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/sthg/ #730- School Girl Knuckles Edition

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Apparently, Sonic Mania looks like it will have at least 23 stages.

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Who /stillhypedforForces/ here?

Is it a defense force if it's objectively true that Classic is better than Modern and Mania is the only Sonic game we need?

Also Mania, while a ROMhack, is still better than anything Sonic Team can put out apparently. Just hand Sonic over to Taxman and be done with it

I'm back to being really worried about Forces.

Reposting the webm of Classic Sonic gameplay in Sonic Forces.


I still think the classic gameplay is from a level creator

You couldn't make this Sonic forces themed?

Honestly, this is what bothers me the most. It looks so fucking bare and empty.


I'm still hyped. The Boost gameplay looks fun & while Classics gameplay looks mediocre, it's nothing worth shouting doom & gloom over. The game so far has revealed to be everything I expected it to be, which is fine.

Right here senpai!

Except Modern Sonic played better than Classic Sonic in Generations. There's not much competition besides "muh nostalgia" because Classic played like sluggish shit compared to the level design for Modern taking a lot of the good aspects of Unleashed and Colors and doing them well.

Besides Planet Wisp. Fuck Planet Wisp.

Shut the fuck up how about you make the thread next time?

pyramid in the bakground

>Classic Sonic is back for god knows what reason so he can eat off of more nostalgia.
>The Wisps are still around.
>Boost gameplay has returned.
>All the old character are just NPC cheerleaders again.
>ANOTHER new character is being introduced. Looks like Bubsy to boot.
>It's a "Eggman obtains/unlocks/unleashes another mystic power to beat Sonic/rule the world" plot again.
>Classic Sonic's Green Hill stage looks like complete ass, and his gameplay looks like it's suffering too.
>The guy who designed Sonic & The Secret Rings, Sonic & The Black Knight, Sonic Colors, and directed Sonic Colors is directing the game.

Dead. On. Fucking. Arrival.

Shills pls

I don't understand why people complain about Boost. I mean there is also the fucking Wisps.

But who cares guys, we'll have Mania & Forces, both for free along with the One Piece

Also remember, to kill Solaris, we need to kill him in the pasr (Generations, Time Eater), the present (2006 with Super Sonic, Super Shadow & Super Silver) and the future (Sonic Forces)

Hyped for Boost gameplay
Disappointed in Classic gameplay
Worried about new gameplay and character

Gee, I wonder why that could be...


I was literally about to post a thread with the new character as the op.
I made the last one.

Seen better ironic shitposting from /nepgen/. No (You) for you.

>Not Forces Themed
>After getting new Forces stuff.

OP I am disappointed.

I wish I could roll back to yesterday...

I'm less disappointing, more confused as to how they could mess up something like the classic gameplay. When they've shown themselves capable of doing better than this. It's not Sonic cycle, but it's not exactly covering themselves in glory.

Also the fact that people are defending this, I can accept that we need to see more before passing judgement. I can accept that it's not 06 levels of bad, but you can't look at this footage and say 'yep, this is what we waited for over 2 years for.

The only people that are just now upset about Boost being back are people that didn't see the fucking reveal trailer, which has shown that Boost was gonna be back.

>>All the old character are just NPC cheerleaders again.
Literally nothing wrong with this. They're called supporting characters for a reason

I'm less defending Forces personally and more getting tired of the people that show exactly why people can believe IGN when they say everything Sonic is and has always been awful.

>People will look at this and say "yes, this is fine"

Okay, so it's not a full gameplay video or anything like that, but EVERYTHING in this clip is garbage.
It's like they found the absolute worst gameplay clip they could find to show on the Direct.

Wait who the fuck said the old characters are going to be sidelined again? Just because they aren't playable doesn't mean that they aren't going to be relevant to the story.

Because it is fine. Stop crying so hard.

It's really time for Sonic Team to give up on 2D gameplay entirely. Leave it to the Mania guys.


I think it looks fine. It's only 10 seconds, anyway.

>not even on-model


It's called people overreacting. The game has already said they're gonna help the Sonics beat Eggman. They're most likely gonna do something, even if they're just NPCs.

>It's really time for Sonic Team to give up on Sonic entirely. Leave it to the Mania guys.
T. Shill

>Tails,Knuckles,Shadow and Amy
>Supporting Characters

I doubt you wrote this down with a straight face.

So what's with the bitching about Aerial Momentum again?
The fact that the spring cancelled out all of Sonic's forward momentum, or the fact that Sonic is able to move like that in the air to the side?

Hey you sound better than the current Shadow VA

Also I wouldn't hate a ShtH2

(You) sure told me

They've been reduced to radio chatter last I read.

