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Master of Romance Appreciation Edition.

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for RIN


Rin is the best katawa. Other katawas are you even trying?

For bros. And for the unity of all of KSG.

Oh man, that's some nice nostalgia.

Only if you count doodling from one of those "learn to draw the marvel way" in HS which is part of why that was a fail drawing
I'm getting better at anime proportions, it still feels wrong, but, now as a weird side effect Western style drawing looks mannish

>Still talking about this VN.

Hey, I can tell you it sure beats the hell out of the 'how to draw anime' books, because I can tell you're applying some real skill, detail, and critical thinking.
You got an awesome road set before you! Keep practicing and drawing cool! I look forward to seeing how your style develops.

Heyo Sky. Havin' fun like usual?

It's been hit and miss. I'm happy with a few of them
spoiler because sideboob

I've liked pretty much everything that's come outta you.
You have some interesting line usage that I haven't seen from any other artist! It's cool stuff!

I am back after long absence, how've you guys been?

Ye. Just shooting the shit with my roommates about politics and setting up for some P5.

Same as ever Toasty.

We've been doing pretty nice, actually. Everyone here seems fairly comfy.

How have your ventures been?

pretty stressful, lots of work piled up all of a sudden so I've had no time to relax. still feel pretty high strung

>It's been exactly four years since I downloaded and started KS
;-; Hanako is still my waifu 4 laifu
How is everyone tonight?

Oh, I do hear a lot of people are getting into P5. It looks pretty cool. According to a good friend of mine, I'm pretty much Futaba.

The travails of life may seem overwhelming but you can get through them. Rely on your inner strength and take things a step at a time.

Ooh, that's a real slick signature image you got there! I like it!
>How is everyone tonight?
I'm doing better than I should be. Praise chaos.
Are you doing okay?

Its pretty neato. A tad slow to start, but keeps getting better.
That waifu game strong tho, wew laddy.

>A tad slow to start
Eh, that's every RPG ever. Never a bad thing to start slow.
I'm not really surprised at the waifu aspects, given its an SMT game

Had some more spare time than usual earlier today, so I finished making Rin great again.

Which route should I replay next?

The route where you don't invade Syria please.

>not wanting to start wwIII

>The route where you don't invade Syria please.
But in other words you mean not Shizune, right?

i'd invade shizune

>tried drawing Rin but gave up when I realized she just looked like a red-haired wojak
I'll try again tomorrow

Please no, actually dying for Isreal isn't what I signed up for.
All I wanted was drinking and sailing.

Mr. President when will you launch a Tomahawk missile up Kim's fat ass

Remain calm and post cute katawas.

>Mr. President when will you launch a Tomahawk missile up Kim's fat ass
That all depends on him.

Someone pls answer

couldn't tell you which route to replay given I've only done Rin and Hanako so far
I'm sorry Mr. President
also you got any other hatted Rins

I don't have any more, but I can make some soon.

>also you got any other hatted Rins
maga hats, or hats in general?

All this political talk has got me wondering
Who's his favorite katawa, /ksg/?
Keep in mind, he has /great taste/

Meant MAGA, I can't imagine her wearing hats normally really
of course I'll take any cute Rins no matter the hat

>Who's his favorite katawa, /ksg/?
Tillerson is a Lillyfag.

pretty good. Happy kataversary!

one hatawa, coming up

Replay Lilly's route and question your choice of First Waifu.

>Replay Lilly's route
Will do.
>question your choice of First Waifu.

HON HON HON thanks lad

I mean they're both great girls.

Seems backwards, doesn't it?

Wouldn't the Scot have the Don't Leave hat?

Thank you! it's one of my favorites.
Glad to say I'm doing better than usual
Thanks doggo, I appreciate it

Vote Leave and Don't Leave are very different things.

No, because the Leave is for Great Britain in general, which the Scots opposed.

The Scottish want independence so that they can join the E.U without Anglo intervention. The Scots are cucks now.

Pretty sure Lilly would vote whichever way had the best food
So naturally, American

Goddamn right


Why is she so perfect?

Cute little Lilly

all Lillys a cute!

