Buying from Craigslist

Why is buying from Craigslist such a fucking meme?

>try looking for Elantra on Craigslist
>text this greedy kike asking him for the vin so I can see the history
>"car is great DONT need vin", wants me to look like the idiot for asking for it.
>wtf? Why is craigslist so fucking scummy? Literally everyone who sells a car there does so because there's something wrong with it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Report the ad for possible scam. It'll get taken down.

Can we see how things escalated to that? Just curious

I've never had a problem.
Bought a 74 beetle and a 91 Miata off craigslist no problem. Both were great and I got 'em at very reasonable prices.

>dealer sells you a car in a private sale
>doesnt put his own name but instead the name of his dealership
>title of the car is fucking ohio and im buying the car in NY
>have to spend 3 hours convincing its a private sale and not something through a dealer


You want to buy a hyundai so whos the real loser

If you ask for the VIN without seeing the vehicle first you come off as the crazy one. Although that guy definitely seems like an ass

Why argue with him? Lol no VIN no sale. The guy I bought my capri from didn't have the vin until like the third contact I made with him just because he was disorganized which for me is a good thing in a seller but yours is obviously a shyster

It's hella cheap and reliable for a shitbox. Enjoy your riced BMW on the side of the road.

>trying to pull the history of a fucking craigslist hyundai

it's a shitbox no matter what. you sound like a fag and should be gassed anyway for phone posting.

least I got my vin

It's not a SSN, anyone who doesn't wanna share it has something to hide. I can't do jack shit with just a VIN.

People don't view it that way though, they treat it as a SSN. Just go see the car and search the vin from your phone or take it down and come back after searching. Annoying but oh well. Or call, hard to trust people texting

fuck you mate

you don't go and buy a used ton of 80mph capable metal and plastic without making sure it's not a death trap.

I know it's a shitbox you dumb fucker. Whether it has frame damage or accident history DOES fucking matter.

Why are buying a car from a non licensed dealership anyway.

just buy the fucking Hyundai you cuck

holy shit bro I had the exact opposite experience

>dealer sells you a car
>Massachusetts RMV up my ass and have to jump through five million hoops to get some meme reassignment title from the dealer that he has to fill out again and mail me
>spend an eternity at the rmv getting it corrected

Fuck that why should I go see a car that went through 3 accidents with frame damage. That will just waste both of our times. Don't wanna give away your vin cuz scared?? Then you deserve to sell it to the local dealer for $34

Because people are always scared, no way around it


That guy is Alpha as fuck.

Maybe he thinks he is. He sounds like a 10 yr old autistic kid who drank too much Mountain Dew.

Are you an autistic child having a tantrum?
He said later, not "No". You can't comprehend that maybe he would've needed time to read the VIN off the title or plate?

He's still clearly trying to fuck someone over if he won't give the VIN at all but you're fucking retarded.

>Which car
Red flag number 1
If someone asks which car you're talking about just give up. It's obviously a "dealer" trying to run some scam.

I'm not op but I think he meant to text Now? as it seems like he waited a while and didn't get the VIN.

Obviously I hit the exclamation mark instead of the question mark you fucking autist.

I hate CL sometimes



this better be worth the fucking wait


Guy is still trying to sell the parts lol

>it's not a POS Honda
Honda parts fetch for higher prices and people actually want them...

holy shit that guy has trouble with reading comprehension. He's like those guys that ask in the comments for the name of the actress in a porn video when it's literally in the title

Had this same problem. Used lot's owner/boss was gone when I went to look at/buy the car, the guy who was covering for him was some kind of actual retard. He filled in his own name instead of the dealer's name, fucked up their address and scribbled it out and then wrote next to it instead of making a fresh bill of sale, forgot to fill in mileage despite the car being new enough to require it. Had to go back and have him make another that actually looked like someone above the age of 10 wrote it.

