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First for belfs

Where can I find a cow-titty elf to ERP with?

>Shill image.
Nah. Someone make an actual new thread.

>That picture

Why do people say that ReiQ is a "Bad artist"?

>want to do dungeons with my shaman
>scared people will judge me
>stick to LFG tool

this game sucks

Suramar looks better in the dark

Do you think the mentally ill kraut get paid for shilling youtube trash?


do you get more loot in legacy 25 than in legacy 10 ?

Yes but keep in mind some raids have different sets in 10 vs 20 as well

I'm doing Dragon Soul so I don't think it's the case.

Do the pet battle quest.

Just got my 10th and last legendary for my main and main spec.wtf do i do now? I dont care for my off specs but still want legendaries for them

I've done literally all WQs since 7.2 release, but no other shore content

What level do I need my pets to be able to do the pet battle? I haven't fucked around with them at all but what else is there to get Rep for?

I have a new screensaver for you

So what's up with the Dragon Soul, was it an alternate reality ?

Will lili ever grow up? Kinda silly she is still same age as in Mop.

Who was in the wrong here?

Daily reminder to never join "Guild Run" Pugs in the LFG tool

you for posting this garbage over and over again

I think it's a really retarded and embarrassing story that anyone had trouble with WoD mythics. Probably didn't read the dungeon journal, or just ignored mechanics because they felt they were too badass for them. Everyone who wiped the group or screwed up multiple times was in the wrong. Even if they're kinda newbies they should know to look stuff up.


>it's a none of your class tokens drop episode

Yeah, same could be said for you

They were bad players, especially the tank.





sick burn

>it's a prydaz ruins your aesthetic but it's better than what you have episode

I got a 3 day ban for spitting on a bubblehearthing dwarf like that, once

Just transmog it.

>3 day ban for spitting on a bubblehearthing dwarf

I honest to god do not believe you

I want Prydaz so badly ..

>tank challenge 2.0 tomorrow
>dont feel my next legendary is due yet
>kinda want wrists as warr for self-heal sustain, also 2nd BiS in general
>kill shar'thos and get the archi trinket

be honest with me /wowg/ would I have gotten the wrists if I opted to buy a token instead of kill shar'thos?

It wasn't for spitting, it was for "spam". I spat on him like 30 times, like in the screenshot I quoted.

Tokens give 880 gear, world bosses only 860. So the token was more likely to give a legendary.

I sure hope you people are building the mage tower, this time i got a better lego so i will be able to beat the challenge!

>doing warden's tower
>a rogue and a druid out of nowhere
>mfw shadowmeld + bird form away from those groundies


u wot m8

achievements are a veritable deposit of past outdated and shitty memes

who the hell knows what a double rainbow is in 2017

Level 25 and the battle pet WQ gives you 75 legionfall rep.


Can't decide between raiding on my Windwalker monk or Frost DK someone please help


these groups are always full of undergeared cucks looking to get boosted

i have 1873 kp should i waste my nethershards on relinquished boots (rogue) in hope of legendary?

>mfw I watch people WALK away from WQ

>trying to knock out TOV normal for quick AP
>"guild prog" group listed for NORMAL TOV

Holy SHIT...what year is this?

>frost DK's first leg is the belt

Are invasions just on a set timer then?


i did and got shit

virus dont click

what went wrong in legion?

frost dk if you like having literally the least mobility of any dps spec

Legion mounts dont have 4 recolors each

mounts are shit.

fight me

Who was in the wrong here?

How come Rsham is the weakest healer offense-wise ?

Paladins can deal a massive amount of damage with holyshock and their melee abilities
, druids have high versatility with their affinity but Rsham has literally 0 helpful offensive talent and a 1.8s cast only gets you so far

none of these people even play wow or come here anymore

you're just the spirit link bitch, please limit yourself to do that and don't complain

Post your UIs I need ideas

your UIs I need ideas

Where do people go to learn about how to git gud at pvp?

Arenajunkies is dead.

watch a streamer who plays your class

>watch a streamer
I'm not 14 years old

you want to play pvp you are 14 years old


So you're telling me people autistically searched every last corner of Azeroth, including Raids, to find these pages?


no they just datamined them lol

>the PVP towers
Why bother? That AP isn't going to get you your wings.

>tfw to smart to watch players who consistently get R1 only a few clicks away

How to sell your heroic trash gear on the AH
>go on trade chat
>insult the intelligence of anyone who wants to buy your shitty belt while advertising the price
>get trade chat riled up
>someone eventually buys it

how much do mythic guldan carries cost yet my 8/10 guild disbanded

So, is there anyway to level through legion quicker nowadays?

Just came back like 2-3 days ago and wanted to cap my mage.

>mage tower at 75%
casual bros what happen? we let the hardcored nerds win!! this cant be happening!

t. groundscreamer

Flying. You DO have Legion Flying right?

nope its still aids

He said he came back 2-3 days ago you fucking retard.

>get into group for black rook mythic no key as holy paladin
>raid leader dps demon hunter from ragnaros jumps into the next room breaks line of sight to pull more mobs during the big pull in the beginning and dies.
>kicks me screaming about no heals
> tank warrior and french hunter blood elf (french hunter was all about me because my in game name is omelette and he though I was from France) both whisper me and form a group with me,
>get the dungeon done in 20 mins

I have only had bad experiences from people from ragnaros

Good to know. Oh well, it should be relaxing to just level again anyways.

People had flying in one day that's no excuse.

servers to avoid

kel thuzad

I find legion more comfortable to level than WoD

you forgot Azralon, Quel'thalas, and Barthilas

yeah autistic server hoppers with darkmoon fair buff

you forgot sargeras and illidan

I use wowinterface.com/downloads/info17709-LeilaUIv4LUI.html gives pretty much everything you could need.

not an argument, DMF wasn't up for 4 days after the patch hit

>buy relinquished trinket
>Legionnaire's Mandate
>titanforged 915 strength and crit no proc

Aaaaaaaaaaand already being camped, up to 2 minute res.

Guess that's enough leveling for today.

>watch bajheera
>see him tunel vision some guy and get carried by the other 2 that actually cc

so they were just even more autistic realm hoppers?
got it

>PvP server

get that crossrealmaddon and go to a pve realm
people are ganking like crazy right now since there isnt anything to do

Hey guys
Please be kind!