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How fares your empire, /gsg/?

This day in history, April 12th:
238 – Gordian II loses the Battle of Carthage against the Numidian forces loyal to Maximinus Thrax and is killed. Gordian I, his father, commits suicide.
1204 – The Crusaders of the Fourth Crusade breach the walls of Constantinople and enter the city, which they completely occupy the following day.
1877 – The United Kingdom annexes the Transvaal.
1910 – SMS Zrínyi, one of the last pre-dreadnought battleships built by the Austro-Hungarian Navy, is launched.
1917 – World War I: Canadian forces successfully complete the taking of Vimy Ridge from the Germans.
1927 – Shanghai massacre of 1927: Chiang Kai-shek orders the Communist Party of China members executed in Shanghai, ending the First United Front.

EU4 Mandate of Heaven is out.

>Random Country Picker

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>>[HoI4] - More Music Mod

>>[HoI3] - Flavormod

>>[CK2] - user Music Mod

>>[CK2] - After The End

>>[V2] - Historical Project Mod - 27/11/2016

>>[V2] - Napoleon's Legacy v0.3.1.7

>>[V2] Alternative Flag Pack V10

>>[V2]Africa Mod

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So in HPM, how the hell do you "pick a tech school"? Nothing ever happens

The average GSG player

>Is Africa or the caribbean a better plave to raise your kids
How is this even a question?


>only 13.5 percent of all the people who own CK2 ever managed to get married


Egypt or Cuba, helped each other in the 6 day war or whatever it was

more like only 13.5 percent of the people who own CK2 actually play ironman mode.

reminder that mitsuhide did nothing wrong

Bohtan can change their religion to Yazidi IIRC, one of the kurdish minors definitively can
Check the decisions tab

guys, what's the recommended template and support units for tactical divisions like marines and parachutes?
what were your best tactical offense, with naval or aerial invasions

>ironman mode

Oh yeah, fuck, I forgot about that.

It sure feels good being in the top 0.1% of players

wow I sure would love to know what fucking game your playing.

Mahmûd, you're a fucking idiot

>not being 0.0% master race
kys lad.

La Plata

tfw my catholic boer South-All Africa with Germaniums as supported, Genocide of all non-whites, and modified immigration and assimilation with pop growth boost got deleted and I have to fix it all over again

oh yeah hoi4

>20k pops
This should be interesting.

>Beyond typus 4.0 still has not been updated

wait for mayo 2.0

>mayo 2.0

of course
Mayo and Theft 2.0

Is there a Finno-Korean Hyperwar mod for HoI4 yet?

fuck they came back please fucking help me they say mean things to me

Oh why wait for the new one i thought /gsg/ thought that was a meme mod due to the fact you cant murder redskins


Go make one

>finally get two decent allies to fight the ottos
>Allied with: France
why god

franks are turk enablers

you can murder redskins though

its just done through events now, not a button

>I must unite the Americas under one flag

The French in my current Castile game hate the Ottomans. But they both love me.

Also the Reformation kicked off in Austria, that was weird. The 1453 start is unironically the most fun.

I'm trying to get into Darkest Hour, I've been trying to find some in-depth guides but I haven't found any, I did find a bunch of HoI 2 guides though, and I was thinking

Would it be better to start with HoI 2, play a few times, get the hang of it more or less, and then switch to DH, or just stick with DH?

Just stick with DH.

oh yeah, can't move the capital with such dangerous rebels roaming around the country. just imagine the sheer disruption

Where do I put minimods and hpnnm?

It's historical. Also with the Ottomans that deep into Europe, why not just give up?

in hpm
just replace when asked

Reading a book on the development of the Portuguese empire.

Never played a GSG before.

I have EUIV. Can I make a comfy Portuguese trading empire and massacre Africans?

Yes but making a comfy spanish trading empire and massacring africans is easier

Play Vic2 instead
with HPM

How do I ensure the germaniums stay klein as france in vic2? Do I have to attack day one with Austria and just grab shit

You can wait a bit, either Austria or Russia work as allies, you just have to take the West Bank of the Rhine.

But there's always the small chance that Austria manages to pull its shit together and make Prussian Germany the preferred option.

Thanks lads, I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend!

Vasca da Gama time!


By giving them Alsace Loraine and not letting them eat Austria.

And what about Yuri Gagarin?



