Is your state's police force as cool as mine?

Is your state's police force as cool as mine?

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>police take taxpayer dollars to arrest, impound vehicles, and ruin lives of taxpaying families
>But it's ok because they make le random humor on Facebook xDDD

>Living on a prison island
>Putting up with this kind of shit

>Apprehending criminals subjecting the public to risk of bodily harm and bringing them to justice
You expect taxpayers to be exempt from the law or something?

wow they're actually worse than where i live

maybe they don't beat minorities in australia though that would be nice


speeding is literally literally LITERALLY not a crime just a way to steam money from honest people like us

i'd imagine it's different in australia but usually committing a moving violation does not make you a criminal. That's why they give you a ticket instead of handcuffs.

if you really gave a shit you would learn where the cops hide and slow the fuck down

More like learn where the cops hide and scatter glass and nails

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where's ISIS when you need them

Is this your first day on Veeky Forums or something?

fuck the government. only good cop is a dead one.

>beta cucks mad they cant be the alpha male of the road just because theyve got an expensive car

>having your car taken away because 2 passangers dont wear seatbelts

That's like, getting cucked.

yea homie, fuk da po'leese ya dig.

no justice, no peace, no racist, police!

Get cucked
100% correct

Yeah man, like, pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon right?
Ro! Ro! Fight da powah!

>speeding is literally literally LITERALLY not a crime

Can we have a round of applause for this brainlet?


>speeding is not a crime
But it's dangerous for yourself and others. Police is there to maintain order and safety in the country so that's why they prevent speeding

Kys underage fag

>break and restrictions which in 95% of cases make very good sense

I wish they did
The natives are a fucking stain on this country

It's like an advertisement to not pull over.

You arent going to outrun these fuckers unless you're on a 1000cc bike with no plate. If you do run they'll just do a house call later and drag your ass in to the station and slam $10k worth of fines down on you

>Street racing with plates

Do aussies even consider out running the cops?

>implying they're racing

Who said anything about street racing user.

>running with plates on

You could probably get away on a 600cc.

The Highway Patrol cars are pretty quick. The SS's and XR6T's could keep up especially if you are doing a lot of sharp corners. A 1000cc would make it trivial. a 600 would be a challenge.

here, it's insane. you get a bigger jail term for doing a burnout than raping a child.

think i'm kidding? nope, i'm not. judge jane patrick and judge wendy wilmoth both have been letting out tons of child rapers, while you'll frequently hear about cunts getting jail time for their speeding/burnout offenses.

Why are they acting like Cross from Most Wanted.

AHAHAHAHA You delusional cunt. Their cars weigh over 2 tonnes, you think they have any hope in hell of catching a seriously modified hoon's car or a litre bike?

Oh and those powerful cars they get? They don't know how to fill them with the right fuel, let alone drive them properly. No chance in hell.

I said they wont catch you on a 1000cc. But they dont need to catch you if they get your plate.

you think your bike can outrun a helicopter? how about a radio?

They'll get you sooner or later.

You guys need to get your guns back. This is unacceptable.

I'm a busrider, so i'm not running. But considering it took them 27 attempts with a helicopter to catch that fag on the bike in melb (and he only got done because he was insanely cocky and stuck around) i would say they don't have a good chance.

Yes, radio is faster and they can get your plate. But someone out there intentionally hooning, who knows how to drive and can vanish from their sight before they can react, will escape.

Their cars are not impressive and neither are their driving skills, come on m8 everyone knows that

what this fag said who gets impressed by a big v8 in a shit sedan, loaded with cop gear. does anyone actually think it's fast enough to chase anything apart from p platers?

they only catch morons who stick around or idiots not hiding their plates

Aussie cops can't even go over 150km/h in a chase or they get in trouble. What's to stop a powerful car/bike hitting 300 in 10-20 seconds and vanishing from sight before they can radio ahead? Then he just parks the car and picks it up a few days later?

Here in america our cops will shoot you and actually have resources, australian cops are cucked as hell.


>meanwhile in massachusetts



>people unironically believe this

Sure is a lot of boot licking in this thread

>It's dangerous for yourself and others

Do we make all dangerous actions illegal? If not, what justifies making one dangerous act illegal and not others?

>breaks law
>gets mad when he faces the consequences

Yeah, but then you have to live in Tasmania.

It's fucking outrageous that taxpayer dollars are funding someone to make le memes on Facebook. Police should go and catch some real criminals rather than someone speeding, it's such a trivial crime that it shouldn't even warrant media attention at all.

Thankfully, in Queensland, the police force isn't affiliated with shitposting on Facebook.


we still trying to catch the Duke Boys and trying to arrest people for jumping broken bridges (Im not kidding)

a few months ago a cop came out to a meet and talked cars for a good while though

overall theyre dicks

>Got caught doing 119 in a 50 zone
>Loses license for six months

kek, what is this nonsense? You'd only get a $220 ticket for that in Nevada.


We need more based individuals to keep these pigs in line

>Australia has a hundred billion square kilometers of desert wasteland with no residential areas or cops
>going to do twice the speed limit in a town


>these fucking shithead pigs need to be taught a lesson, we will hang them all in the revolution
>someone start revolution pls guise, im scared.