>that laugh
>I'm the coolest

>They're most likely gonna do something, even if they're just NPCs.
Probably via moral support or warning about incoming attacks.
Well they are. Sonic is the main character, they're his supporting characters

>Responding to an old shitpost


Anyways, while Classic Sonic's gameplay looks alright, I'm more interested in the new character.

Fucking kek.
I certainly didn't type it out with an curved face.

Kek. Nice.

Well with trailers like this, can you blame them?

It is somewhat hard to believe that the same people, who made beloved classic games could trot out something that looks like like Sonic 4 episode 1 with a fresh coat of paint.


I think this surmises the frustration; Mania is over there making something that looks fantastic, utterly fantastic. While Sonic Team cannot even manage to make a level or at least show part of a level that isn't 'run right and jump'.

>b-but it's still in development it's just an alpha/beta!

Why would you even show it then?
They've been so secretive and selective about Forces and what they show of it until now, it's just baffling that they decided THIS was how they wanted to show the game off.

The former.

>that laugh
Thank you based Shadow user

>OC Generator in Forces
>No Multiplayer
>No Online

One step forward and two steps back as always I see.

Why are people going out of their way to defend what we just saw? Generations and Lost World didn't show us shitty footage like this.

Because they either show something or have the hype they built up drop off like a rock. Did you expect them to have the game fully finished to show? Retard. Even Crashfags can understand this.


>Because they either show something or have the hype they built up drop off like a rock.
Oh the irony.

But that's wrong. Sonic 4 was made by Dimps.

Tried to get a 1080p screenshot of the new character from non-stream footage since Nintendo's uploaded it all onto their channel more directly. Still obnoxiously blurred and underdetailed though.

To be honest, most of the people actually responsible for the classic games probably aren't even party of the company anymore, are they?

Because not everybody is upset with what they saw. Fuck sakes, calm down.

They're just paid shills and shitposters. Ignore them

>One step forward and two steps back as always I see
That one step is pretty pitiful when you look at the giant leaps backward we got from Lost World and Boom.

I guess we know why they were so secretive. It looks like ass.

There is no irony. Most people, at least here, are still hyped because they're not retarded.

>Multiplayer & Online in Sonic Forces
>It's Time Attack against Ghost recorded user
I don't know man

Because what they showed for Modern was hype.

What they showed for Classic kills the hype compared to Mania's reveal.

If you're ever in a bad mood and get tired of all the shitposting, just remember:

"Nobody cares but /sthg/"

I'm not sure you understood my post.

Forces information wasn't even announced for this direct. They didn't need to show anything, as they normally don't. Like I said, they're very selective and secretive about what information they present about Forces.

They didn't need to show anything at all, but instead they showed exactly what people didn't want to see.

Don't worry guys, we've survived shitty Sonic games before. We'll do it again. We always have.

We just gotta stick together...right?

>like something
Quiet with the autistic screeching, lad. You're gonna wake up your mum.

>- the third character in Forces will be an “unexpected character”
>- Sonic Boom Sonic is NOT in the game
>- the third character “plays an important role in the story, and embodies the overall features of the game”
>- Sonic 3’s bonus stages seem likely to return in Sonic Mania
>- “The boost system from Sonic Unleashed is present, as well as stages based on reaching the goal and clearing them a certain time limit also seem to be present.”
>- “Classic Sonic stages are based on side scrolling 2D action" and will also have a twist
>- Sonic Forces will be at E3 this year
>- E3 will be where the third character will be revealed
>- Sonic Forces story: “Dr. Eggman took over 99% of the world. Sonic and the “Resistance” members are fighting. Then another Sonic appears…”
>- the reason why Eggman takes over so much of the world is because of “a new power” that his obtains
>- this is the same power that makes classic Sonic appear
>- Morio Kishimoto is the director of Sonic Forces
>- Sonic Forces has been in development since 2013, and started around Sonic Lost World’s release
>- “Forces was chosen as a subtitle from it meaning “power” and “army”. Two strong forces (Sonic and co vs. Eggman) are facing off in the game.”
>- “This time, Sonic is fighting an Eggman who has nearly taken over the world.”
>- the game won’t be all dark and gloomy, but there are some lighter stages in Forces
>- Sonic Mania’s development began in 2015, as Sonic Team wanted to do a new 2D Sonic game and “not a remake”
>- the general rule for the art of Sonic Mania was to be above the level of Genesis, but under the level of Saturn
>- gameplay for Mania is similar to Sonic 3
>- elemental shields were mentioned as returning

Classic Sonic was a mistake.

I wasn't saying that it was, I was just saying that is what the footage reminded me of.

Well, they work there, people have played the old games. They must know, why can't they LEARN?

