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Reminder that a four year age gap isn't all that much so a relationship blooming between Link and Riju is entirely plausible.

And at the very least it's implied she's interested.

First for


Don't forget Tetra


pls no waifu wars, Link belongs to himself and only he can choose who he will fuck

So are Gerudo an example of video game/fantasy female armour or did Nintendo write themselves out of that with the magical defensive properties of Amber

Reminder that Mipha and Link are the canonical couple and Mipha will return for DLC
>Link chooses Mipha over another Zora friend
>Link spent all his time with Mipha in Zora's Domain
>Childhood friends
>Mipha made a wedding suit for Link which was somewhat planned
>Everyone in Zora's Domain you speak to acts as if you and Mipha had a thing going
>Link actually acts more surprised when he recalls Mipha

I have figured out the motion control shrines.
You have to take off the right joycon and pretend that you're actually holding the object in your hands and rotate it around and stuff.
Trying to control it like a wiimote is terrible.

I don't think anybody cares.

well it is hot as fuck over there, so it kinda makes sense to wear less armor.

Also, its probably less meant to be armor, and more meant to intimidate and impress. Many armies did this throughout history.

Depending on how quickly she grows, by the time the Helm fits and she sends for Link to return it, Zelda would've Link fully seduced

look just because you didnt take your chance with your childhood friend and she was beaten to death by her baby's daddy does not mean you can or should project that shit on BotW.

wanna know another fun bit? If its a rolling ball puzzle you can flip the damn board up side down and ignore the puzzle

If you look at Urbosa's armour closely there's nicks in it so clearly she's used it to deflect some things. I think it is armour but with Amber as well exposed vulnerable areas aren't so vulnerable as they seem

Are the Zora sharks or dolphins?

Sharks, they lay eggs

But sharks don't lay eggs either

Sharks lay eggs

somebody send tetra photos
she needs more love uwu

Here's the new amiibo

Looked it up, turns out sharks do both but both Hammerheads and Nurse shark give birth to live young

That's pretty neat

Just thought of the most erotic idea. Medli and revali having sex, Kass playing his accordion from afar, as Komali and link watch.

imagine if the quality of amiibo figurines was good


Huh, they're all old artwork.
I thought they'd use artwork from the remakes.

I didn't even realise the middle was supposed to be TP Link.

3 more shrines guys
no guides used
just walking around with the shrine sensor

Yeah, it's really bright for some reason.
I think they got TP Link mixed up with Sm4sh Link.

wait fuck i just realized 2 of the three are shrine quests
those don't show up on the sensor right?

I'm going to be laffing when the DLC doesn't expand on Mipha or Zelda and is just the Minish Divine Beast which is tiny and requires changing size a la Minish Cap to solve and when you do the laser is so small it didn't do damage to Ganon

Fish is still best waifu


Can someone redpill me on the difference between Sav'aaq, Sav'sabba, etc?

There he is

If the dungeon is another divine beast I'll be severely underwhelmed. The divine beasts are some of the worst 'dungeons' in Zelda history.

>goron mask


They did say Vah Ruto was broken and they had to meet Dorephan so it's possible. Maybe love triangle?

Sharks lay eggs where you can see the young growing inside. It would be pretty hot to see Link and Mipha cuddling together while they watch their egg gestate and grow in front of them

So is the MM Link amiibo gonna finally give us access to the Fierce Deity costume in BoTW?

I really wanted them to use the remake art for the amiibo...

Sarqso = Thank You
Sav'otta = Good morning
Sav’aaq = Good day
Sav’orq = farewell/goodbye
Sav'orr = Good Night
Sav'saaba = Good Evening
Sao’ten = ??? maybe a curse
Vasaaq = welcome or something
Vaba = Grandmother
Vai = Woman
Voe = Man
Vure = Bird
Vehvi = Child

>SS Link isn't doing the Raise Skyward pose because it wouldn't fit in the box
What value does this amiibo even have?
Bad model, boring in-game cosmetics...it's trash just like the game he's from.

I really was hoping for Skyward Strike, but I guess that pose is probably better in terms of not having easily breakable pieces.

Cool. I can't wait to check amazon every day at 3:00 am until they come out.

TP Link doesn't even get to use an artwork that has the Master Sword because the poses are all too dynamic.
They picked the most boring possible artwork to use as the base for the amiibo for all three...

The dungeons in this game are the one thing keeping it from being the best zelda game of all time for me. They're too short and visually similar, and seem disconnected stylistically from the main world. Would have loved to see a water temple in the zora region and a volcano temple in the fire region.

That being said, there were some interesting mechanics (rotating the bird comes to mind) but overall it left me pretty blue balled.

>isolated plateau
>literally just some dirt and water blocking the entrance

I did that too. Never ever using fast travel actually helps with this.



Hey /lozg/,

I heard your waifu has giant ants!

Because the fish has had the hardest life out of everyone and I want to give it one moment of happiness in it's life

You say that like Zelda is capable of seducing anything.

She has less charm than a fucking Bokoblin

Mipha is dead

At most it will be her ghost telling Link It's ok for him to be with Zelda

That's basically what she does anyway when you see her in the game.

Would Mipha be a good wife and mother to her half-Hylian, half-Zora children?


How was Mipha's life hard at all? She was beloved by her people and had a loving, supportive father, and piloting her mech came easy to her.

