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BugTrap, CTD, freeze or lockup? Find your crash log.

Check your Documents or game install directories for the xray_[your name]_log file. If you can't find it, look in the location specified at the top of fsgame.ltx. Copy the last few lines from the log and paste them here if you want any help.

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Reminder that MS Update KB2670838 breaks your DX10/11 games including Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.
Here's a possible fix: mega.nz/#!LAAXlaIZ!uVbJ-gsIPm8Sn2ydh7btI_3VK7Mfr41qoO2L6M7FZfQ

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>Shadow of Chernobyl
>Clear Sky
>Call of Pripyat
>Game Repacks + Modding Tools
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>Unpacked Gamedata + GSC Backup HDD assets
>Old Builds (dated from June 1st, 2002)

>Lost Alpha
>Oblivion Lost Remake
>Joint Pak 2

>Call of Chernobyl
>Weapon Soup for CoC Repo
>Call of Chernobyl/Warfare Bitbucket repository
>Don't have Call of Pripyat but want to play Call of Chernobyl?

>Xetrill's Modified LuaJIT for CS/CoP - improves performance, especially in script-heavy mods.

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1.4.23 when

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when you learn that making a webm that is 1920x1080 at 2~mb is gonna look blocky as fuck

make it at 720 and as close to the MB limit as possible. it will look much less blocky

also the new patch is going to be 1.4.5, so i've read.


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What other games scratch the STALKER itch? I already tried to play Metro but it crashesthe second I try to open it and none of the solutions I found online work. Far Cry 3 got my attention

I have yet to find a game that can be compared to STALKER and personally I thought that far cry was garbage
metro is your best bet if you can get it running


my metro playthroughs were stable as fuck. 0 crashes in either game. played all the way through.

What songs do you associate with each faction? For me Freedom is,

Also modding Fallout 3 worked for me

I leave for a few months and now the general is fucking dead. What happened?

no new patches for coc, SJW mods

just wait for new coc, lost alpha , gunslinger, shoker 3

Fallout new Vegas might work. Don't try to mod it to be stalker though. It won't work out that way. I know from experience. Fallout 4 with war of the common wealth has decent shooty patootie. Maybe try the frost mod for fo4 or the dust mod for new Vegas.

Haven't played CoCk since 1.3 and decided to come back. What's the best load order for this shit? Any other recommendations for what I should add?

cut out radios galore and you might have a working install

Venom Codename Outbreak
Xenus: Boiling point

How can you even tell modder san.

as far as i can tell, none of those affect all.spawn at all

because it hasent been updated to 1.4.22
and will cause this

because of all.spawn

radios galore does, which is why i said that.


wanna give it a shot with 1.4.22 go ahead, but dont be suprosed if you get that crash.

Cut out radios and smurths hud. Both cause crashes. Radios needs to be updated and smurths just because it causes crashes.

Stcop enemy accuracy sucks balls. Ao or owr don't have this problem. Questlines doesn't let you see what you're accepting as a task.

sucks balls as in inaccurate or too accurate?

innacurate, but the fix was to change a few settings in m_stalker.ltx

disp_walk_stand = 5 ;8
disp_walk_crouch = 2 ;5
disp_run_stand = 6 ;15
disp_run_crouch = 4 ;12
disp_stand_stand = 2 ;5
disp_stand_crouch = 1 ;3
disp_stand_stand_zoom = 1
disp_stand_crouch_zoom = 1

and changing in to actor.ltx
hit_probability_gd_novice = 0.20
hit_probability_gd_stalker = 0.30
hit_probability_gd_veteran = 0.40
hit_probability_gd_master = 0.50
hit_probability_gd_novice = 1.00
hit_probability_gd_stalker = 1.00
hit_probability_gd_veteran = 1.00
hit_probability_gd_master = 1.00

the fire dispersions are really close to misery's

I didn't know this. Maybe I can play with stcop now. Thanks duder.

no problem

other people have said adding
hit_probability_gd_novice = 1.00
hit_probability_gd_stalker = 1.00
hit_probability_gd_veteran = 1.00
hit_probability_gd_master = 1.00

or some lower values than 1.00
back into every weapon .ltx file

and something else in system.ltx?? i forget what it was exactly tho
but the dispersion values seemed to help alot

other alternative is increasing the damage you take so they may be a bit retarded when you are getting shot at, but it kind of evens out when getting shot is really deadly.



I think I'm going to compare the ao file with stcop tomorrow and try to figure out what went wrong. I have a feeling it's just one or two lines that are fucked up somewhere.

Those settings don't change anything, the enemies will still be insanely inaccurate.

Far Cry 2 and New Vegas.

Far Cry 2

playing coc, how do I get more main quest missions, I've done x-18, brain scorcher and miracle machine.

