PlayStation Vita General 2968 - Connect Cards Edition

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>Rose in the Twilight Nabs a Set of Free Themes and Avatars on PSN

>Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds ‘Sakamoto, Souma, and Iba’ screenshots

>Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru launches May in Japan

>Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy new details

>Romancing SaGa 3 Remastered Confirmed for the West

>Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! introduction trailer

>NIS announces Iwaihime: Matsuri

>Deemo: The Last Recital for PS Vita launches April 18 in North America

>Producer Masanori Ichikawa Hopes To Bring Something New To Romancing SaGa 3 Remaster

>Darkest Dungeon “The Crimson Court” DLC & Free “Radiant” Update



>PS+ Current Offerings

>PS Store Updates

>PS Store Weekly Sale

>PSN Friends List

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Post your latest Vita plat!
Post your latest Vita screenshot!
Post your favorite Vita wallpaper!
Post your waifu before you get KEKED
Post your latest Vita purchase!
Post what Vita games you're currently playing!
Post what Vita games you're currently looking forward to!
Post skittles!
I love you Vitagen!
I'm back from being banned! I missed you guys!

>Upcoming Vita games currently available for preorder on Amazon

>Upcoming Vita games currently available for preorder elsewhere

Why were banned in the first place?

3rd time I leave my trip in the OP
Why you got banned?

estelle-user is the cutest
I hope she makes someone a good wife someday

Your success will be in the history books. Now you shall be that last image we all see before we die, like that thread... god help us.

A couple big titles to look forward to:
>Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
>Dangan Ronpa V3: Killing Harmony
>Dies Irae
>Utawarerumono Mask of Truth
>Utawarerumono Mask of Deception

Potentially five otome will release in 2017 (the first four from Aksys, the fifth from Idea Factory):
>Bad Apple Wars
>Period Cube
>Collar x Malice
>Code Realize: Future Blessings
>Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

Hopefully some of these titles from Sekai Project will release next year:
>Fault Milestone One
>Root Double: Before Crime After Days
>Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology
>World End Economica
>The Grisaia Trilogy

Some other titles to keep an eye on:
>Muv Luv + Muv Luv Alternative
>Sharin no Kuni
>VA11 Hall-A
>Quantum Suicide
>Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth

Games that are rumored:
>Danganronpa V3-2 (wt)

So Fate for Switch will be an America only release, being done by Xseed themselves.

CS3, a PS4 game in Japan. will be PC only in the west being done by Xseed themselves.

I'm not a girl user
But cocoa a cute

I missed you, user. kissu kissu~

>CS3, a PS4 game in Japan. will be PC only in the west being done by Xseed themselves.

I noticed people were discussing merch in the thread, do you guys collect?

>she makes someone a good wife someday
don't destroy his dream

>Root Double

Holy shit I love my Vita.
Can't wait for Collar x Malice heard good thing's about it.

What fighting game has the most active online?

>Extella switch port getting all DLC costumes and new content
vitagen got cucked once again

I got a few figures, art cards and autograph boards.

>Muv Luv + Muv Luv Alternative
Any day now
I'm still sad i didn't get the Sumika figma

Sweating intensifies

in here? or on the vita?

Got pictures?

It is.

I accidentally posted a webm of a guy shoving spaghetti into a woman's asshole and fucking it until cumming, forcing her to shit out the cum/spaghetti/shit sauce out after on /v/.
It was lonely!


never ever

I could take one if you like

I can play
Arcana Heart 3
Last Blade 2
And Fighting Climax with you


Sure why not, I always liked collector shit that come with games and statues.

post Kurisu

i miss you guys

Oh well

it's time to make the switch /vitagen/

Here you go, sorry about the light it's dark here already.

I call it the Swita.

>Last Blade 2
the netcode is shit

No, I'll just get a PS4 this year, used.
Sony will never see my money ever again.


I would LOVE for that to be true: to have even the PS4bros turn against Xseed would be amazing. But that wouldn't make any sense.

To what? The PS4 cause I have one already.

cool bro

I only bought to suppont SNK

Cute chris

I really don't know, maybe the last BB on the vita
they need to improve the netcode in those games

Take notice what platform is mentioned.

