According to plebbit, Honda Canada is not allowing dealers to mark-up Type R's...

According to plebbit, Honda Canada is not allowing dealers to mark-up Type R's. 40k CAD (30k USD) for one of these sounds pretty good when the RS is being sold for 50k, and the build quality/interior/reliability will almost surely be better. Should I get one?

No, just buy a lightly used RS or a new one without markup.

I dunno user. The interior of my Fiesta ST is pretty shit, and the RS looks very similar. This looks a lot nicer.

Yes if you want everyone on Veeky Forums to laugh at you FWD car.

It's fwd and looks like shit. Why the fuck would you buy it

How is 300hp even a selling point

>no handbrake


Yes you should, i dont like the looks but im sure it will be a pretty solid car to own.
In japan we trust

People already laugh at my FWD car. At least with a Type R I can park besides kids with fake Type R stickers on their base model shitboxes and make them jealous.

wtf why would they do this.

If this was an RWD car I wouldn't care, but a FWD car with an electric handbrake? How the fuck do I get hektik in the snow with this?

Why would anyone buy this over an STI?

There is literally no reason.

It has the same power and torque (more in Europe actually) but is 300lbs lighter. It's superior in everything that isn't 0-60.

Except it's a Honda..

Don't stop there user, expand on that

So it's more reliable?

Buy a Golf R instead.

Why would anyone pay 30k for a Civic?

Does Veeky Forums hate second hand cars? Can't you just buy a 2nd hand performance car?

Ok. Guess what happens next?

Specialty dealers buy these cars by sending hookers and blow to the Honda dealership's sales manager or owner.

The specialty dealers then buy the Type R, and mark it up to $65kcanacuck bucks.

The eagaltarian society of Canada was a good idea on paper, but simply makes capitalism dirtier than it would be if allowed to be handled in the open at arms length.

t. Former burger economist that worked for burger bank in Canada.

Why wouldn't you buy the fastest STI? Which is the 2006 STI.
How Subaru got away with making their performance car slower, I will never know.

Communism/socialism really is great idea. If everyone wanted the best for everyone else, it would work perfectly.
But people are greedy and only want what's best for themselves, so communism/socialism fails terribly.
Capitalism harnesses that greed and turns it into productivity by giving you more shit when you do more shit.

If I was a non Honda dealership I would absolutely buy up those Type Rs as quick as possible and then mark up the fuck out of them. Maybe I'll send a nice gift over to the manager so I get the 5 or so coming into his dealership.
I mean what does he care, the faster he sells them the better he looks.

Because it's fast?
>muh meme wheel drive
Who the fuck cares, it's made by the FWD company, they know what they're doing by now.

>6s 0-60

try again buddy. this thing is a steaming pile of shit

>not one of the new power plants


Shitbaru did this with the STI too, why?

>superior in everything that isn't 0-60
could you expand on that? genuinely curious.

Get a Golf R. It has a the nicest interior of the class and it's AWD.


Both of those are nightmares tho


Shitty fake AWD. Drives like a FWD car most of the time, and really only lets you launch better. I'd rather save 200lbs at the expense of 0-60 times.

>no volume knob


0-60 is a fake metric that is heavily based on gearing anyway

Theres literal shit that is specifically geared to be as quick possible to 60mph but an extra shift fucks it up for that minor difference to 100kph

Man I'm hyped. I already got money to buy new car. Was about to buy the Golf GTi but then I saw the news, so I think I'm gonna hold on to my old car for a bit longer