What's the best BMW I can get for about 7K? I'm going to DD it...

What's the best BMW I can get for about 7K? I'm going to DD it, I want a manual and 4 doors would be cool but not necessary.

I've been all over the place, but looking at a lot of 540i recently.


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Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a more reliable car if you're dailying it.

Fuck, are they really that bad? Honestly I am just slowly falling in love with the styling. I've never considered myself a BMW fan.

get a audi instead if you must have something german to drive everyday

i have an e39 525i as my daily and has had no problems so far 6months in
so id just stay within the 525 or the 530 if u are gonna daily

They just look so boring though.

Nice user, any pics? The 540 had me interested because of that V8 but honestly I don't know much about them.

Dont. Fucking. Do it.

Audi i've heard are even worse than BMW
OP, you can get a used E39 definitely for that price. A manual with definitely be more reliable than an automatic. I'd recommend getting the Inline 6 models (525, 528, 530) because the Inline 6 is considered bulletproof. I'd say the most important thing to look out for is to see if the cooling system has been replaced yet since those usually always go out due to being made up of cheap plastics.

yea the v6 feel a little slow but still very nice to drive,
and imo the msport models just look 10times better

I'll vouch for the e39 530i, super reliable engine

The v8's sound great and are powerful but also they're more complicated (ie more prone to breakdown) and drink more gas

For a DD you want something that's reliable but still fun which is what inline 6's are; so basically what this guy said

For 7k you got a lot of options. I mainly reccomend E34s, E36s, E30 4dr. You could even go 7 series or 8 if you are looking for luxuary.

I got a few Questions, what are you looking for in this car? Grocery getter? Canyon carver? Do you want it for its style or its driveability? How much money do you have to throw at repairs a month?

>Fuck, are they really that bad?
No. Don't listen to the average schmuck on Veeky Forums. I've owned 4 BMWs over 10 years, they were all great to me. Meanwhile my corolla was a huge piece of shit, so was my maxima and civic. Huge piles of constantly breaking shit.

Can you wrench yourself?

Forgot to ask that. But don't get an Audi, I would reccomend Mercedes (The company that brought us the 25 year classic car importation bullshit (USA) when the rest of the world is 15 years) over Audi any day. But if you like having to spend all your money and time on trannies be my guest and get an Audi. I agree though, they are very boring looking.

330ci e46, 530i e39

Don't DD it unless you have a backup car, parts on these can get pretty expensive.

Thanks for the recommendations. I really like the E34, I almost pulled the trigger on one a couple days ago but someone bought it before I could make it out to take a look.

Is it worth looking at non-M E34/36 or is that not as big of a deal as Veeky Forums makes it out to be?

To answer your questions, I'm looking for a daily that's more fun than your average shitbox really. I have a NA Miata for weekend fun/autocross but I don't want to drive a soulless Camry to work every day. Although I should be prioritizing driveability/reliability, I have a special place in my heart for A E S T H E T I C S. I'm comfortable wrenching to some extent, I'm not a retard but I'm definitely not a mechanic.

>shits on BMW for being unreliable
>recommends glorified VW instead
The fuck are you smoking, because I want some of that

>They're totally reliable
>I've had to buy 4 of them in 10 years

>I'm going to daily it
>a BMW for 7 grand
If you're interested in driving yourself to suicide, go on ahead.

people generalize is on this board. They are typically fine. Stay away from e90 4cylinder cars. A nice e39 or e46 6cylinder would be a great DD.

The newest base model 3 series you can get your hands on.

I know that's the meme but if you look on craigslist there are a shitload of affordable BMWs. I thought the same thing until I actually started looking.

Like this is well under $7k, leaving some allowance for maintenance.


I have 2 e36s and a e34 540i/6 speed. Honestly the most reliable has been the 540i, I have had issues with both of the e36s (one is a 325is and the other a 328) and the 540i has never let me down. I get compliments all the time with the e34, and its by far the fastest of the 3.

I do all the work on my cars so if you have no mechanical confidence stay the fuck away.

>I thought heavy maintence was a meme
>But check out this ad where the current owner has only replaced about a dozen things


A dozen things (most minor) isn't cause for concern on a car with 150k+, if anything it's good that it's being maintained at all.

530i makes an excellent daily since it dodges the timing chain guide issue and the vanos system is way easier to replace
just make sure to get it in manual since the automatic is poop

if you want something smaller, a late model 330i or 330ci for 7 grand would get you a very nice well maintained example. and getting a WELL MAINTAINED example is super important


>get an Audi instead of BMW
Nice trolle m8

There's a reason these beautiful machines that have wonderful driving feels and were sold at luxury prices don't retain their value.

>retaining value
>16 year old car
it's not even a supercar or antything very rare, do you really expect a car that had been sold in very high volumes hold its value..?

Maintenance on BMW's are not a meme. Here in Europe we do a maintenance check every 10k km and a big check every 50k km. These cars are ok in reliability but DO NOT confuse that with DURABILITY.

What are the best BMW wheels? Lightest? Coolest?
I'm planning on spending ~13k for a used beamer.

OP back, how about the 535xi. I love the wagon platform and twin turbo sounds pretty cool.

have you hear of this little company called toyota?

That would be the most unreliable option possible, excluding the e60 m5 and any m62 v8.

E30 325xi coupe

I've been in your shoes. Don't do it. 540s are great cars to drive, terrible cars to own.