Le Mans Thread

ITT: Manufacturers that have won Le Mans. Not so fast GM (literally), kek.

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what's up

>class """"""""""""""""""wins""""""""""""""""""""""
try again

>class wins

>tfw skipped 2015 and 2016

I hope to make many webms to make up for it.

So where's all the damn streams!
I actually downloaded the phone app and coughed up the ten bucks to watch this year and the damn thing took a shit after I paid and won't let me login or create an account so I can watch on my computer..

>coughed up the ten bucks
sounds like you've been jewed. i don't even know how i watched it live last year. i'm sure someone on /sp/ will come through for us.

you guys are retarded.

>class wins matter when its ford
>class wins dont if its chevy

clas 3wins don't matter. i just pretend they do to tk torture gm fangirl's autistism.

I wonder how far apart these cars would be if BoP didn't exist.

>GT trailing behind LMP2
>488 behind
>Corvette and 911 dogfighting in the middle
>Aston nowhere to be found

>being THIS triggered

stay mad

last year I had a nice HD stream I found that seemed to be a feed from a TV station (eurosport) which I rebroadcast at a good bitrate 720p for people with lower bandwidth

Dayum shame VW killed their murrican sales the way they did, cutting Audi Sport funds. But at least it shifted Audi into the electro direction rather than still pushing for smaller and smaller tarbodiesels.

I get that it makes up for a more challenging race and a better kino for spectators, but I feel that it somewhat allows some constructors to...slack?

>you signed up for this class, be less shit and keep up

but i thought 1.9L diesels were the ultimate engines for sports cars

Yees, for any application, really. Basing on all the praise and myths I heard about those engines, they might as well GENERATE fuel and survive the nuclear apocalypse.

so much for reliability, eh toyota?

>but I feel that it somewhat allows some constructors to...slack?

No, they actually have to meet a minimum performance target during a private test session. A few years ago the Lexus RCF GT3 couldn't actually meet the performance to be homologated. GTEs go through the same thing. Though maybe we'll see BoP relaxed when GTEs go hybrid in 4 years.

Is there an Veeky Forums stream this year?

Was mirrored on youtube by a thousand different people

are we joining the /sp/ thread ? or do we make our own

>joining /sp/

What I was going to say... You can always find someone streaming a stream on YouTube.

we've had some great 24h threads though

Yeah what's going Ion? I've been watching this race every year with o for 5 years now, and there are always a series of great threads listing radiolemans link for eternal best audio, and lots of in car and track video streams.

I found a YT stream on /sp/ -- doesn't look like there's an Veeky Forums stream yet. youtube.com/watch?v=fanB6OOn1is

yep that with RLM on the side is perfect.


WHO /porsche/ HERE?


toyota has the faster car, but porsche might take it since it is an endurance race

Didn't they finish second and third and would've won if they didn't have a system failure at 4 mins to go

I have no power!
poor guy


Toyota already has shit luck though. Some LMP2 nigger fucking had to nig it up by driving his car in the gravel on lap 1 and threw a large chunk of carbon fiber at the #9 car.

As I type this that car is like ~30 seconds behind the next LMP1 car due to a small fucking hole caused by said nigger.

Are there any streams that let you scroll back through what's been streamed?

As a Porsche guy, last year was a fucking shit way to lose for Toyota.


The stream only goes back 2 hours

They started just over 1,5 hours ago

It just doesn't work for some reason. Endless loading. Oh well.

>#7 and #8 battling HARD AS FUUUUUUUCK
>Porsche BTFO

God I hope Toyota doesn't fuck this one up with these guys battling.

They were fucked before the race started. As their car doesn't have A/C, unlike Porsche 919, they will have to the change the driver every 80mins when there's 32+°C.

It's only 29°C, temperatures should be dropping by now.

>V6 eco boost shitting on Ferrari V8
Ferrarifags on suicide watch