>tfw I skipped out on extella to wait for berserk musou instead
>tfw decided to wait for a price drop

Looks like I made the right choice B^)

I love her a lot, precious tsun daughter, Takagaki Ayahi is one of my favorite lady seiyuu too

>mfw all these news

Thats a nice shrine, all I got for mine is a stand on wheels that was outside of Jewel, there was a small one and big one and decided to adopt the big one and turned the small one into a shoe rack.

Going to collect more DR statues as funds come in.



No need.
They're killing themselves.

I don't know
I'm really bad in Last blade

>mfw akiba's beat kills xseed before they can even get around to rehashing leftovers for the shitch

>Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star is coming to Switch, Marvelous announced. It will launch on July 25 in North America, July 21 in Europe, and July 20 in Japan.

I have a few tapestries of Chris and Maria as well, obviously hung up and waiting for Tsubasa's. And waiting for the Dies Irae one. I want to get some DR merchandise but I need more space. Nice Touko and Komaru figs.

I still have no idea why they put so many eggs in the basket of that game.

The cheaper non glossy statues look better in my opinion. It bugs me how only important characters got statues instead of making one for every character. Its a series with really nice character designs and interactions.

They literately print money, but unfortunately they only got nendoroids after them which I am going to get at some point..


All memes aside is Akiba's beat any good?

It's average, not bad but not great either.

You really showed those /v/tards their place, uh.


Is there a single vita exclusive that's confirmed for being localized?
Just one?

You got a rare golden golem?

I rotated this before I posted it wtf

No the light in my basement is just shit

"That one"

I suppose having nendoroids are better than nothing, I'm still hoping for more Symphogear nendoroids since my favorite still doesn't have one.

All you can do that later on they'll get more merchandise equal to the main cast.


>No the light in my basement is just shit
Bad lighting is not good for your eyes. Please correct it immediately.

Haha user lives in a basement!

Nice gold user

How can you be currently playing multiple games at once.
How can you be currently playing games you haven't started yet either.

Nice, hope you have fun.


I want my chocolate cake statue so bad.
Fucking Sakura got one but not Asahina.

Its so weird seeing XSeed have their own porting team now. Is XSeed growing as a company to where they now have the manpower to do this stuff? I always thought XSeed was really small and didn't have the money to do in-house ports

XSeed did LITERALLY nothing wrong

>Sakura got one before Aoi
Wow, that's weird. I really would've thought she'd get one sooner than the ones that got killed off.

Spoiler user


Sorry, I forget that not everyone played DR or finished it.

Hey rinnyrin if you are here, are you up for more SSD on Saturday?

I work the next 2 days and work kind of drains me for games that require effort to play. Others are welcome to join us.

I pray no one on vitagen will buy ANY future Xseed releases.

You start one game, and then start another game, and switch back and forth between them until you beat them

I will get Akiba's beat and Zero/Ao any day now

>10k yen
Tapestries usually go for 2-5k on yahoo auction after release, not even the 150 cm cloth poster is 10k.

Xseed hasn't done anything wrong.
Trails the 3rd not being available on the Vita is the only real bad thing they ever did, and even that's understandable since its a PSP game.
They're still giving support to the Vita; Akiba's Beat is evidence of that

Even before all this happened nothing they released ever interested me.

I have no reason to dislike Xseed

Even if I wanted to support them, they have nothing for me to buy.

>passed on net high
>akiba's beat looks like generic arpg garbage
>dotemu and nisa stole both Ys games

And that's pretty much it. They don't have anything new upcoming.


>the only games I ever bought from them were Ys
>Now NISA has VIII
And with that I have nothing to give Xseed money for.

Luminous Arc Infinity where?


The same place they left IA/VT, Net High, and Uppers.

Luminous Arc 3 where?

Somewhere out there

>cutting Rihoko's nails
I feel like a pervert now

People like you are exactly why vita's list of exclusives dropped from 50 to 5.

No you're not.
Until you brush their teeth for them you are fine.