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What champion pisses you off the most?

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attention whore

Are the item changes a net buff or nerf for Illaoi?

figure it out for yourself, you dumb pea-brained illaoi one-trick nigger.

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anyone know what the white ring just outside of gp's barrels indicates? its the one that looks like its indicating a duration of some kind

>Dash into a full health darius at 40% health and get anally pounded.

This .webm should make you hate ren players more than anything else.

would kindred give you a last request if you went willingly
would lamb hold you hand if you asked nicely
would lamb hold something else if you asked nicely

GP's barrels have a timer which naturally ticks their health down towards 1, they don't necessarily have to be auto attacked 3 times. The spinning circle indicates the decreasing health.

Renekton only lost because he made so many mistakes

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>they buffed the items illaoi builds
>are these buffed items that illaoi builds a buff for her

so if i get in one auto on them during this duration, it'll destroy the barrel once that decaying hp hits the usual 1 hit mark?

Alot of item changes coming bois, get ready.

finally got a new mouse so I can play league again

comfy bfs~

well, better than another lulu or liss general

barrel cooldown before they can explode when hit. barrels can be blown up after 3 ticks

>those fuckers that bind mastery flare to a skill
Nothing tilts me more

Cancer of top lane:
Quinn, Jayce, Kenen: the ranged boogaloo
Fiora, Riven, Ekko: the hypermobile menace
If you play any of these consider suicide

Burch works at LoL lore, so probably, yeah.

How does everyone feel about this dual champion release shit?

>my toplaners weren't listed as cancer even though they are
Naut and Renekton

quinn is great

i play quinn, teemo, fiora, and darius regularly and bought riven to play some because i got a skin shard for her in a chest but i just don't know how to play her

you forgot to include dyke mermaid (illaoi) and fucktards favorite (fizz)


>go against akali top
>already 2 waves of farm behind because shit client said i disconnected from loading
>all she did all match was spam mastery 7
>just in all chat say "youre still in silver"
>titled them like a yasuo main with a banned yasuo
>we lost but in the end i still won because they got banned

Ekko still gets played toplane?
I'd replace him with Camille tbqh
you can group the last three as "the DOTs plague

Where is fucking Renekton


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Ok, fuck, first three replies ending in 4 and 8 decides what champ i buy.

i feel really underwhelmed by the adc and i'm satisfied with the support.

>not playing jhin top
>not playing ap thresh top
youre all fags



why is Sona such a giant slut?

Camille has been gutted and Ekko top will resurge next patch

kill yourself

bad darius

>everything is now a cuck reference

>bad darius
no that's garen


I dislike it

rakan feels like a fully fleshed out character but xayah feels tacked on

as if they made ONE champion but he was too strong so they split it in half and made the other part of his character his gf

his character is pretty much a jokester peacock and her character is literally JUST "his gf"

it feels like they just tacked on edgy swj shit onto her so they could launch her before the new patch hit

>Binding M7 emote to Karthus ult and all typing "Outplayed" if it kills anyone and "I am the lightbringer" if it gets a triple kill or higher

Tilts people to levels previously thought impossible.

should i active capeshit or mute slut

1) quinn
2) kled
3) malzahar

i'm in bronze so you'll never have to deal with me

now what i can't fucking stand is when some fucktards get matched up with me to form a team then want me to force tank into a god awful matchup for tanks


Kled get

okay I think I have a hard time with builds because I can't tell what attacks are considered what, are all abilities considered AP magic based or what

>still do nearly 3x the damage of vayne

Fuck all vayne players

rakan has all of the charm a new champion should. he's funny, witty, and high energy.

xayah has some really obnoxious dialogue that makes you not want to play her or with her. have you seen the shit she says to her support? its retarded

as a sion OT, capeshit guy is kinda fun

>people calling Galio capeshit
>play him because I actually want a capeshit champion
>isn't anymore capeshit than most other champs

>teammate calls top after me
>claims he called top first and so does his friends
>complains when I int and go 2/16/10
>troll teammate goes 2/14 anyway trolling said he called top first
why are people like this?

no. mages are AP casters, while fighters and assassins are considered AD casters.

SJW shit?

>clips twitch tv/NimbleVictoriousCiderPoooound
>lolg will say this was QT's fault

okay so like shyvana's q enhances her AD while her e is AP tho?


Post music for thresh

I have to fight a lucian in 1v1 mid please?

so all of shyvana's kit is AD even the shots, Eve's q is AD

I routinely forget Kled is even in the game

the whole "LISTEN TO MY WORDS!!"

assuming that both will be in a decent state at release which they likely won't be, riot hasn't managed to make a good release that's not OP in ages, hopefully they'll be disabled for pro play until next split and they'll be balanced by then, it's great

Don't really like Rakan history/personality, his lore that's not "I love Xayah!" is short as fuck, but his kit is great, while Xayah's kit is kinda underwhelming and I don't really get what's supposed to be her main strength, but her lore is pretty great.

