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reminder to always build for red crits

Reminder that redcrits are a meme.

reminder, red crits increase DPS by 850%

Fuck off TQ.

blue vs gold potato invasion on ker, ceres

Fuck off TQ.

I'm seriously confused here

Is TQ trying to argue that I'm getting less damage with my Dread because I'm redcritting? Because I'm literally seeing all evidence to the contrary when I use it.

Why is redcritting bad?

ANOTHER _____, ANOTHER _____

TQ will not post beyond this point!

Im not tq

Redcrits are a tricky subject because if you actually mod for them then they are bad. they are only good when they manifest themselves "naturally," without you dumping 3 crit chance mods into it.

its a meme becausee TQ is notoriously bad at reading/understanding the posts of others, and even worse at making logical sense

>2. That being said, redcrits are never BAD. You're still going to get more damage if you have 110% crit compared to 100% crit.

I legitimately do not understand how people can fail to understand the argument. I hit the character limit breaking down the argument into 4 easily digestable points. This cannot be made more simple.

that's not what it said
not even close

So why don't people use the Zarr more? It's a lot of fucking fun and its much better than the tonkor

TQ and you are both fucking retarded and don't know how to play Warframe honestly.

Thats no way to talk to new players, how will you ever be able to teach them with your deep knowledge and wisdom?

Take the Pandero, a crit secondary
It's a neat gun and crits often
With primed pistol gambit and creeping bullseye, it reaches just above 100% critical chance.
This is the redcrit threshold.
I can meme if I want and shove hydraulic crosshairs on it for lots of red crits, or I can realize something simple
With every single one of my shots being a critical hit, I now have a base damage multiplier based on my critical multiplier
That's a pretty significant increase in dps, considering primed target cracker gives me something like a 4.5x critical multiplier.
Every one of my shots, as opposed to just a lot of them, now deals 4.5x the listed damage, because I have a .5% chance of hitting a redcrit
The meme gods are pleased with my dedication to dps and occasionally bless me with red numbers at a nearly 20x damage multiplier
I am happy and use my gun to decapitate and mangle enemies
>t. Absolute shitter


ruthless and free, it's all suicide to me

>only 7 post visible in the thread of 19 posts
>3 of the 7 are about red crits

general is force feeding each other someone's shit

more news at 11

Does anything have a high enough crit chance to triple-crit?
More importantly, what color is it?

still red


According to wikia a critical chance over 300% will still result in red numbers

don't listen to them, 200+% is purple crits :^)

dumb question, but in invasion missions if you help both sides do you get both rewards?


hey buddy boys, is this any good? I feel like its not the worst. might keep it

Life is pain and I chose to throw myself into the grinder

Rare tiles are not something I'd think to have been so enraging

you get none

it can replace the obligatory toxin mod slot

it's for a half decent weapon so damage/multishot/crit/crit damage/element (pick two/three) and a negligible negative will yield good results.

Reminder you absolutely need a squadmate for one of them on the Shipyard tileset.

>an autistic as fuck quest where your reward is a bad that says "I have autism"

>tfw the locations haven't been updated in two years

>he doesn't have a kuria dildo

red crits are the most powerful crits

Wait, didn't that teleport augment win for Ivara's Prowl?

>Trying to clean out a few unfinished nodes
>Have to do solo cause fuckign no one does this shit unless they have to
>Courier just spins in a circle for five minutes, making it impossible to hit its engines
>Those fucking constant spawns
>Ridiculous amounts of stagger from everything
>Finally down to the last shield generator and just about to break it
>Courier drifts way the fuck outside mission zone (don't know this yet because IT'S NOT FUCKING MARKED)
>Ordis' communication about that is apparently stuck queued behind Lotus saying some dumb shit
>Start to hightail it back to the mission zone once I hear I'm far out
>Barely able move for a few seconds before DONG MISSION FAILED YOU POOR BASTARD

Archwings were a mistake.

