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2. Read the Readme
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4. Google it

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Anyone remember what happened at thread#1000? Did you guys do something or what?


>people still think thread wars work on 4chinz

Nobody did nothing.

I'm staying in this one.

Anyone read the Spanish translation of Sakura no Uta?


Anyone have a sad but hopeful Mitcher?

Yes, it is.

How many non English translations are there already? that one game of the vampire loli is in Russian or something already, and Subahibi is in Spanish too.
Actually I think there are several Russian translations without English ones, what the hell happened?

Bayonetta on PC is the best thing ever.

Wait, is it out already?


Yeah, it hit the top sellers on Steam with overwhelmingly positive reviews, so I guess there's no issues with the port

>tfw Reddit takes over /vn/

yep, almost finished it already

blows dmc out of the water

I guess sops are better than jops.

What is so "reddit" about it? tell us please since you know very familiar with reddit.

This is the end guys we had a good run


Mods have chosen this thread to live!

Fuck off and get filtered, this is thread is for visual novels.

wow, there's actually a spanish fantl scene and it's every bit as retardedly hilarious as the english one.

Okay guys lets just calm it down and get comfy.

I'm finally reading demonbane after all these years since you faggots kept talking about it. I even watched the animu a while back when I was a pleb and didn't realize it was an adaptation. I forgot how much of a cutie Al is.

>>I think baldr?
Nah, shit's fucked m8.

>The guy who translated Kamidori was working on it and 75% done. They contacted him and used his work in discussions with Giga. They got the license, but didn't tell him, refused to communicate with his team about working on it, and then tried to threaten them into handing over all the work for dirt cheap and fuck off.

>So instead of having a near complete translation of a massive game from a respected, experienced translator, they screwed him over and will be translating it from scratch with their super shitty in house teams.

>tfw when I can almost read and understand this.

But Bayonetta is a visual novel and you can't filter me.


I was genuinely asking about all the Russian translations...
If they get all the kamige, will we have to learn Russian?

>tfw mods shut down the proper thread and let reddit run wild
Filtering in progress

The love of childhood friends wins against shitposting!

fucking janitor must be a JOP


That's not filtering.

Based janitor

Why is there so many newfags in this thread, or are you guys retarded?

Look at this fucking idiot over here

>Started with Ohaa, roughly translated as Mornin'
>JOP translated it as What's cookin' bacon
>SOP translated it as What's up with the chicken from JOP translation

Double translations are cancer

It's not a double translation though.

Why do the mods not even enforce their own rules?




The girl on right looks like a legit midget, she must be like 1,30cm, is she supposed to be the same age as the rest?

>been a month since i last read a moege

getting the itches man.


If they aren't from Reddit then they are just fucking stupidly autistic, so it doesn't really make a difference.

Its been forever since I read it. Slight chance shes a grade level lower, so like a year. Maybe not though.


I love Runa!

Can I runapost now?

If you filter out all the Reddit people who are too dumb to capitalize, the thread actually is pretty good.

It's not a double translation.

I Runa Runa!

What about Yukinoposting?


Runa loves you!

fucking hell

Anything else I need to add to my filter?


is m ajikoi the best visual novel in existence?

>filtering m.oege

its like you dont belong in this general at all


leave them alone, fellow oldfag


Man, I forgot how much I hate disgusting spics

>el cartel memero
¿Qué quiso decir con eso?

Que mugi gustar burrito


I bet your screen looks like



Get out you subhumans


Not as happy as this Mitcher.

Please Bang my Runa!

Low IQ moebuta are the scum of this general

Non-whites are the bane of this general

>tfw peruvian

Why are you posting a non-white then?

Checkmate athiest


>He still thinks nips aren't drawing whites

Ugly lips.

That's some ugly pizza.
Cheese Pizza the best.


>no 40 hour long moege with only trap heroines

kill me

loli goes where

What's the best way to eat a Christmas Cake?

He hasn't played Jousou Gakuen

in the dumpster, or solely the shitposter field.

the trash

I want to slap her pizza face with my cock really hard

When is the TL getting completed?


To be fair none of the Josou titles from Noukano are 40 hours along, unless you're a really slow reader.

>tfw Midori becomes a slut

>He doesn't know said character is a literal japanese with a japanese name in a VN full of germans


pizza > Runa

WOW what a cute grill