Why are modern Japanese cars not as cool as the ones from the 90s?

Why are modern Japanese cars not as cool as the ones from the 90s?

Because kids can't afford them

Because nissan now only make vanilla cars. Renault cucks

why do japs like alfa romeo so much? tuners and all the other shit i get but alfa romeo i dont get at all

They've lost that lovin' feelin.

Because they've gotten big and heavy (granted due to safety regulations)

The fast ones are no longer affordable to the people who would enjoy them the most (the young)

Because the Japanese economy in the 90's was booming, and now it's a bit shit. Companies can no longer afford to waste money on sports cars that make no money, when crossovers print billions.

Also because modern cars just suck compared to 90's cars in general.

kek at least they are making sports cars still. with the Z and GTR both getting upgraded soon, that's all the better.

what does Toyota have? the FRS? LMFAO



Because japanese cars were never cool.

Kids from the 80s and early 90s who grew up around these cars are becoming the new boomers
>b-back in MY day!
all of those cars would get shit on by the latest Civic type R which is also more practical than all of them. Japanese sports cars have improved and "cool" is a subjective.

S-shut up

Why the fuck is there a Ford Mustang in that pic?

Yeah but the new Civic is ugly as fuck.

Because they're obsessed with targeting the American audience, that's where the money is. They really have no reason to make fun cheap cars anymore.

because especially in the last 2 decades priority shifted to global market which means a lot of money relies on selling as many cars as possible which again means the cars lose most of their local "quirks" and have to be enjoyable for as many people as possible.

the japanese tend to be special in many ways when it comes to cars of which a lot isn't compatible with the rest of the world hence japanese cars lost a lot of their japanese edge to them and became a lot more like the rest.

also, safety regs as always.

Just import a Skyline for $20K and call it a day.

Becuase they turned into washing machines.

Wrong. Japanese cars used to be washing machines which made them so relaxing to have around.

Now they're overly aggressive looking for no reason just like all other modern cars.

that's up to the beholder

Marketing like KFC marketed themselves to Japan

THIS post

All the things that made each respective country's cars special and unique are gone because all cars are now the same bloated pigfat infotainment dogshit due to globalization and regulation.

Sure, the nips still have their Kei cars and Ausfags still have their utes, but

>Big comfy boats and powerful muscle (USA)
>Reliable appliances and turbo monsters (Jap)
>Over-engineered state-of-the-art machines (Germany)
>Poorly-built yet endearing roadsters and city cars (Britain)

These all got washed up and mixed together somewhere down the line. They still exist in scant traces, but they're more memes than reality at this point. All cars are bigger and comfier now due to safety regs and improvements in chassis/suspension design. Cars are more reliable now (or could be) because tooling improvements and superior engineering/metallurgy/etc. All cars are "over-engineered" in terms of devices and gadgets now. You can argue that lots of cars are poorly built, but there are few cars whose charm and endearment will sway you to buy it even if it's complete shit in every other way.

Everyone got exactly what they wanted, which was everything that everyone else had. Unfortunately, this made nobody special in the end.

>Z and GT-R both getting upgraded soon

Source? After a fucking decade, I'd hope so.

>tfw you realize this does apply on many things and not only cars

really tickles my pickle

you will get used to it and LOVE it. deal with it.

The 90's was Japan's golden era, much in the same way the 60's was the golden era for the USA. Each country seems to get its own decade of cool or noteworthy cars. Germany was the 90's as well.

>The 90's was Japan's golden era

u wot m8.
it was the era of the asia finance crisis

Agreed. WHoever buys that is the biggest cuck in the world

Because they were copying 80s euro styling, now they're copying late 00s euro styling

Besides the RX-7 which is still a time attack monster, lets be brutally honest with ourselves here, a lot of those old Japanese cars were outclassed by the mid 2000's.

Now they're completely BTFO bigly.

>still look good
>still fun to drive
>not a benchracer so what do i care if something else has better numbers