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>no EOV in direct
>feel like the only fag that expected it
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>feel like the only fag that expected it
You were the only one who expected it
Fool. I thought I warned you

>10 needle tails to get Pierce Amulet
>they appear in floors 19 and 20
>very rare
>cant autoattack the random encounters
>cant possibly know which areas of the floor theyre more likely to appear

sometimes this game sucks

>one screen

E3 is my last holdout for hope for EO5.

I been memeing to pass the time and eventually using it to cover up my true sadness.

But I really... I need.. I am tired of hoping for EO5 US release date.

E3 is the last bastion of what is left of... hope.

We all know by now that they don't give a fuck anymore about EO.
Only shitsona.

Jesus christ this is fucking gross, I need freaking 20 battles just to find one of the mobs that drop that

All you have to do is reach the top of Yggdrasil to obtain EOV.
That is the legend passed down by EOPians.

Remaking an EO game in gmae maker or something is actually harder than it sounds when taking things like shop, items, quests and 3D field into account.

Why are you remaking EO in gamemaker?
Please post progress so far.

I'm only brainstorming.
It would be impossible to do it all alone.
Programming would need to be utilized, which I don't have.
It would be nice to learn the skills need. if I had a team to work/learn together with.
I mean we have the assets all we need to do is take care of the back end and the 3D dungeon

You can't do a worse job than EO2 which checked the status of every active quest on every step iirc.

I finally kicked Warped Savior's ass and am done with EOIV.
Now I can back to postponing Claret Hollows in EOU.
Seriously that stratum is fucking bullshit barely finished 26F and then 27F is even gayer, fuck whoever designed this.

make EO that plays itself


O-Oh my.

i miss that screensaver

>fucking sand horn is all that i need for 100% the game
now that's bullshit, couldn't they make bosses respawn in a week

Etrian odyssey hot spring dlc when

>tfw 3 was the last entry that wasn't horrible
Why did it go so wrong

>picnic classic mode
>get EOV in 20 hours

Oh wow I didn't know that.


How good are the Ronin, Dark Hunter and Troubadour in EOU?

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Ronin is the best they've been, which is to say still weaker than other melee classes, but usable.
Dark Hunter is great, they're useful throughout and throw out huge numbers in the late game with ecstasy.
Troubadour is also very good since dances are party-wide in EOU.

>still weaker than other melee classes
They've only ever been weaker than shit like DH. Everything else they outdo


Well I'm currently trying to build a team for EOU but I'm kinda stuck, not really sure what to pick.
I'd rather avoid landshark since I already used it for EOIV, and I guess Protector and Medic are a must, started thinking I could replace Medic with Troubadour but I don't think that will work out.
So I was thinking.
Ronin, Hexer or Dark Hunter(which would be better?), Alchemist, Protector and Medic.
Would that work?

EO 1 and 2 landsharks are totally different from the ones on IV. Though I find them pretty boring to use with the exception of EO2U.


Yeah, Ronin's always been pretty good in terms of being one of the hardest hitting melee classes in terms of consistent damage compared to the the burst that is DH.


>Lv 1 Hawk

What's special about May 20?

EO 10th anniversary stream.
...four months after the series 10th anniversary.

Localization announcement and EO3U

>EO is 10 years old

holy shit time flies

Which level for the post-game bosses in EO3? The 3 dragons, Elder Dragon, Alraune, Kraken, The other one, Abyss God, etc

Alright. Those fucking weebs got Persona 5, now when do we get Etrian Odyssey 5?

After the other niche games no one ever heard of get released, then they'll think about it.

I will sacrifice 10 maidens in praise if that would be true.

Oh sweet. Here's hoping for 3U.

I like how there was lots of english in the first trailer.
And it seems like the story really changed in the final product.

How are we supposed to figure out conditionals for bosses without looking up online, again?

Looking at EOIV and the EOV announcement it seems like the EO has ambitions beyond their budget and platform of choice.

