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>Sky Compass Guide (now includes air dates)

>Schedule for April:
4/1 - 4/9 - Table for Six
4/10 - 4/15 - All Four Celestials (Renewal)
4/16 - 4/21 - Cerberus/Fenrir Showdown
4/16 - 4/21 - The Inner Light (Mary Event; Rerun and Renewal)
4/22 - 4/29 - Guild War (Fire)
4/30 - ?/?? - New Scenario Event

>How to Start
Go to game.granbluefantasy.jp in Chrome. Set language to English.

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>Guild pastebin

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I want to die.


i want him to die





Guild flags when?

I love Jeanne!

Okto isn't hot though.



Finished yesterday's daily missions today. Now I have no reason to play the 25 fights against the beasts.

You people will argue about anything


>tfw MVP racing on these EX+ raids

I love these edits

ticket when, sen slut?

Doesn't he have multiple katana?

Does someone have that lewdish Jeanne sketch that was posted earlier?

what is sico

>one bad axe

uhh cygames???

>Bad axe
>Ultimate katana


From bullies with love


Onomatopoeia for stroking it, I think

how long does a kirin train usually last?

the one listed in the docs would start at 6 in the morning

As fast as an hour if MVP is free for all.

I love bullies and chococats!

purple pendragon

the raid itself probably lasts up to two minutes, and it probably takes 4 or more minutes for people to get ready, so idk up to an hour maybe

2 hours if there are no delays
3 if there are delays

It depends how many people want MVP

I'm gunna be blacklisted aren't I?

>chococats true intention is to ruin every cat picture with raid codes and trigger people when posted without codes
I see what you fuckers are doing


Why would we do this?


I want to be the meat

Post ID! I'll make you the meat



this cog is cute, i wanna ram his tiny soft ass


Thanks for the ban.


Saucy. Thanks Bullies.

If possible, someone post how a varuna grid looks like now. thanks in advance

Why do only newshit guilds post kirins and huanglongs here?

do you main water?

Cause they need help to take them down

It's Free Real Estate.

because these crews are doing trains within their crewmates but have spots open because they're not a full crew and sharing them with us.

But user, Haruna just posted a kirin here.

Haruna might as well be a newshit guild at this point.

Cause they aren't jews who try to min-max.

I understand sharing Kirin/Huanglong with /gbfg/ but why not secure MVP first with your crew then share it?

Why are you questioning them carrying some Anons?

I'm not really sure what the fuck you are saying at this point since that's wrong.

>implying anyone in Chococats or Bullies could even do that

Was Okto this cute when he was a calf?

>he thinks he's the one stealing mvp from even those crews when they're opened


What's under Okto's makeup?

A beautiful woman.


Another Okto

Actually we secured all the MVPs in ChocoCats HuangLongs/Kirins

Shut up bitch

Stop posting this image.



this image now triggers me


A handsome dude who is totally omoshiroi

My cute ice prince (water)

Dayum Okto looks fine. It's alright to build him, right?

They're strong enough to outdps any shitter in /gbfg/

Because they're not stingy fucks like any oldfag guild.

I'm so excited to have Siete's 5*!

>crew name is bullies
>shared a longdong with the general

this is not what bullies do

they are phonies. I demand they change their name to anti-bullies

>double fodder
I'll never finish this

please shut the fuck up already okto spammers

I mean, his 5* is really damn good if you want to put in the work

Other than that he's probably the best battery you can have in dirt.

Post fate episode

You got the hard bit done already, the leaves.


>stingy fucks

Sorry if oldfag guilds would rather have their guild mates in a kirin/longdong instead of random fucks from /gbfg/. Not all of us are blessed with no having a full crew.

>actually nice guys
>no nerds allowed
>all of them are nerds

>oldfag guilds are getting jealous that newer guilds are being nice to /gbfg/ and becoming more popular than them

Anyone else here really enjoying their MLB H.P.A?

With Vira in the party, that shit ups the ougi damage incredibly when you get a good hype roll.

Just jelly that kirin sharers have huge cocks.

>need one more gold bar for 5* Esser

I hope we get half AP free quests this month.

>no flips
>they actually get flips with the help of bots

Better post that fate episode user and congrats

I need 1 more silver centrum and 2 rusted staves for funf. Can someone host a baha?

Huh? They all came from GW drawboxes I never farmed silverwind stretch, just like these

So you shitpost about and falseflag them less during GW when random anons can't carry them through it.

How does Vira interact with it?
I enjoy it just because I loved the event scenes, but I'm not good with the mlg aspects of the game.

>being nice
You call what they're doing being nice?

Yeah, because you're going to have all 30 guild members on all at once. Stop being so jealous of the new guilds.