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which one of you posted this?

>dont try to jew me down

hahahahahah holy shit

Look at this shit. Just fucking look at it.

This cunt had the gall to swap the rotary out of the fastest production RX Mazda ever made for an LS.



Got so mad I forgot to mention the $35k price tag. Also, it's news to me that c uck is now corrected to say "kek"

kek. classic nashville. i live here to user, wassupppp

I'm from Elizabethton, but I browse all over the state. Been looking at RX7s for awhile, wanna get a rotary to love and care for someday.

This entire ad has to be a joke, motherucking kek

Shut the fuck up you retarded weeb, the swap only makes an already great car better

only lived here for like 9 months, no idear where the fuck that is desu. god speed user, i fuckin love FDs

if i ever see one in nashtits, ill ask for "user"

It made it better, but the rotary is the heart of the RX series. Now it's just another "hurr durr muh project curr."

of course you've only lived here for 9 months west coast faggot

He could of just done it to an RX-7 with a busted engine.
In which case the $35000 price tag is more absurd, but at least the car isn't heretical.

im from the northeast, came for job. but fine. ill take a shit on every fd i see from here on it
what the fuck are these tags?

>VIN: Yes
>8.6 million miles

Should I bother looking at this thing or are these mods bad? t. newfag

RX-8, ehh you could do better for a rotary but also just try to steer clear of modded cars in general.


Look, I'm not memeing or anything here, but I'm gonna tell you to stop right there. It's honestly not worth i., especially for $5500. The mods also look like complete shit, and the fact that there's a Monster energy drink logo sticker should give you an idea of what kind of person the owner is.

Roger, avoid modded cars like a plague.

Fucking 500k Mitsubishi

is this a good deal? The only thing discouraging me is 180k miles. Thinking about maybe talking him down to $2000 or $2250.

>big stupid bronco

see if you can knock him down to $2k for the body damage, and get that fixed up and painted.

Also, RX8s are a dime a dozen. Your best bet is to find a great condition RX8 where the engine won't start and get a rotary rebuild, at least this is what I did. I got a pristine 2006 RX8 with a dead engine, I took it to a rotary specialist and they rebuilt it for 2k. I paid less than 4k for the entire car.

thats a pretty rare 3kgt but not nearly worth 500k maybe if its mint condition 15k at most '99s are way more rare

Holy Kek

The rotary engine is the WORST thing about that car.

If you want novelty, buy Groucho Marx glasses. Novelty in a high performance engine = Retarded.

That said, I'd have probably swapped it for a Mercedes OM616 Diesel engine...

Maybe his finger slipped from all the Jergens lotion and he typed 2 extra zeros...

Maybe 3 extra zeros...

The only Mitsubishi in the world worth 500k is 75+ years old, has a big circle painted on it, and flies...

I really want this for some reason

It's a song about a hooker.

FUCK the flippers probably got to it by now. With a $3 car wash and vacuum, aerosol tire shine and undersized ValuePower battery it'll be back on craigslist.

>This cunt had the gall to swap the rotary out of the fastest production RX Mazda ever made for an LS.
So now it's even faster and more reliable to boot? What are you bothered about?

How bad of an idea would this be?

if theres no rust, not that bad. offer him 1000, he'll say 1600, then say lets meet in the middle at 1400, then he'll say 1500, and take it. go rescue that poor lil guy, take off the engine mods, drive slow and enjoy 8-^). what kind of retard mods a 325e.

the fastest rx7s are rotary powered

>title status: missing
>those disgusting wheels
>diving board bumpers

What are you doing lol

It took me 5 sec to find better example

>still has the ugly bumpers but at least its got its original parts and its title in hand

God damn it I didn't even catch that.

is this a good idea?

You buy an RX for the god damn rotary. It's a novelty car, it's like buying a ship in a bottle, dismantling the ship, removing it, and putting in a half liter of cheap vodka.

Yes, the "worst" thing about the car is the part that makes it a totally unique and exciting driving experience.

kk, dude.

>got burnt by the seller
And this is why you have a mechanic inspect it before you buy a car. If you want it, make sure you get someone to look at it.

think it's just a flipper who bought it but couldn't figure out the overheating or couldn't spare the sheckles to get it fixes?

Disgusting wheels not included, comes with some normal e30 wheels

its still got a fucking missing title.

Why would you ever consider a car with a missing title that you aren't going to scrap for parts or use as a race car.

Posting a bunch of stuff I found, I still have no fucking clue how Wisconsin works.
Ill post some more later but this is all I have for now desu

holy cunt that slantnose turbo, are u fuckin me.

also lol at the csx, literal civic


> Audi Coupe
> Mighty Max Diesel
> R31 GTR
> Quattro
> Boomermobile
> The fuck even is this
Ok, actually done for tonight. Anyone else have more weird shit?

Triumph 1250:

Triumph TR7:


MG Midget:

Jensen Healey:

That's not a GTS-R it's an Autech GTS. It's still neat as fuck though.

M998 HMMWV Military Truck
I didn't realize that those old Hummers where sold as surplus, neat as fuck

Side question: how much in common does the 1998 new beetle have with the 2006 new beetle? I am thinking on contacting them to see if I can buy some cheap parts for my '06

Had no idea that the HMMWV was even road legal

Like most things in the US, depends on the state.


why does it seem like a foreigner wrote this