screaming (nor could anyone take a screaming dwarf seriously) and would keep track of all your grudges for you.

You'd 4 tulpas to carry him and a tulpa throne.

>I want a Thorgrim tulpa
You don't give him his fave corn flakes for breakfast and you go in the book boi

Just imagine Thorgrim and those dudes who carry him. Then imagine him yelling 'THEY HAVE WRONGED US' or whatever every time someone does/says something against you.

Yeah but he'd also force you to settle those grudges old style

Steel Faith's changes allow for more armies and stronger garrisons, which can bring things to a standstill but it might be what you're looking for
Its at least worth a try

Haven't checked up on the game since Bretonnia came out.
Do we know who the Old Friend is yet?

Change the traits

Also tulpas have access to your subconscious so they can probably remember the grudges pretty well

How do i beat the wooden jew as bretonnia in campaign /twg/ They kick my ass on very hard, Fire arrows are decent but i cant mass all my stacks and roll over them because of the massive chaos invasion that is currently outside of altdorf. The pointy eared bastards razed my only city that could produce grail guardians. Shit

>Buy the CLan Angrund and crooken mood pack
>expect cool, fun, renown units
>Renown units are easy as shit to get
>both races are unfun and just difficult

Should of got the grim and the grave fuck.

Both the new factions are more fun than their base factions. Get over your mental block, embrace your mental powers, and win the fight!

Both were fun as fuck until you get the keep that magically makes all of their problems go away.

Gobbos especially because you HAD to outmaneuver the enemy every fight or get smashed to ribbons.

1st person open world wathammer mmo with chivalry combat system when

why is third age so comfy



That's true, it would be a lot of work.

Tough but fair, a true lord of the Dawi.

I'm literally not seeing any downsides here.

To save time though I might just go for Belegar. Won't need the 4 throne-carrying tuplas, but I'll need an appropriate 8 Peeks to obsess over.

Cav. Lots of cav.

When Bonnerlord releases basically, never ever, expect a WHFB mod to happen

Would they remember things like license plates or whatever to help settle scores?

Leave your car unlocked in a shady area and wait for it to be nicked. Belegar should appear soon after ranting and raving about his Karak-Eight Wheels.

Do we all agree that Warhammer 2 will be in the Christmas release window? November-ish.

I beat the Skarsnik campaign, The dwarf campaign im not even going to try, that 50 percent upkeep just slows everything down. THe skarsnik campaign was midly fun because it felt like you were literally a fucking underdog with the plague and you had to somehow move towards karak 8 peaks

the dwarf one is just a nuisance

should DaC add all of Khand units to Easterlings?

Only if the information was registered in the long term memory.

weirdly all the races play lore accurately, Gondor gets its shit pushed in, Isengard slowly expands burning the westfold, erebor becomes a mining and caravan hub. It's a shame trades aren't more pronounced in warhammer.

You don't, brace for chaos and befriend wooden fucks

>Karak-Eight Wheels

What is the coolest unit and why is it gyrobomber


>/wgg/ still dead

Delet this
It will be August or I will kill myself

Yeerobombers are cool, but you know what's cooler than cool? You know what's ice cold? Chaos Chariots.

There is not a single nigra in warhammer

Why is this game so racist

That's your problem
Make it an RPG and we're cool

Not if I kill yourself first!

Are there any humans living in not-africa? Araby doesn't count since they're not really black

Tomb Kings were black but now they don't have skin so you can't tell.

Black orcs

i cri everitim


8/10, you know your audience

Hey nice 4/5 I can put that on the wall

Sometimes it is mentioned there are primitive tribes down there and over in Naggaroth, but otherwise paradox doesn't really get into those guys.

>Specifically bred and cultivated for manual labor
Can't argue with that.

why does grimgor want people to SAY HIS NAME?




wakeup girls general?

There's always been random black people in Warhammer. They don't really bring any importance to it because humans have to worry about Beastmen and other things to care about skin color


Serious answer: it makes him stronger

Part of a Warboss's job keeping his army hype for war. The more Grimgor's army believes in him/the WAAAGH, the more Gork and Mork will favor it and the more boys will join and the more powerful it will get.


What dank new meme is this?


V A M P I R E - C H A N

I bet that UNDYING SLUT shows off her panties for laughs!

You'd be surprised how fast racism tends to go away when there are actual other races to worry about.

you bet right!

Pretty much this. Why care about the humans with different skin when there are obviously far more different people out there?

Now culture, there's a different story. Tileans are seen as backstabbers by Bretonnians, and Bretonnians are seen as ponces by the Empire, who see the northern Ulric worshipers as drunken barbarians and the Ulric worshipers see the south as full of soft Sigmarite pansies that would rather mince words than actually fight.

So is that a mod or does that happen when she's mounted.


>le racism just magically happens cuz people are mean meme

Is that actually a melanin-bretonnian?

Looking at the other dudes in the pic I just assumed he was sooty/lighting

Post yfw the Old Friend IS actually muh boi

Happens when she's mounted.


so I recruited a no peasant army of half Questing Knights and half KotR

is it literally just charge the QKs into the enemy line and flank with the KotR?

No, he isn't black. That guy's just a retard.

I thought nothing could trigger my total war autism more than this. Then they aired Battle of the Bastards

Yes, also grab a healing bitch.

This is the type of song that would play during an Astérix and Obélix feast

That's not an actual Black African you dolts. It's a filthy dirty ash covered Bretonian peasant fighting in a field.

You really think in an unbelievable savage world as Warhammer's there would be peaceful multiculturalism and movement of peoples?

What you want boi?

>Boris Todbringer is named Boris Wüterich in german
>translating acceptable german names for the german version

Laffin, can't find a word to translate "Wüterich" it directly but means "someone who tends to be angry".

I can't tell if it's a meme any more. Guys is radious good?

Didn't meant to quote you.

>little small cubes of soldiers run at eachother at full speed
>random arena of corpses emerges
>a pack of soldiers aer conveniently sitting inside it
>they just chill there while a few more cubes of Bolton spearmen walk over to them
>they just keep staring at eachother until lthe boltons start sieging a bunch of people inside an arena of corpses

How did they get away with that horseshit?


I haven't seen GoT since it's second season.

This sounds hilarious, what should I search in youtube to find this battle?

They did that too with Louen Leoncoeur in the french version, he is called Louen Cœur de Lion (Which is the same name we give IRL to Richard the Lionheart, Richard Cœur-de-lion)

Although this might be because "Leoncoeur" may sound french but isn't correct and they decided to give it the "proper grammar" treatment

Well she can mount me anytime ;)

Battle of the Bastards, I guess

I actually speak french pretty good as a third language but it never occurred to me that Leoncoeur actually means something.. I just read it as one word.

"battle of the bastards" but I doubt you'd find the full scene. It was a fucking failure. Good for you that you stopped at S2, that was the last good season.

Do skill selection traits like Ruthless have a hidden bonus or are they just for taking up trait slots that could actually have been something useful instead?

Well, i'm a native and it seemed pretty obvious from the 1st time I read it, but it's heavily deformed so I can understand why you weren't able to see it

also who the fuck speaks french as a thrid language? Are you swiss?

So what underwear would the other female units wear?

Because people watch it (Including me) for fun and not for the sating of autismos