Is there any reason Ryosuke wouldn't have been able to beat all the drivers Project D faced by himself?

Is there any reason Ryosuke wouldn't have been able to beat all the drivers Project D faced by himself?

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what's the fun in that when you can train your autistic sidekicks to do it for you

Was the real purpose of the water cup challenge just so that Takumi would just learn to avoid potholes?

Takumi beat Ryosuke once so it makes him the master drivah

Bunta also has to have a cover up for his vapelord wrx purchase

Takumi only beat Ryosuke because his dad taught him a gimmicky technique

He didn't beat Ryosuke with the gutter drop. He beat Keisuke with it.

He beat Ryosuke by overtaking him at the second-to-last turn.

Ryosuke sees all and knows all. He must have foreseen the fact that he wasn't unbeatable in one of his simulations, this caused him to look for someone even better than himself to recruit onto his team.

Nah, it was also a way to make sure the food he was hauling wouldn't get damaged as well as teach him how to drive as smoothly as possible.

Not as smooth as the even bigger autist that learned a technique that's practically impossible on the fly because his mom was a drunk that would beat him up if she woke up from her stupor, but breddy gud.

That wasn't the point of Project D

WTF? His mom wasn't a drunk, just tired as fuck.

>never actually watched the race or Initial D
kek, you're basically like everyone who doesn't own a car and posts here

I'm sure he was fully capable in beating every one of them.

I doubt what he said about Keisuke and Takumi being faster than him was accurate and just says it to keep them motivated.

>legend 3
Nigger watch the actual show, it clearly shows how Bunta told Takumi that there are two ways to use the gutters on Akina. I think he used to hook his front tires so he could recover faster after each corner during Ryosuke battle, that's how he caught up to him.

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He NEEDED the gimmick.
He was a fucking Corolla vs a RX-7 FC

Meanwhile, on the other thread...

If Ryosuke is a medical student how the fuck does he have the time for Project D?

You can't become a doctor unless you have your team defeat all of the racers in the Kanto region.

he a smart mofo! he dun go to no class n shit
he just learn through exam simulation in brainS!!

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