>slide through an assassination as nezha with the new augment
>get to the boss, turn off fire walk, pop him instantly
It's still pretty awful, holy shit, I'd rather have full turning control while sliding or something wonky like that, at least that'd be bad but fun

nope. I don't even know if it's additive or standard multiplicative yet.

Could be good on the javlok throw.

does it show how much damage it builds up?


>three weeks after Octavia's release
>new frame announced
even DE realizes what a massive fuckup Octavia was and is trying to forget her as soon as possible

what's your excuse for still playing her?


I diddnt even bother with the quest. the music gimmick seemed retarded when they showed it and I had no hope they would actually make it better.

but they did make it better! they muted it

should I even bother with this

Dude, don't complain about archwing when UNDERWATER ARCHWING EXISTS.

>Titania aug
I thought they were specifically trying not to have "just makes it better" augments.

I'm retaking warframe from a 4-5 month hiatus
what's up now? last thing I did was unlocking kuva fortress and grabbing myself a soma prime

what's your excuse for continuing to bring her up?

because I called it literal days after release, and you won't believe the shitstorm that resulted from Octaviacucks singing her praises, and now 3 weeks later nobody is playing her because she's mediocre as fuck

I earned my right to smugpost

i just want these to be good

>should I even bother with 30k dps


Tater invasion.

I had another one up with my Hek and it just didnt seem as good. I guess I need a crit rifle anyway

No need to drag a trail of feces out from that shitstorm for several weeks.

Try to talk about something new like how the new augments (except inaros one) are shit (and inaros is mediocre anyway)

That's burst dps, huge difference.

doesn't take the buff into account I think.

Name a better solo frame.

It's ok, I'll wait.

Now now, let TQ have is one win, lord knows he needs it after being BTFO constantly on multiple subjects for several months


Try again.

did they make nullifiers actually turn off rift dodge? I know they didn't after the initial update

>he doesn't know

pretty sure it does

catalyst/reactor invasion right now



>come back after not playing for some months
>some new kind of spearguns
>build the ferrox
>it's literally my boy opticor but good
what the heck now i feel like a loser for formaing my opticor 5 times

No one cares

I'll drag this out as long as I damn please and rub it in the face of Octaviacucks as long as I want

90% of augments are shit anyway, I don't know why anyone is surprised. Disappointment should be expected by anyone with half a brain at this point

check the guide m8

I care

Guys, noob here, I got a -50% discount daily, but when I check the market everything is at full price.
What am I doing wrong?

>Feeling like a loser for upgrading something you liked literally years before a better version released

but the Ferrox came out long after the Opticor, and im sure you got good use out of your Opticor, didnt you?

>That Ivara augment

Damn that's pointless I was hoping it would at least make that move a bit less gimmicky and instead it's just a stat boost.

You still have the discount, it's just DE being dumb and not showing it

its a discount on the plat you buy friend, not the items

>have 430 logins
>have bought two prime access packs
>still get 20% discounts, last time I got a 75 was in 2014

fuck you faggot

So, just to be sure, the discount do apply to the warframe blundles, right?

paper frame when
cooking frame when

actually thinking about it it's probably gonna stay 50/50 for a pretty long time so no rush

>3 more logins to disc gun
what am i doing with my life?


Boohoo there's a trick to getting them more often, retard.
>buying plat

Name a single Chroma scheme more kino than this. Tron chroma best chroma

god fucking damn that looks so shitty


>theres a trick to getting them!
>(but im not going to tell anyone)
neck yourself you lying scumbag

>he doesn't know how to reset his rng seed

Holy shit you're more retarded than I thought.

Reported for conspiracy theories

even if thats true, it still takes too long to kill just a lvl100 corrupted heavy

you can't hide the truth
you won't censor me

just bought 2100 plat


That's what WWII veterans said when they figured out there was no six gorilli -- I mean, this is antisemitism you fucking goy!

hey now

lets just take it easy

I seem to have misplaced my picture of slide attacking using these things with a maiming strike, a maxed combo multiplier and blood rush, with chroma's vex armor damage buff at max and cat's eye procced.
Needless to say it was absurd but this is a close second