I mean she died, that's sad. But so did fucking Revali.

Yeah, but would they replicate the motion trail?
That probably wouldn't look good at amiibo scale.

You kill a monster and then...

I want for you to never be able to.
Only one of us will get what we want.

It's implied that the reason she fell for Link is because she was quietly suffering exactly like Link was and thus she could relate to him.

The game is over by then. You can't do something that only exists when the game is over.

No that's part of the reason why Zelda fell for him.

You think those pants and shamelessly bending over i front of him were accidental. Also she took the time to get to know him and his favourite meals. She's the right path to seducing him if she continues

No more raw frogs though

The only reason Mipha might silently suffer is if she knew Link and Zelda were in love.

watch out you're going to trigger that autist that insists there's no evidence that zelda loves link

She was beloved by her people but her teacher absolutely hated Hylians and she could not tell him that she loved Link. On top of all of that, she was stuck crying inside Vah Ruto for 100 years imprisoned by Ganon. On top of that, she made a wedding gown for Link to marry him but ended up getting killed before that. On top of that, she was separated from the man she loved and grew up side-by-side with and cannot be with him any longer. She also cannot see her home or family anymore.

Mipha suffered a fuckton of damage. I can only hope that the DLC brings her some sort of happiness.

I need more Gerudo Zelda

He hiding a boner

>grew up side-by-side
that doesn't sound right.
Isn't one of those kid looking zoras actually really old?
Mipha looks like she's in about the middle of the zora life span which should be way older than link
I know she talks about their memories as kids but that still doesn't really match up.

That was a translation gaff in the Western version. That little girl who wanted to date the Hylian is in fact just a little girl. They changed it to get rid of pedophilic undertones for the West. She also says that she aged relatively slowly for a Zora.

Anyways that being said, Zora do age slower but the height that Mipha was at (about Link's height) seems about right for someone her age seeing as a large majority of the adult Zora are tall as shit. If Mipha had lived all 100 years that she was gone, then she would be as tall as a fucking Moblin

Guys I think there's a korok puzzle near where I live.

Reminder that if Mipha and Link had a child, this is how she would look like most of the time during gestation. Zora do not get pregnant

man I wanna take all the pebbles on the left and fill up the spiral on the right.

What's your point?

Nigga do you live in Diamond Bar or somewhere in SoCal. That shit looks familiar

Oh she definitely is trying to seduce him.

Jury is out on whether or not it's actually working or coming across as desperate.

My money is on Link being completely oblivious.

>thick thighs
>tiny waist
>wide, swinging hips
>tight, but shapely, ass
>100% completely undeniably canon; just look at his midsection with no armor equipped

To disprove people who think that Mipha will get pregnant from Link. It's not even possible seeing as she lays eggs.

Well since Link just quietly stares at her all the time there must be something he sees that he likes

So do xenomorphs but lo and behold they get humans pregnant all the time.

user he's her bodyguard. It is literally his job to keep an eye on her.


I want the DLC to be a multiplayer last-man-standing king of the hill game.

Everyone starts butt naked somewhere random in the world, then everyone loots, fights, makes temporary alliances, gets killed by Linels, etc, until only one is left.

>Bayonetta amiibos
>not really compatible with BotW

Wasted potential

>bullet time disabled
>parries still work
>time goes on
>increase enemy spawn time
>increase enemy speed
>perma rain

Have it in some specific areas.

Plateu is easy area
Farore jungle is medium
Hebra mountain is hard

Also have it have goals. Put an area boss somewhere in the map and whoever kills it gets 1k points. Killing players nets you another 1k.

That'd be fun

Reminder that shark eggs are fertilized internally.

Just remembered this: When you free Vah Naboris, Urbosa mentions that Ganon once "adopted the form" of a Gerudo; does that mean he isn't actually one? Is Ganondorf a constructed identity of some sort?

So what you're telling me is Link has to stick his Master Sword into Mipha's pedestal and unleash the Triforce within?

I think they refer to the incarnation of Demise's wrath as Ganon now, since Ganon is the most prevalent and recurring form it takes in any timeline.

That's what it sounds like

Clearly Ganon isn't gerudo anymore, he's just the beast. But Ganondorf was originally in ALTTP and OoT meant to be his original form, not really a guise.

Maybe they're going with the Ganon is Demise's hate reincarnated or whatever.


maybe the idea is that's he adopted a Gerudo form more than once.

Mipha is undeniably worst girl. Had to skip every cutscene with this fucking retard in it because her characters made me cringe so hard.

but user she knit a sweater for you and everything

I'd honestly love multiplayer BotW.
There are so many ways to fuck yourself over in single player, I can't imagine how ridiculous it would get with multiple people all fucking themselves and everyone else over at the same time.

Having played through all the games in order of release, at the time they were released, my child mind assumed Ganondorf was possesed by ganon from LttP.

I actually forged a new fish skewer for the shrine quest because I'd forgotten I hadn't picked it up from her dad

I don't think that's too far from the truth of it.

The way it's presented, I don't think any entity is born as the incarnation of Demise. I think they are somehow singled out and chosen to carry out his curse. By the same thought I think that Demise's Curse can cast them away, which would explain the shift from OoT Ganondorf to WW Ganondorf.

>mfw after pizzagate on /pol/ I can't unsee swirls like that as pedo symbols

>Koroks were once kids
>some of their puzzles are rock swirls

Uh oh