>CoM, merc run
>'Your next task is to meet with Librarian from Clear Sky'
>trek all the way from Dead City to Swamps
>ayy stalker I need 16 army medkits
>Ivan literally 20 meters away sells army medkits
>buy 16 of them, turn in quest, Librarian gives me double what I paid for them as a reward and tells me to report back to my merc boss

Clear Sky weirdos

>talk to dushman
>ok dude heres ur first mission
>go kill someone in generators

nice game

It's a joke they play on all the new recruits.

>he actually left to go try and do it, the absolute madman!


>fresh outta outskirts spawn
>get to yanov and stash some of my shit
>get out there to kill mutants and get money
>'hey why are there so many monoliths all around the damn map all of a sudden'
>turns out they even captured the yanov station
What the hell did I even expect.

you don't know me, faggot


hit_probability_max_dist = 3

Doesn't do jack shit

enlighten the rest of them then.

STCoC is shit

never heard of it

STCoP for CoC was renamed to STCoC long ago.


The Precursors

It's Stalker but in space space complete with flight, factions and multiple planets

Fuck outta here


Anyone else using Autumn Aurora 2?

For some reason I can't get into the Red Forest despite having great radiation protection (fireball, PSZ-9Md, etc.). I die after 30 seconds in the area and it's becoming increasingly frustrating.

Is anyone excited for Misery 2.2 on the Call of Chernobyl mod?


Far Cry 2 with RealMode might do it. Game is somewhat repetitive, but if you don't play more than 3 hours at a time it's pretty enjoyable.

I played it with an artificial restriction, so I was only able to save on safe houses. It was a great time.

i am exited for gunslinger mod

in character_desc_general there are values and I'm wondering what are specific values for every rank eg 0-100 trainee, 10000 and above for master, can someone help me?

Is it really that bad?

It's fucking trash

Clear Sky is telling me to run in administrator, even though I am administrator. Dispite this, when I right click and 'run as administrator' it says the same. Have any of you heard of the problem/solution?


I think it's just the UAC from windows. Only way to get rid of the message is disabling the UAC completely. Don't know off the top of my head how that works, but google can surely help you.

Is Warfare broken? Is anyone having issues with it? I keep getting this.

stack trace:

0023:6AAE753C d3d11.dll, D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain()
0023:6AA93E5A d3d11.dll, D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain()
0023:052DDE17 xrRender_R3.dll
0023:0040F17A xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::message_loop()
0023:0040F23D xrEngine.exe, CRenderDevice::Run()
0023:0045EBDD xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:0045F363 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:0045F466 xrEngine.exe, InitSound2()
0023:0046B1A3 xrEngine.exe, CApplication::load_draw_internal()
0023:75C3336A kernel32.dll, BaseThreadInitThunk()
0023:77E69902 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()
0023:77E698D5 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain(

>misery 2.2
>2,5 small features in 3 years of development
no thanks

cheers, yo.

You're a retard

turn off eax
uninstall KB2670838 and restart pc
if that fails use dx9/dx9 enhanced


which values in which files would i need to edit to decrease satiation from items and increase hunger in general?

gamedata/configs/misc/items.ltx obviously, but how can i increase how hungry you get over time?

Anyone knows if CoC HD models works with CoM?

they do


AA + AMK Merge for SoC is good or bad?

got 'em

why the fuck were these assholes just standing still while I was killing like an entire fucking platoon of monofags that had captured yanov jesus god are the traders all closet monofags or what

>play meme mod
you know the rest

ur face is a meme you fr*ckin nerd

Anyone knows where are the RCH-86u tools the mechanic at the bar needs to upgrade shit? I asked the guy he told me to talk to who then told me to go check the spiral staircase in the agroprom underground but no dice so far


get good or get a guide

did both, still don't have the tools I spawned them in to get an idea what the fuck to look like and the fucking thing GLOWS in the dark so it's literally impossible to miss. Unless they disappeared or didn't spawn at all they're not where the dude I talked to told me

CoP is a tad too bloomy when its sunny. How can I fix it via config?

open console
type r2_ls_bloom and there should be a few options for you to mess with to find a setting you like.

pls help

read the top of this file

Just did a fresh steam install of Shadow of Chernobyl, and it hangs on startup. It doesn't crash out or anything, just sits with a black screen. I also can't end the engine process.

Any ideas?

If I recall correctly they are on one of the support beams on the staircase, or some pipes

Oh shit boys, solved it.

PM me for the fix

why the fuck won't AMK work?

I have version 1.0005, followed instructions to the letter, and yet it crashes on startup

1.0004 you stupid fuckead

There's a fix for 1.0005 available you stupid fuckhead

If you were smart you would realize by now it doesn't fucking work