He's a male of legal driving age

>he's a male of legal driving age
>he can't, at a MINIMUM, change the oil in his car and replace a flat tire

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I changed the oil in my 50cc scooter and a pressure washer. Does that count?

>He's an amerifat
>He can't drive manual transmission

Everyone know people who don't work on there cars are faggits, there is no need for this thread.

>He doesn't know how to change his blinker fluid

Tyrone and I refilled OPs fluids while he took turns vacuuming our exhaust holes. We worked so hard Tyrone threw a rod but OP swallowed it all.

Why do I need to do these things if my wife does them already?

>he didn't get his drivers license the moment he turned the local legal driving age

honestly, having a shop change the oil is just super convenient. The sad thing now in the USA is that people need cameras to park their cars

??? Overpopulation with parallel parking

Because reversed gender roles are not politically correct. Your wife cooks, cleans, and raises the children. You work, pay the bills, and do maintenance around the house and on the car.

If you like shitty oil.

>buy 94 Accord with monis
>have to change alternator
>don't know shit about cars
>figure it out by just looking around
>takes 5 mins
>rinse and repeat with changing oil, spark plugs, AC

how can people have a hard time fixing such easy shit

This is true, doing it yourself is definitely better. Just saying that the cost and convenience isn't that bad to just having a shop do it.

If you like overtorqued oil filters and drain plugs

If you like being a cuck

Shit now you guys got me concerned. That little mexican dude has been fucking my shit up I bet

We had a car come in one time when I worked at the shop. Some fuckhead at a jiffylube put locktite on the drain plug before we got it... :^|

I'd believe it

You're like a little baby. We're seeing epoxy (with or without bolt).

shut up, my parents wouldn't let me

I was like a whole tube of red.
Haha I can see it now.
>"I lost the drain plug pa"
>"Just shove some JB Weld in there, it ain't gonna hurt it none."

>tfw my parents were letting me drive the car on my own ever since I was 14

Why change your tire when you can just call your insurance and they send someone to change it for free?

> He doesnt have insurance that gives this free perk.

you save so much money if you do your own brakes

Time. Also, there is just something that makes you feel good about working on your own vehicle.

>he doesn't pay people who's job it is to do that
Yea no i ain't getting my hands dirty fuck that

>i ain't getting my hands dirty

and you call yourself a man?

>Replaced oil
>Replaced tired/break job
>Replaced rear end since the axels broke on old rear and didn't want to install new rear end
>Replaced intake mainfold
>Replaced TB, plenum, intake
>Replaced rear exhaust pipe
>Replaced mid-xpipe
>Couldn't do my own header change since its a pain in the ass
>Upgraded tunes to pcm
Pretty much all I've ever done with cars, kind of a basic mechanic if you ask me

not when you have to do it more than once

>tfw too stupid for car maintenance
No, seriously.

>tfw always been forced by father to take it somewhere to get an oil change
>tfw needed to change blown tire, brother took the tools I need because I have rims.

It sounds like they do car maintenance, just pay the lower classes inflated shekels to do it.

>people take pride in changing their oil or replacing tires/wheels
i have two motorcycles and have filled up two 10gal containers since I've had them
you arent cool for changing your oil, you arent a badass for changing your tire, or cleaning your carbs

carcuxx are fucking pathetic desu

>tfw adjusting valve lash and spark advance but cant remember all the road rules

No, your not cool of you can do those things. It just means you don't have to rely on someone else to do things you should want to do

>just call your insurance and they send someone to change it for free?

When the work van blows a tire on the interstate at 2 A.M., you're two hours away from home, barely staying awake as it is, and being paid for 8 hours of straight time whether you work 12 hours or 6 hours, the last thing you want to do is wait for someone to show up and change your tire for you. Took less than 15 minutes to change the thing anyway.

Now, the people with the nice new cars, that come from the factory with no jack, spare tire or lug wrench, who are expected to just call the tow company and let them deal with it, those people I feel bad for.


You can buy the oil yourself and ask them to use it.

>buy the oil yourself and ask them to use it

>"sure thing, bud"
>your jug of good oil goes in the back, for them to use in their car after closing time
>your car gets Uncle Dan's Discount 7W29 Motor Oil* from the 55 gallon drum

>The sad thing now in the USA is that people need cameras to park their cars
Backup cameras can be helpful when you've got a hatchback or pickup with cargo that obscures your rearward view.

Even if you don't, the camera on the rear of the car gives you a better field of view than you have naturally from the driver's seat, so if you're backing out of a spot with cars on both sides, the camera will show you an oncoming car before you can see it yourself.

7w29 thats perfect thank you.. why is my car smoking like a chimney all of a sudden

But I can do both of those things. In fact I'm looking up how to lift my XJ a few inches.

Some cock suckers have no spare tire, some other cock suckers might have a rusted on wheel - undo the lug nuts and drive forward and backward a couple feet it'll get loose

bitch boy afraid he'll break a nail.


You're right. Those things by themselves aren't cool. But you know what IS cool? Not constantly having to rely on other people to do shit for you.

You can drive into oncoming traffic at any time, friend

especially now when answers are a google away, you can order shop manuals for anything, parts straight to your door, and pretty much every car made today is metric, if you have the physical strength to turn a wrench and the mental fortitude to research for 5 minutes you can fix anything.

though it really helps to have a shop and a lift, working in the sun is torture.

This gave me cancer

What a heartthrob.

Hayley used to be literally perfect. She's a wreck now though

If you like them pulling your cabin filter and not telling you about it and not replacing it either

This is my problem. My house is on a hill, and driveway is slanted severely as a result.

I just go to the community pool parking lot to do fixes :^)

Is there a shop that I should go to that won't fuck me over? I stopped going to Valvoline and started going to Firestone.

I am not ready to be a man yet. Humor me.

>Tfw too cheap to pay anyone to work on my shitbox

I've already half way gutted the thing and put it back together with some new parts.

Hell, i even changed the rear diff fluid on my dads truck yesterday.

>No drain bolt, so i have to take off the cover
>GM Quality

Oh look, it's this thread.

everyone can do this, it's just that not everyone does so

but i guess it's logical to encourage tinkering with the car a little bit deeper than oil change, just recently i've realized how nice and easy it is
>have french one, breaks down constantly (although there isn't much to break now, so i guess it'll stop soon)
>spends more time in mechanic hands than it does in mine
>just recieved it from rear axle replacement
>two days later, engine overheats
>oh fuck this shit, i'll try to fix it on my own
>never bothered to do anything more than rubber carpet removal while cleaning, zero experience in cars, i'm kind of diy guy though
>decided to diagnose and fix it on my own
>it's all logical and easy, diagnosis took a minute, radiator fan plastic broke off and locked the fan, fan engine burned, electrics still try to power the fan though so everything else is fine
>replacement coming now
>removing broken one was piss easy right after i realized that part of the chassis which holds radiator in place can be just unscrewed
>everything was piss easy and as user-friendly as you can get

i think i'll try to port the exhaust header soon, just to fuck around with my car a little bit further. Heard it gives free horsepower or two in my car because bad cast or something.

Go on google maps
Search "auto shop"
Look at reviews

Tiny little local auto shops at the edge of town staffed by a crew of overenthusiastic, salty old men might be a bit expensive in comparison shitty lube. But if you call ahead of time for an appointment, they'll get your car in and out and won't fuck you up.

>he actually thinks oil change is some kind of achivement that gives him the right to feel superior to anyone
you're no different from people who brag about "building computers" on /g/