Okay, the boost may be good, I'm sure that will be fine, I just feel that it will be weighed down by a completely lackluster Sonic 4/Lost World 2D style 'classic' Sonic and the wild card that is Hugh DePlayr's gameplay.

But it honestly doesn't look that bad.

I used to think VAs made everything better... but not this time.

What they showed for Modern was just as barebones as what they showed for Classic. Thank god you kneejerk dipshits are the minority in this.
>but instead they showed exactly what people didn't want to see
>implying everyone is as upset about these non-issues as the 7 or so people in this general having a fit, one of which being you

Incorrect, looking around other communities, everyone is pissed by this.

Unless you're referring to something else.

This. There was some complaints, but no one was flying off the handle this hard with Boost.

Forces doesn't look that shitty. Classic Sonic's gameplay looks unimpressive especially compared to Mania, but that was an inevitability the moment it was shown that he was gonna be in the game. The Boost gameplay looks super fun & the third gameplay & new character is something I'm curious about. People everywhere needs to chill.

>Modern Sonic brings the hype.
>Classic Sonic kills it not even a month after. 3 weeks to be exact.


What's *good* about that gameplay, and don't say 'well I don't care about classic Sonic' because that's not the point. You'll still play those stages same as you'll play the werehog or Big's fishing stages.

>implying everyone is as upset about these non-issues as the 7 or so people in this general
Maybe if you got out of your bubble here and dropped the delusion, you'd see people ARE angry about this.

>It's been in development in 5 years.

>Still can't fix Classic's Gameplay

Classicfags right now

>Well, they work there, people have played the old games. They must know, why can't they LEARN?
Most Japanese companies don't learn from the past. Just look at Konami and Capcom, who only use the past as a means of reselling the same shit over and over and over with the same stuff on top. Sega takes one step forward and two steps back all the time in learning lessons.

Classic Sonic in terms of games is probably something Sonic Team wants to overcome and rise out of the shadow of, rather than be forever held to. Which is why Classic Sonic in Generations was unrefined and kinda felt slapped in since it was only added in on fan demand. The character himself in the 3D games is pretty much just to appeal to older audiences that bitch about everything Modern.

You should take your own advice and see that pretty much not even 10% of people are upset.

3-4 years. It's been worked on since Lost World.

Because it's not a 1 to 1 comparison. What they showed for Modern looked like a return to Unleashed/Generations after Lost World. That's hype.

Classic is already redundant with Mania, but the fact that it looks visually unappealing compared to Generations, and looks to be more of the same with no improvement? That's concerning.

But your right, it's only been 10 seconds, so we should wait.

I just wish it were a better 10 seconds is all.

Looks like the shitpostees are now the shitposters!

>hyped for boostan
>meh towards classic
What a weird timeline to be living in.

Would people be as mad about this if Mania wasn't a thing?

With Mania around, it just makes Forces' Classic look tragically incompetent.

>6 years have passed
>But...I do not improve. Time has lost its effect on me.
>Yet, the dark ages continue.
>Iizuka's idiocy chokes the past, present, and future. Hope is lost.
>Gotta get back
>Back to the past
>Sonic Mania

I've noticed this had been happening with Forces and Mania as well before. Whoever is handling these things needs a good shakeup.

>I just wish it were a better 10 seconds is all.
That probably WAS the best 10 seconds Sega had to offer.

>but the fact that it looks visually unappealing compared to Generations, and looks to be more of the same with no improvement? That's concerning.
Maybe if you have no clue how game development works. I'm not worried at all because this is simply how it happens. Ignorants like you will always flip out about how bad a game looks when early footage is shown and it almost always ends up being fine, granted nothing major happens like with RoL.

This. My first reaction was 'at least we have Mania'.

After being hype for Modern's section at the panel a few weeks ago, this is not good.

I can get that, they want to move forward, then why can't they let go? They have Mania? I like classic Sonic and I have that, I'm excited for Boosting Sonic, however to know that they wasted their damn time on making a Sonic 4 esque slapped-on Classic (judging from this footage, they may of course surprise us) when they could have been adding and refining to Boost. It's just ridiculous.

I dunno, but it really does look bad in comparison. It doesn't look much better, if at all, than Generations version either.


>sega doesnt want to spoil the game
>"lets show them green hill"

Just reuse some of the assets. Is that so hard?


This. Almost everyone here seems to not mind Boost coming back & being used, but almost everyone is either unimpressed or downright pissed with Classic Sonic's gameplay.

Definitely a valid criticism. You know what? I'm glad this is happening. When Forces comes out & people praise the Boost gameplay & (depending on what it is) the third gameplay style, while shitting over how unimpressive Classic Sonic's is, this may convince SEGA to stop using him in the 3D games.