Dumb things you want to import into your country

Starting off with my favorite.


I want to bite that cherry

I would love to dd one of these


Where's that little cock-nose with the Rascal at?


So much yes.

why cant we have nice things

A million economic migrants.

yeah I wish they made those here

i dont know why


i need one

I know your pain, i want one too ever since i went to japan a few years ago


it's my dream car.

>t. cuqifornian

Don't think these were available in the US. they were only sold here between 1990 and 1993. basic hard tops and convertibles were sold here but not the twin supercharged luxury muscle car that was the Vantage Le Mans.

I like it in a weird way

Just get a Gator or a side by side. Some are street legal depending where you live.

The Slav breadloaf van

They are dirt cheap, my friends and I bought some for shits and giggles to rally around the forrests, spent like 300 on each

but why? if you want something comfy just get a jag, these are shit.

what's wrong with them?


Don't think these exist in australia, probably because its essentially a tiny tin coffin, would be great though

This looks so much better without the body kit


They aren't precisely known for their reliability, but the people I know that has or had one always say that it was a good car, specially the sporty versions.

Recently discovered these myself. So small! Apparently puts out ~65-70hp and can be boosted to ~100?

Do you know what drivetrain it has? My one dislike is the scoop on the front, since that's just a spare tire, engine in the back.

Would be so fun to get one up to 130.would be so zippy and light

Polski fiat 126, ZAZ 968 and UAZ 452.
In that order.

One of these badboys.

>Maribor licence plate

I miss Yugoslavia.

>tfw they only made one 450hp AWD monster

this thing was sold here in the 90s, but i think all of them have disapppeared, haven't seen one in years
The Samara however is far more common

yay or nay?

Seems like something fun to mod and then use at track days

4x4 lada


Would love one just to cruise around in.

pic related

I doubt I could put up with RHD though

Excellent taste

Two of them will fit in a shipping container if you want to split the shipping cost




The PS13 has aged so well

Redpill me on Lada Niva

I want to hit the wan-gan in style

Laughable 1.6l 4cylinder, guzzles gas like a fat 6cylinder, is dangerously slow, loud, shit suspension, handles like a boat, breaks often.

The good thing about it is that it's cheap and fuck easy to maintain/repair so it evens out and is the reason why it is still popular.

Because fuck you Chicken Tax



transverse mid engine rwd, it's basically a baby mr2

I am seriously considering getting one of these at some point

AWD goodness

you could get a suzuki sx4 or aerio or whatever they made

what the fuck is that

Yeah but what if I'm a huge mazda fan?

a scooter you can fit in the back of a turbo shitbox

Pretend Suzuki kept making Autozam kei cars for Mazda and the SX4 is the last one.

then you're fucked. we didn't get many of the cool ones.

All I want is a RWD/AWD hatch/wagon

Some day I'll swap the speed6 drivetrain with this

that's more work than it is worth. you would need to completely hack up and fabricate an entirely new trans tunnel and rear mounting area for the subframe.

you're better of buying a vapebaru or being a sikh cunt and going CTS-Vagon

My dedication to the sport wagon knows no bounds

I work with a guy who was on the team at Rover fitting ford V8s to these. Pretty cool job, I think Apparently the engines were ford US production engines that were defective and not suitable for the US market because they couldn't pass emissions compliance.