When you guys will let it go


my nigga


i bet she hadn't brushed her teeth that day


if rin was sick, would she have made the effort to get out of bed to let emi clean her and brush her teeth, etc? something about her personality suggests no to me


ye, probably not
I just used the standard answer to "how can Rin do X" question

it can't be too bad, though, unless Rin is a mouthbreather.... oh wait, she may be

>unless Rin is a mouthbreather.... oh wait, she may be
yep. she had a cold, and a good chance of having sinus congestion

heyo, how's it going

Bad, but it's nice to see you finished Kaiji. Kept getting delays due to waiting on people to be ready to watch it.

And now rabb.it blocks certain streaming websites, so it'll be a hassle on finding alternatives. Just a whole lot of waiting.

How about you? Did you enjoy gambling anime?

I'm okay I guess, got a big test today, but it's not a big deal to me

aside from the fact that pachinko fiesta was WAY too long, I really enjoyed it.
really looking forward to reading the manga, but I see it's apparently not fully translated yet, or something like that
oh yes, also music is very nice

One for Mish and good morning /ksg/


seconded, use torrents

however, I got three emails from whatever IP-Echelon is for doing that

am going to be killed for that?

I'm just... practising in fighter vidya. Not really sure what else to do, the test should be a breeze.

No, when it comes to wanting to show a series to friends online, I'm kind of obliged to doing this. If I wanted to watch something alone, obviously I'd torrent. In Canada, we're kind of protected by law so that the ISP doesn't sift through our shit unless we're accused for a crime.



I'm still upset that this doujin ends right there, instead of following through.

hey, pussy is pussy

i want to play vidya with the hana


i wanna play other games with her

Nth for a happy Hana!

It has been literally years since I have played/read this game. Has anything been added at all?

ks alpha seems to be finished

that's about it

Would Lilly be disappointed in her people for voting remain?

a game of: whoever makes the other one orgasm first using only the mouth and hands, wins

>not wanting your cock inside hanako's tight hot pussy

G'morning, doods!
How are we all today?
What fun and interesting things do we all have planned?


>Soon I will boil Lilly in a giant cup of tea


That's what it looks like though

She is a proud citizen of the Great British Empire.

>That feel when you will never taste the french vanilla flavor of Lilly's lips
>That feel when you will never give a sleeping Emi a piggyback ride home
>That feel when you will never feel Rin's lips caress your hands as you feed her oranges
>That feel when you will never gaze at the stars with Shizune
>That feel when you will never wake up next to Hanako and take her into a loving embrace
>That feel when you will never feel a sleeping Misha press her soft body against you as you kiss her candy scented hair


Goodnight, KSG.
I love each and every one of you.

ksg mansion when

Wakey wakey

I don't think that they a sleeping in that pic...

Or maybe she's just relaxing.

You can't boil her I a tea cup anyway. Because you don't heat up a tea cup.

>finally got a carpentry apprenticeship
>finally making a steady income
>finally seeing value in my life
>finally fixed my diet and sleep schedule

life's good /ksg/ famalam

keep on fighting you will make it

>the direct opposite of this is happening

What is your secret?

for like a month i spent most of the hours of my day looking at job applications and calling around to different building firms, eventually booked a couple of interviews

started going to sleep an hour earlier than i used to and feeling much better in the mornings now, also just staying off unhealthy foods

What's most of the hours if you had to measure? Every time I try to seize the day there's news where I need to wait on someone for an apprenticeship or work.

How did you manage to get a guy to pull you into carpentry? My best friend is on the same road, but he had connections through his teacher.

probably 5-6 hours a day looking for work and making contacts. my dad was a carpenter but his connections didn't help much since he's not in the industry anymore.

honestly i was lucky enough to look for a job in carpentry when there's plenty of openings for manual labor. that and i have an associate's degree.


Well, congratulations. From what I remember, the hours required for a Carpentry apprentice isn't all that long. But I might be mixing them up.

Is Sisterhood worth reading?

usually around 3 or 4 years, depends how good you are to begin with and how experienced your superior is, though. so you can technically complete an apprenticeship in less than 3 years.

have you played monster girl gamu yet?