People constantly shitposting about who has more Le Mans wins

>people constantly shitposting about who has more Le Mans wins
>Nobody even talking about the actual race that is happening fucking tomorrow

What a bunch of faggots, all of you

I too am ashamed of what my home board has become, I've migrated to /sp/ for the most part and just lurk here and help if someone has genuine questions

is where motorsports is

Only bait/shitpost material will get posted here

>mfw waiting for the fire to start

Stop ban evading you dumb spic

Literally just shitposters waiting for new material that's more of the same garbage.

im not a mexican???????????? wtf???????
>t. assmad gm fangirl

You're an underaged spic nobody likes, can't wait for you to sperg more with the next response

nice projection. sperg more

i was waiting to see if anyone else noticed, idk if i even want to waste my time making threads for you guys with a stream for every car but this place has truly changed for the worse

Inb4 hurr durr Veeky Forums was never good

it literally wasn't, newfag. no amount of mental gymnastics will change that it's always been shit

The 17 year old nocar poster is telling me what's right and wrong, lmao so hard.


ive been using this website daily for over 10 years shit is most definitly different, and its not good different. its bad different

>be Ford
>last time win in 1969

I hate it when I'm right, you can proceed with bread on hood or simple picture of buspass will suffice

>s-spoon feed me mummy!!

Yes, spoonfeed me with your nonexistent vehicle

nice projection. sperg more

I too would be angry sperg if I was nigger with nocar

fuck off leased automatic frs

yep, that's right. sperg more

Thanks for agreeing with me, now that we're on the same page what will be the first car you buy with the minimum wage job you end up with?

nice projection sperg more

What car will you buy? I hear pizza hut pays better than dominoes

sperg more


Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit I see, that will reflect on the job you end up with. Hope you don't mind janitorial, take care kiddo!

sperg more.
thx 4 helping derail the thread

>lemans ----> /lgtbbqwtf/

What time does it start? Any good streams for future use?

Warm up live in 15 minutes
Race live in 6h 15m