What's a good comfy nation that can meet a lot of luxury needs. Not the big ones (including Persia)
I really want to try Omaniums with these borders, but despite aesthetics, there's no fucking pops

Looks like Karloman was dumb enough to get a Shia Court Physician who he let convert him, then was so hated by his vassals that he was forced into hiding, and because he couldn't trust any kuffars, he made his raghead doctor the Designated Regent.

>killing one of the best things to ever happen to japan over a shitty yo mama joke


>Omaniums with these borders
what borders

Why does Hanover look like a ghost giving the Netherlands the finger?

Fug lad, I just got a new computer and Veeky Forums keeps telling me there's a failed upload when I try to post pictures.
South yemen+oman+UAE+Bahrain+Qatar+Gwadar+Socotra+Zanzibar

Hey me laddos, check this out

Looks more like a Jew devouring Oldenburg desu.

gee user thats way simpler than i wouldve expected

What to name the new colony?

Northern Ireland

you could probably try conquering east/horn of africa if you want pops, it doesn't brake the aesthetic too much and ethiopia is full of niggers you can use

New Nova Caledonia/Hibernia/Alba.

I've had this happen, but then have them come back from the Atlantic, and it still counted.


The Scottish and the Irish have their own empires in this mod, so I will have to hold off on those names.

I'm going to have to come up with a better naming convention because all the English towns have 'New' versions in the Americas.

When you play ck2 do you go full autismo with micromanaging and eugenics, or do you just roleplay as your character?

pls help

so what do I need to do to ensure the warlord era doesn't happen

I'm kind of upset taiping's religion is protestant, it just feels weird if I'm going to be unifying china under that, undermining thousands of years of history.
but I guess it's some syncretic thing anyway.

I play for power when just playing normally, but when I'm writing an AAR for the forums I always try to roleplay to the best of my abilities

Playing a muslim in Ck2 and I randomly got like 250 gold in the last year and i have no idea why.

i checked the autosave for the beginning of the year and I had only 30, but i didn't get a prompt or anything.

Spain is finally a first world democracy with colonies, but something is still wrong. The utter lack of respect every one else treats us with! France and the UK got all the good colonies in Africa even though we wanted some niggers too. Lucky the new king of Spain has a brilliant new plan of naval build up against the UK, we will demand our rightful small island of Malta - or else!

Did HPM died?

Latter while I'm small, then former once I have an empire. I don't think I could've gotten a Roman Emperor/descendent of Muhammad/Saoshyant descendent otherwise.

Trying instead for naming after the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, but I still don't really think I like it.

Is eu4 at its current state better vanilla or modded

Vanilla as it just got a huge update and the mods need to be updated.



Well there it is.
Knock yourself out.

Someone else upload it to whatever you want for posterity,i will hide it after a day or two.

>People still unironically play chase the AI army around simulators (Victoria, EU4)

I don't understand how you have fun playing this. It's literally just clicking the opponent's stack over and over since they decided to not make it automatic, and you wait for your nation to grow. That is the gameplay in its entirety. No higher strategy, no play styles, nothing.

look man there is no other alternative to these sort of games that gives me the same type of high

they suck and they are boring, i agree, but i dont like Total War or 4x, what am i to do?

What do you play, O Enlightened One?

Sometimes wealthy nerds die with no heir and you get the money.

this famalama, what is the game you play so we can make fun of it

You could play X series and build 6 million factories in space

There is a mod that merges Terran conflict and Albion Prelude

>we wanted some niggers

Now I've heard everything

>austria doesn't give a flying fuck

Europa Universalis 1.

The ONLY Paradox game, as far as I'm concerned.

Just play the board game at that point tbqh

Can't make the demand if the target is at war.


dude i play these games because i can live out my historical fantasies


Knock yourself out

>contrained by scenarios

dude im more obsessed with alternate history and demographics

i only play GS games to commit cultural, religious and ethnic genocide, and also colonialism. those are the only things that interest me

do you lads feel it in the air

what if another world war is right around the corner

isn't it funny though how easily it is to get hyped for this, I want it to happen and it's fun to larp on the internet even though nothing's going to happen

but I mean what if it does though, what if this is finally it, it's inevitable so why not now?

What do I name it lads?
>Lake Romanov
>Lake Yekaterina
>Lake Pyotr
>Lake Russia
>Lake Moscow


Wew, space Nazis

I just want to say I'm absolutely ecstatic. For ages I haven't been able to find any full videos of Ren Rikka, but now I found working account info for Shemale Yum and DLd them all in HD
Feels good