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I wish he was still around

Everyone wants to be a gangster till it's time to do gangster shit.


that car and the jump arent related tho I just think its funny its a local car but the Sheriff stated that we havent had any crashes so I dunno if its even legit

basically theres been a closed bridge around here since Oct

some local dirtbike guys said fuck it and set up a ramp and started jumping the gap a couple of months ago

cops go retarded and trying to arrest them and finding any info they can and blew the shit out of proportion

so now instead of fixing the bridge they started tearing it down a couple days ago

cops are so fucking miserably board they get hard at the thought of someone driving without wearing a seatbelt

>busted doing 147km

why are pigs so stupid

wtf I didn't know it was illegal to drive 147km in the uk

if only most people they busted were doing 50 or more over the limit.
usually cops wait for you at the bottom of hills in 80 kmph areas and they bust you doing 90,

Ancaps are no better than the blm and sjw crowd, same retarded drivel

Yeah in the US if you hit the open road you're going to get highway patrol on that ASS and have a helicopter on you, plus you're getting the shit beaten out of you if you're caught.

There are lots of shitty cuckmobiles that lose traction and skid out at only moderately-high speed, like 140 kmh range. Your car doesn't, and you probably know how to swerve to avoid collisions, but a vast majority of people are stupid and drive awful vehicles.

>for outrunning the police to avoid a ticket
How about no. Do you really think they are going to waste the resources to call a chopper on everyone on a sport bike?
Spoiler alert, the people being chased by helicopters on tv have done much worse than speeding.

Only good namefag is a dead one.

In civilized nations that institute burden of proof in the court of law, they kind of do. Plate+model can effectively prove it was your vehicle, but that doesn't prove you were the one on it at the time.

>that post by justin on cuck defense duty


The police in my area only cares to pull you over if you
>killed someone and they have to chase you down
>speeding in a residential area
>hit and runs
Kek I've asked a few cops before and they all pretty much told me that or " if you want to drive like an idiot and run red lights go for it as long as we don't do it near us because we get bitched at if we're near a call saying someone is racing in there rice cooker" so pretty much the police in my area don't give two shits about speeding and if you're far away enough while speeding the won't attempt to chase you down kek

Good on them, people that go twice as fast as the speed limit deserve to get their licensed taken away from them on top of getting fined.

Good. Clear your fucking windshields you god damn retards.

You have to over 18 to browse this site

>im a busrider
Stopped reading there. Stop posting, you're dumb.

Oh look it's smokey the bear

Speeding is not a danger to you or anyone else as long as your not being a retard. Literally the act of driving a motor vehicle is a danger to you and other no matter how fast your going.

Getting your car impounded and licenae taken away for going 110mph in an empty road is bullshit and just the state jewing citizens over bullshit laws designed to keep the government revenue coming in.

Just use judgement. Whats stupid is going 120 on a civic with bald tire and traffic around. If its a relatively empty road and you have a car with a good chassis and tires that can handle 110+mph I dont see the problem.

So many bootlicking cucks on here treating the law like a religious text or something. No witness or cops then no crime.

>91 mph
>acting shocked
LOLOLOLOL. People drive that past cops on the major highways here all the time. I drive 90mph in my work truck every day.

What the hell is wrong with all you people? You're getting all edgy and mad about the speeding.

I just made this post to show that the NSW Police Force likes to have some humour on social media, can't you just enjoy the fact that they are trying to make jokes out of some silly situations?



Because the NSW police are dicks for joking about people whose licenses and cars are taken away effectively fucking their lives because of bullshit. Fuck the NSW police and your nanny state prison island.

If there happens to be a cop in the exact area in front of you that gets there before the other cop loses sight.

When I was younger I ran from the cops a few times. Just haul ass until you don't see headlights. turn off random road. Turn off lights. Watch cop fly by side street in rear view. Turn on lights. Head back in direction you came driving normally. Unless they got your plates, it's not that hard. And choppers aren't in the air 24/7. Its extremely expensive to run a chopper, so it's a slim chance they will have one up while you run.

No they're cooler becuase they won't impound and crush my shit for just a traffic ticket.

no truer words have been spoken. everyone thinks they are hard as shit until the time comes to stick a knife in someones thigh over a $120 drug debt. or do basic shit like set up a meth lab.... nobody wants to get down and dirty but they want to ride around acting tough.

Go back to driving your shitty Civic at 10mph over the speed limit, tough guy

>trying to justify endangering the lives of others
fucking neck yourself

>Driving is dangerous no matter what speed
The fact that it's dangerous at any speed doesn't matter, what matters is that it's much more dangerous the faster you go. Driving is literally measurably more dangerous the faster you go. Read more.

>126 km/h
>154 km/h

I'm the first to say speed limits are arbitrary bullshit on most roads but doing 90 in a 30 is just asking for trouble.

>but that doesn't prove you were the one on it at the time.
>So user, if it wasn't you driving then who was?
>so your vehicle was missing and you didn't report it stolen?
>no further questions

Feels good man

That's funny, because more people are killed on motorcycles in stop and go traffic, than speeding. But whatever shit you wanna make up nigger.

>speed limits where there is LITERALLY nothing of value to hit

sweet fucking jesus why?
isn't asufailia also lol noguns, how do you even live?

he needs to add snow delete to his list of a few simple mods


>Buying a fast car
>Not being able to go more than 65mph in your nanny state prison island

Talk about getting cucked....

A legend