Low Horsepower coupes?

Long story short my sister wants a coupe without the large engine that goes with it
Her budget is 6k at 100,000 miles or less

The year range she's looking for is 2000's and up
150 horsepower or less

Any ideas lads?

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NA Miata.
Yeah, it's older. Tell her to suck it the fuck up.

might be able to find an older NB as well
or go FWD and Prelude/Probe/Celica

Seventh gen Honda Civic as in batonrouge.craigslist.org/cto/6179450888.html

115 HP.

Actually FWD only here guys sorry forgot to mention that :/


Peugeot 406 Coupe
Toyota Celica
Volvo C70
Mercedes CLK

Actually, there's too many to name. Tons and tons of them for peanuts nowadays.

8th gen civic coupe. She will love it. Its not really concidered a fast car, but when i had mine it would go pretty good if i wanted it too. Also its great on gas. Like 35 highway 30 city. Just dont get the silver or grey ones. Its an ugly color. The only exeption is to put black rims on a silver car. Thats the only way it works.

Pontiac G5/Chevy Cobalt

How about a Hyundai Tiburon? They have pretty sporty styling with no real power to back it up; should be safe for her.

Civic coupe.
My neighbors bought one for their daughter for her 16th birthday.

Stylish but still practical.

I've been in a few.

>2.7L V6

How did they even manage to get so little horsepower out of a V6? I actually liked how it sounded though.

Well, I was more suggesting the 4 cyl version to keep it under the 150hp stipulation. I agree the exhaust note on the V6 isn't terrible, but the engine itself is more anemic than the czar's son.

Why the low horsepower requirement?

Not a coupe.

OP, I'd recommend maybe the non-S RSX or a 4-cyl 4th-gen Eclipse.

My sister is very odd that way she wants something sporty but not a fast car that she'd get into an accident with

Won't even consider a V6 let alone something with more than 200 HP

Scion tC


e46 318Ci

7th gen Celica is actually the exact car you need, GT version.

Great on gas, fun to drive, slow, reliable and it's a liftback so lots of storage in a small package.

Other then that, Civic coupe auto.

And she doesn't want a Miata why?

200HP is not enough to get into any trouble with no matter the drivetrain layout.

I vote one of these things. For early 2000s Ford shit, these things are easy to work on and the 2.5L Duratec V6 is only making about 170~HP. They're cheap as chips because nobody wants them, the interiors are surprisingly good, and they're reasonably comfy as well.

3k civic. mileage doesn't matter. how it was maintained is more important.

Says they look like a gay guy should be the one driving them not her

Civic coupe, Hyundai Tiburon, Scion tC, maybe a Chevrolet Cobalt or one of the later Cavalier coupes.

toyota Celica or ZZW30 of she want a happy face car

Pics of sister?

Thirding Scion tc