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>Really good shit
>Implying Morgana is useful for anything other than being an out-of-battle healbot while Makoto handles in-battle healing
Honestly, if his Confidant wasn't tied to story he'd probably be more useful, considering it takes him forever to learn all the good battle perks.

Why are they so perfect for each other?

1st for working full-time at Crossroads

So is there a limit to how much stronger a persona can be than you with Strength maxed or is the sky the limit?

Goro is a Whoro!

Does Makoto ever learn multi-target heals? I don't really want Morgana on my team, and I don't want Joker as the dedicated healslut when I could be using him for element coverage

The cost goes up, For example now I can fuse Ishtar which is over 20 levels above me and it costs about 160k. Other than that, no. Plus you can still use gallows with things above your level for no cost.

Yeah I wish the MC could hook up with Ryuji too.

The limit is how big your wallet is since it costs you alot of money. Otherwise, go nuts


>At Shido at level 60
>Need to grind for the next 17 days to attempt to beat him
Any relatively quick ways to level? Specific monsters in Mementos?

Sky's the limit. Head straight to the Velvet Room on the first day of NG+ and grab a level 99 Persona out of the Compendium if you want.

I'm kinda surprised they didn't have any bathhouse shenanigans. That was a staple of 3 and 4.

I mean there was that one bathhouse event but the only shenanigans was Ryuji getting mad at the old guy who made it super hot.

Not that I'm exactly complaining, i never really enjoyed those events.

Yes, she learns Mediarahan.

Haru's aura of haruness

Why can't you beat him at level 60? Merciless?

Mediarama and Mediarahan, but 5 levels later than Morgana.

What did Haru say to Makoto?

>he ships it
Given how many of the earlier ingame dialogues have Joker telling Ann to thank Ryuji or that Ryuji was the one to help her against Kamoshida, probably.

She learns mediarama and mediarhan so she stays useful. I used her as my main healer for my play though and it worked out well.

I bet Joker's thinking about killing that whore

Well if you don't mind waiting until near the end of the time limit, on December 8 or 9, its flu season which means you can grind the Reaper

But as long as you have some SP items, early 60s is an okay level to fight Shido at. The main challenge is just that its a long fight. I had to use two somas to finish it, but I was able to finish it fine otherwise.

Joker is in to men.

>/pg/ doesn't like you

>Distorted Lust.jpg

What if I'm Morgana?




So what animal will the Persona 6 mascot be?

I haven't grinded once. I'm assuming I'm massively under levelled. Especially since other people are level 74 according to the Thieves' Guild.

Makoto is the protagonists true love!

A half-panda woman

A butterfly

I'm the best girl, not you.

Well Joker CAN tell demons that he is into men.

I wonder if we will ever get gay options for Persona. I know originally they wanted to make Tatsuya and Jun gay for each other and they were gonna make Yosuke a gay option but those both fell through.

Just make trumpeter.

Only on the second Palace here, but is it just me, or is combat vs normal enemies REALLY easy? Just hit weakness, baton pass to teammate who can hit the other enemies' weaknesses, then all out attack for gg.

I'm on Hard, for reference. It's becoming boring.


Then let me make lockpicks you furry fuck, I need to open these locked chests.
I finished the game in the low 70s on Normal. You should be fine.

Jikan-desu, Shujin.


>Jack Frost doesn't learn a strike skill

>I know what you did in the attic last night. My little plant saw everything.

Buffs and debuffs nigga, they make everything so trivial
I went in with Makoto/Ryuji/Yusuke since they all Ma-buff spells, with my MC using my nigga Trumpeter for Debilitate. Seriously, get fucking Trumpeter.



I never grinded once and I beat the game in my low 70s. you'll be fine. You just need sp items

Baton passing back to charge/concentrate is good as well.

74 is like final boss level.

I mean I don't know what difficulty you are playing on, but early 60s is where you should be for Shido

You can confess to Jun in P2

Isn't that a joke option though?

Is Yusuke gay?

Naoto's talking motorcycle boyfriend

I can hope so, but Beefy Trendsetter and his platonic best friend make me think that if they do it will be like a short, comedic kind of thing instead of an actual gay romance.

What did he mean by this?

>tfw Haru loves Joker even if you don't romance her

I had to choose her when I found that out



Starting with dungeon 4 enemies start to get more diverse resistance wise with multiples that have no weaknesses.

That said, basically dungeon crawling is just figuring out how to one turn as many enemy comps as you can so they cant retaliate.
Yeah that was a bit worrying

Good luck with the Onis in the third palace or whenever you have to fight a shadow that isn't weak to any of your parties' attacks.

Persona never really had great combat anyway.
Also it's just the second palace for you, the fight are easy sure, but the "difficulty" comes from managing your resources trying to finish it as fast as possible instead of wasting time.
Also you'll get more random encounters with enemies with huge HP pools, rare weaknesses or no weaknesses at all in the later palaces.

>"I have Joker, Ryuji and Yusuke's threesome sex tapes"

I was really hoping P5 would take the plunge, but nope. Atlus isn't interested and/or doesn't think there's an audience for it.

Who has the nicer smelling butt, Ann or Makoto?

She was so fucking curshed when I said "We're good friends". I'm thinking of going for her on my NG+ run.

He's artsexual

I need some art of Iwai

Yeah, hers is the only one where she 'canonically' has feelings for him, it's really sweet

Well Japan is a fair amount more homophobic than the west is and they are Atlus's primary target. Its slowly changing but even so

Maybe next time

In all seriousness, will Goro repent and become a permanent party member later on?

I've long known he will betray you but that was it. I actually grew to like him so much throughout the game I can't believe it was ALL a lie.

>"I'm sorry, but you and my little sister did WHAT!?"

Ann! Ann and Joker is cute! CUTE!

persona 4 remake in 5's engine when


Is there anywhere to grind kindness? Or do I just rely on the plant?

Tower's Mementos request isn't on the list after reaching rank 7, anyone know why?

Why did that bitch Makoto harass my team? The ducks her problem? Give me my rooftop hangout again stupid bitch.


He dies

he's dead user

Yeah but she can probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose

Flower shop job

>Is there anywhere to grind kindness?

Mr. Get Smoked

Fuck off, P4 has been milked enough.

I'm surprised more people aren't complaining about it. I thought it was going to be another Yumi thing

Definitely going to wife her next run

Well, I'm glad her and Teddie found each other.

Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves?

She's hot though.

>that pelvic action

My kingdom for a persona with high counter

So out of all of The P5 girls, who is the worst to deal with on their period?

Insta-waifu. When do I get her?


>people actually use Morgana in active combat

Just use his fucking skills from the party screen to heal yourself, there's no reason waste a party slot on something that deals no damage, and if you need healing mid battle Makoto is just fine for that in a pinch.

Maybe in P5 Arena

I started sUn arcana fairly late and I cant figure out how to progress past rank 1.

Everyone I speak to him in the evenings he just says he'll message me when he's free but it's been over a month and nothing.

The crit fist move is kinda useful at times

Dakini level 52.


>makoto's "bear hands" weapon

Okay Makoto you can come back into the starter line up

Wait till Crimson.

No, but in P5 Crimson if they were nice enough they rewrite him or give a better ending where they let him live or whatever.