Look at the skill. If it has some orange shit on it, it scales with AD. If it has some purple shit on it, it scales with AP. If it has some red shit on it, it scales with HP.

her hair is sjw-y since it's dyed and partly shaved.
plus the thick eyeliner is not really sjw-y but there's a lot of crossover between sjws and tumblrettas.

easy solution is say
"i dont listen to trash"

Can someone explain to me how the fuck you're supposed to play Tank in low-elo? It feels like I'm living with 2-3 suicidal teens where I have to monitor their every move and if I take my eyes off them for a SECOND they find some new and creative way to kill themselves.

Is warwick the most balanced release riots ever done? He hasnt been touched at all in the patches and no one complains about him.

i don't play shyvanna so i can't give info on her but a lot of ad champions have ap scaling on their abilities because of a) old design and b) power budgeting their kit. its just a way of keeping their power in line since if said skill also scaled with ad that champion would be too strong. it's a bit dumb but it works

new twitch voice line?

Like picking a garbage top.

Purple? holy shit I'm retarded, AP scaling skills have green numbers, not purple numbers

By the way Shyvana is AD/Tank, don't build AP on her


>enemy steps on lisandries shrooms
>''look at all the damage I did lol :3" - (you)

-Indifferent towards Rakan, he's too flamboyant for my liking.
-Xayah is aggressively unlikable and I look forward to ripping her up.

I was AD, but nice try faggot

You start loading and you notice your jungler doesnt have a mastery keystone

What do you do

eve is so fucking fun, I can't imagine the fun I would have as teemo

What will top lane xin zhao build after the mid season update?

Trinity or Cleaver - Bork - Tit. Hydra - Randuin's - Visage?

I think these changes may be a net buff to divers like xin zhao/irelia and co. when you consider that they can get good general tank stats from randuins and visage/helm and go damage after with the tank boots of your choice

>top lane

Which one should I waifu?

>enemy steps on shrooms
>occasional auto attacks are pumped with DoT
>''look at all the damage I did lol :3" - (you)

Xayah is obviously supposed to be have a tumblr teen angst pEnGuiNz of d00m holds up spork randumb vibe to her, which makes her extremely annoying.

Rakans voice doesn't fit him at all, but his kit is incredibly fun. Will play him with the voice off.

I think I've lost 90% of my games against him.

desu for me it feels the other way, rakan feels more like just her BF than the other way around
even in the story he's essentially only a part of our story because he's following her, if he was left alone he'd be drinking and dancing from city to city all his life

They nerfed cleaver which is her core though

I like memepicking him top against stat checkers like renekton

I usually play him jungle though where i typically build bloodrazor/trinity/bork with two other tank items + tank boots

Shyvana is weird because 3 of her skills have AP ratios on them but she's not an AP champion and you don't build AP on her. Unless you go for a cheesy offtank ap build with liandrys

First off abilities will say what damage type they do.

Ezreal's Q and Shyvana's W both have AD and AP scalings, but Ezreal Q does physical damage and Shyvana W does magical damage. Every ability will list what damage type it applies (physical, magical, true) in the ability description.

Then you have slightly more complicated cases, like with AP Ezreal's Q. It does physical damage still, but AP Ezreal builds a Lich Bane and the proc from that will do magical damage, so Ezreal Q will appear to do physical and magical damage if Ez builds a Lich Bane, but only the Lich Bane proc will be magical damage.

Similarly Twisted Fate W will appear to do both physical and magical damage because it's an auto attack enhancer. Only the base auto (which isn't much) will do physical damage and the rest will be magical. Unless your Twisted Fate builds something like a Triforce for some reason, then the on-hit sheen from Triforce will do physical damage (but build Lich Bane on TF).

Shyvana's Q is also an auto attach enhancer. Most, but not all, of these reset your auto attack timer. In short if you use them right after you auto you will auto again instantly after regardless of your attack speed, thus it's advised to use anything that resets your auto attacks right after using an auto.

Also all autos are physical damage. Things like Teemo E and Kalye E can give them magical damage, but only the damage added by their abilities will be magic and the base auto attack will still be physical.

>defending vayne players
>defending a vayne player with 2000 more damage than her support

You sound like maybe you're also a worthless vayne player. Did I strike a nerve?

Can someone link me to the item changes people are talking about?


[email protected], dumbo

Why is the next rework gonna be urgot when mordekaiser is much more fucked

do it yourself retard

they are all sjw or whore

assume you're about to be carried because some high elo player is playing with their low lv friend and it balanced out to your elo

Urgot team got done sooner. I'm looking forward to Evelynn's. I like her but the change is inevitable so I'm not going to get too comfortable with her.

Its opposite
Xayah lore only good for new zed stuff.

GP's laning phase is Vayne levels of awful, abuse that you shitter

lets get one of these going

vg vs vg is up on NA
password is vidya

>a behind, mid-lategame focused, duellist marksman does no damage when getting stomped
wow... such a revelation....
>defending vayne players
and where did I do that? it could have been a caityln and my post wold be the same

>Play galio mid
>Don't get ahead
>become 110% useless
This was a mistake

Honestly though, which hextech item on him?

>Darius on enemy team
>Begin to sweat

>Sweat dries instantly