How would you compare EO4 to 3? Which is better in which ways? I dunno if I should move up to other series in my backlog or start EO4 today/tomorrow

I was expecting a lot more out of EOV with a trailer like that honestly, especially since the placeholder subtitle, shidou, means activation

EO IV has better balance and an expanded overworld map that is better integrated into the rest of the game. EO III is better in every other way. Especially shopkeepers.

What other ways, exactly?

Soundtrack, difficulty, dungeons.

Anyone ever tried a Shogun build using these commanding skills of theirs?

Try shit out.
Boss conditionals are usually for post-game gear and by that point you should be able to crush most bosses easily.
At least I think that is their internal justification for once again telling the player jack shit.

No love for Nadica?

EO3 is overrated, the only good thing is the Limit system, all these extra bosses are kinda pointless because you'll only have the level for it once you're done with the entire labyrinth anyway. So the post-game content is pretty much

6th stratum > dragons/optional bosses > abyssal god

So once you're done with the 6th stratum, the only thing left is to beat all the bosses with no real gameplay between it

I prefer EO4's soundtrack to the older FM tracks.
Especially the CD versions, which sound great.

There are some really weird ones, like killing Narmer with only 1 team member, I'd never figure that out without gamefaqs.

No one has had the courage to try.

Troubadour can substitute a Medic without much problem.
For the beginning they have Restful Tune as a really cheap out of battle heal. If you need heal in battle thrwoing Medicas would be enough (and it should not be necessary that often).

After a few floor you get a food called Elderevenge unlocked.
It restores some HP and TP whenever a character attacks an enemy.
Together with the Troubadours Echoing Rondo which works once per turn and heals everyone besides the one that got heal from another source.
It sounds complicated but works like this: You have Elderevenge active and Echoing Rono on everyone.
Damage dealer A attacks an enemy. Elderevenge heals for a small amount of TP and HP.
Because of the HP heal Echoing Rondo triggers and heals everyone besides Damage dealer A for a good amount.
Damage dealer B attacks an enemy. Elderevenge also heals her for a small amount of TP and HP. Echoing Rondo triggers and heals damage dealer A since she was the only one that had not already been healed by it.
Anyone that attacks afterwards will get the small Elderevenge heal but Echoing Rondo will ignore them.

It's almost like spamming Salve every turn only the healing is a bit lower - but your Troubadour can still do other things and it doesn't cost nearly as much TP.

If you pick Hexer Dark Hunter is usally better because they shine if the enemy has a lot of binds which Hexer can help inflict.
But Troubadour and Ronin also have a positive interaction since Taboo Rondo can increase the duration of Ronin Stance skills.

It would probably work as a subclass, Shogun is so frail and offensive that it would be a waste of its stats to not use a damage build, but a tanky class like Prince or Hoplite who usually has many points to spare can do very well with this Shogun subclass build

EO3 really made me want to fight FOEs as soon as I thought I could handle them. Those fish in the water stratum that come in 3's were awesome. Just this song over and over until I died again and again.

She's line Ricky except good

>can't find the one mob I'm missing in EO3 in the monstrous codex

It's between the Calamity God and the Mortal Hunter, any idea?

Just found out it was a FOE behind a moon door, nevermind

neVer eVer

>good soundtrack
This meme again

By using an item/skill that shows monster info andthen deducing from item name


I don't know, looking back at the firxt EO it looks more like 20 years had passed.

Do you guys even make use of the Retirement mechanic? I can't remember the last time I felt the need to, even post-game bosses aren't usually worth the time to grind that much

I only used it in EO2U because afk grinding is so fucking fast there.
Overall I don't feel it's necessary but it can help since superbosses are usually assholes with fights that are not too fun.

How tanky are Sovereigns in EO2U? Are they good enough in a front line with no protector on expert?

No. Sovereigns are a backline unit.
Ignore their heavy armor, ignore their shield - armor is extremely weak in EOIII, EOIV and the Untolds.
VIT and HP is what it's all about, sadly.
In EOIII Princess had one of the highest VIT stats and good HP.
In EO2U Sovereign has subpar VIT and HP.
Even something like a Survivalist can deal better with being in the frontline.

Btw. War Magus on the other hand has really good VIT so they belong in the front.

