*what is the car equivalent of this?

*what is the car equivalent of this?

Your mom

90s Camry

'yota 'rolla

Toyota Hilux

Civic for 3k

volvo 240

a big fucking 70 series cunt

Crown vic



Volvo 240

>brick shaped
>less likely to be stolen by niggers

Wew lad . as I was looking for a pic .



Miata. MX-5 Is Always The Answer.

Any subie with a ej22

The phone is pretty reliable, but that's not it's on going joke. The joke is that it will never break into pieces. It will always stay together. It will sent your floor if you drop it.

What's the one car that could crash through a brick wall and be completely undamaged?
>Volvo 240

you have to force yourself to frown at it.

Veeky Forums made me dislike this car

>D E S I R E
There's an automagical one that might be for sale nearby, should I consider?

Totota Tercel

No, hold out for a 5 speed theyre out there

Trust me, I know almost every single weird car around. That is the only one within 200 miles. It was originally red, but 2 years ago he roller-brushed it dark blue. There was a black 5spd one here about a year ago, but it's long gone.

Ford BRZ


Basically this. Every time I see one on the road I just think of the shitty forced Veeky Forums maymays.

Lada niva




Mah nigga

Panda 4x4

Idk man lol. I just remember doin 45 in the car felt like 100.

Don't get the 3 speed auto, it gets awful fuel mileage and is slow as fuck

WTF am I looking at?