>just want a sporty light RWD 90s shitbox
>there's tons of them

Car 1:
>only contact method is CR email forwarding
>email him expressing interest
>no response for a week
>email again insisting I have cash in hand and I want to see the car to potentially purchase it
>3 days and still no response
>either the dude doesn't even know how email works or he's dead

Car 2:
>has phone number/allows text
>text him asking to see the car
>he doesn't have any time to show it until the weekend
>okay I can wait until then
>texts me Wednesday saying he just sold it

Car 3:
>"hi is the car still available"
>"whoops sold it two days ago and forgot to take the listing down sorry man"

Car 4:
>tell him I want to see the car ASAP and I've got cash and if I like what I see I'll buy it on the spot
>"sorry I had to take the ad down, the car is jointly owned by me and my sister and she said she wants more for it, we'll figure out a new price and re-list it later"
>grow some balls and tell your sister to fuck off faggot

Car 5:
>only contact method is email
>tell him I want his car and I have cash
>"okay call me at [phone number] and we'll figure out a time"
>dial the number
>it's wrong, and even the wrong state
>use googlefu to find the probable area code of the seller and leave a message at that number
>it worked but he doesn't call me back until I'm getting into bed at 10pm
>finally set up a meeting time beginning of next week
>I'll be the first person to see the car so hopefully nobody will buy it out from under me

It's an absolute goddamn shitshow. Buying my focus wasn't this hard. What is wrong with the people who drive sports cars?

Oh also I'm trying to sell my own car for $800 and I've had one person who actually thought he could get it for a benjamin, and one who offered 300. I told the 300 guy I was willing to bargain a little and come down, but he's not responding. It's definitely worth more than fucking 300, that's like a parts car and mine runs fine.

what car, mileage and pic

94 lincoln town car, 160k miles, paint and interior still look new except for the fender rust. I priced it low because the air suspension won't fill up (not leaking, just won't power on the pump) and the lines are rusted enough it won't pass inspection, but haven't failed yet. I was just sick of the car and have others to spend my money on.

>send guy email at 630
>responds half hour later
>going to see bike sunday
>trying so hard not to cream my pants or sound too desperate
Send halp

The only advice I can give is to make a paper checklist of things to inspect and don't buy it until the checklist is complete, so you don't screw yourself with excitement-induced optimism and assumptions.

Every dealership is thief that why private sales exist.

what say next

"Send nudes"

> make deal on jeep xj with supposedly blown motor
> can't meet until weekend
> drive 1.5hr with trailer
> he's spent the week stripping and selling every part he can
> no hood, alternator, no seats, missing lift gate, tires swapped
> NOPE'D out of there faster than I'd pull out of a bitch who forgot her pill

The funny part was the fat bitch who came out screaming "where's my $500" as we left.

How is then tires good then smoked in, as many separate questions then finish with and how about that fucking VIN


You fucking moron.

>can't have vin mr car fax


i mean, is this your first day on craigslist? #1 rule is be ready to drive down immediately with cash in hand. nobody is going to hold shit for you with zero deposit. "we made a deal bro u gonna back out???", LOL sorry, thats not how craigslist works. thats not how anything works. especially after you haggle them down. this guy owes you nothing and has people contacting him ready to pay while youre sitting on Veeky Forums pulling your pud. is he going to turn down more money in the hopes that you dont back out? which you probably will because if you were actually serious about buying it you wouldnt have been making excuses.

> nice lifted truck I've been casual after
> obvious gearing issue
> text him with how's the power seems like it should need gears
> no response

Two days later
> re listed with price drop
> must sell asap
> email from trash account without my real name
> interested, when can I see
> no response


>call him retarded unprovoked
>wonder why he calls you an asshole

So, you're saying that I should have paid more for the parts I didn't even really want after we had agreed on a price? He is still trying to sell those parts, months later lol

That guy was actually cool. I just would have blocked you.
I just would have blocked you.

Ive bought every fuckin car ive ever owned off CL. Guess ive had good luck. Never had to deal with dumb shit like that.