My princess could do quite well hopping between lines. And certainly didn't suffer as much in the backrow as survivalist, for whatever reason.

Have fun beating superbosses without retirement
Also why waste exp when you get to 99 the first time, you barely lose anything by retiring

>why waste exp

nigga the new unit will be very low level, you lose a ton of time until it's just about as high leveled

And with endgame gear and added stats they can still challenge most pre-postgame stuff, losing the ability to fight endgame shit for a while is not much of a loss. No reason to not fight everything bar superboss (and weakened superboss in 4) then retiring and grinding back up to fight the superboss

What is the best way to transfer to ng+ in eou and eo2u? Specifically in eou, just map gladsheim entirely and get the katana and equip it to someone?

Don't forget the treasure chests.
There's some crammed in Gladsheim that you can't get to.

You're able to get pretty all the medals (excluding the beat-story-mode one) for EO2U on Classic.

Are you supposed to cheese the Elder Dragon in EO3? Idk how to beat it, I get it that it has weakness to all bindings and and starts the fight completely bound, but unless you beat it quickly, it will start getting bind resistance the more often you bind it.

Remove deer

In EO2U there is nothing you can miss in classic mode.
Everything that is needed for completion (except for "beat the game in classic" and "beat the game in story mode" of course) is in both modes.
So you can NG+ from one into the other whenever.

In EOU completion is impossible in classic even beyond the "beat the game in story mode" medal.
You need to map Gladsheim, get all codex entries in Gladsheim, get all materials in Gladsheim and get all treasure chests in Gladsheim - and then you need to get all treasure chests in the labyrinth.
Treasure chests don't get saved in NG+ so if you want that medal you need the Gladsheim chests so its story mode only.
If you want to go story first you would need to get deep into the 6th Stratum, find the last chests and only then NG+.
If you go classic first beating the game is enough.

Are EOU and EOU2 really better than the originals? Or is it just the Atlus "remake" where they add a bit of content and graphical updates and call it a day?

But is there anything else i may miss? Like maybe some good things that are one in a playthrough or stuff like buying and equipping the katana because either mats or katana will vanish else.
Both are completely rehauled and (arguably) much better to play.

What exactly are the differences between the originals and the remakes?

All classes are rebalenced, all maps are reworked (save a few remarkable locations especially in EOU such as the entrance and boss room layouts).
Quests have gotten a massive rework. Not only are there less fetch quests (although EOU still has a bit too much for my taste) they now also give experience.
Basically the only thing that is the same is the story (in classic mode - story mode has a far more developed story) and the same general asthetic for classes and the strata.
Oh and you have a massive amount of QoL improvements such as sidestepping, looking around, sprinting, faster animations, difficulty settings.

maps got rehauled, including enemy placements and tactics
All the new QoL changes like non-garbage skill tree, being able to gather without skills and whatever
Classes got rebalanced as well, OP stuff got nerfed to hell (no more revenge spam killing bosses in 3 turns), too good items removed as well like party wide status heals or revives. Basically rebalanced everything with new stuff like grimoires on top of it.

The best katana is the only piece of equipment worth anything you can miss. Gladsheim materials of course also make equipment but that's all low to midlevel stuff and not too important.

While it is possible to take your stock in the shop with you to NG+ I would advice against it. The game is just pretty boring if you have the best equipment unlocked right from the beginning.

So either keep the material of the very final story boss in your storage or buy the katana and put that in your storage.
You can take your inventory and storage with you to NG+. And even though you don't have immediat access to your storage it will all be there once you have.

Only in EOIV did you need to equip things to keep them for NG+.

Quests really didn't give exp in eo1 and 2? what was the point then, 5 Medicas?


Yep, you did them for the itme reward - and to get an objective that masks your grinding.
Overall XP was a bit harder to come by back then.
Which is why FOEs don't give XP in EOII - people used them to grind in EO and Atlus was having none of that.
People then instead used bosses to grind.

Now bosses give less XP in relation but missions and quests have you covered.
You easily get enough XP that you don't need to grind as long as you stick with one party and don't rest too much.