Truck has bed

>truck has bed
>doesn't sleep in it

>his car has a trunk
>it's not an elephant

>car has radiator
>it cools the engine down instead of heating it up

But I do sleep in my truck bed

>automatic car
>have to drive it myself

Do you understand the meaning of radiate? The radiator does radiate heat, and it radiates it into the surrounding air.

>posts in joke thread
>doesnt even like jokes

They already thought of that

>road bed
>doesn't sleep on it.

>stop at red light
>no hookers

>Car has a grill
>Can't grill on it

>drive on parkway
>park in driveway

>buy car with backup camera

>it doesnt come with a primary camera

>Self driving car
>Driven by AI

God damn it.

>car is idling rough
>Don't see any dogs around.


>fasten seat belt
>seat doesn't have pants

>car has taillights
>car has no tail

>car has bumper
>is not a bumper car

>car has hood
>car has no zip code

>Throw out bearing
>Remains securely fastened to the car

>pulled the emergency brake
>there was no emergency

>go to car park
>cars just sitting around instead of playing like they should be
kids these days with their iphones and their video games

>Car has spoiler
>Doesn't ruin movies and books for me

>Blow tranny and it spurts everywhere
>Still straight

>vehicle is shooting brake
>does not shoot brakes


>has carburetor

>isn't carbonated beverage

Taken the fun out a jokes.

>downshift to slow down
>downshift to speed up

>car has hood
>doesn't have a drawstring

>pulled the handbrake
>with my foot


>car has a hood
>isn't occupied by melanin enriched individuals

>run on flat tires
>they still run fine on bumps

>car has dashboard
>doesn't display endlessly scrolling feed of memes

>add exhaust
>car acts less tired


>wheel wells
>can't be used to access underground aquifers

DO YOU? Radiators function by convection, with only very little heat being lost as infrared radiation.

>steering wheel
>cannot be used to wrangle bulls

>car has a boot
>but no shoelaces

>engine has cam
>doesn't record me

>car has center console
>doesn't comfort me in times of grief

>car has engine
>it didnt get kicked out

>hit brakes
>they're still intact

> lug nuts
> they aren't that heavy

>shields you from wind

mind = blown

>Made of glass and not of wind

>oil pan
>filled with coolant

Little Wendy should put some pants on.

>can't even do basic arithmetic


Top kek.

>front wheel drive
>drives with all wheels

>drum brakes
>barely makes a sound when hitting them

Is there any logical reason why you would fucking say that post is underrated? Has anybody expressed any kind of dissatisfaction or criticism at all against it? Are you delusional? Are you reading replies that are nonexistant? Maybe you come from communities with voting systems, but there is literally no way that you could know what other people think of that post you just replied to here. Maybe it's psychological. Maybe it's your own post you're replying to, like a 12 year old fucktard liking his own facebook posts thinking his swelling autism is going unnoticed. Maybe your self esteem depends on you tricking yourself into thinking someone out there thinks your post is worth something. Or maybe you are just a retard, the worst kind of retard, the one who thinks he's smart, the one who thinks he's the only one to have gotten the joke, to have understood the post. Well, guess what, faggot, that post is under no definition underrated so why don't you do the world a favour and go check out what the bottom of your toilet smells like?

>Bucket seats
>Don't hold fluids

thats a thicc woman

>anti-lock brakes
>car has locks

>replace light units
>they weigh 14 pounds each

>does not hurt me

>wing mirrors
>car does not fly


>car has tires
>can't protect me at a boat dock

holy shit that's a new one
unappreciated post, user. good job.

Hey do you wanna maybe calm down?

>not overrating copy pasta
underrated meme, desu senpai