Why do people want a photo with a fat bitch sitting on their car?

Why do people want a photo with a fat bitch sitting on their car?

that girl's ugly, but I prefer fat women to be honest

>tfw no initial dinner fapfic

is that comic sans being used unironically as a water mark?

t. virgin

she's completely adequate.

I wouldn't be seen talking to her in public.


Well there goes my weight differential.

You wouldn't be seen in public because you don't leave your basement.

>not covered in cheese
it's a guy thing, you wouldn't understand

This tickles my penis in a unique way.



that's how they test door strength.

requesting more pictures of girls wearing cheese and posing next to classic cars.

She looks like someone i know that wants my dick for 2 years now except she has brown hair and eyes.

Sadly for her im not american to love fat wobbly shit

You wouldn't be seen because you don't exist.

You wouldn't be seen talking to any woman in general.

Cars and women don't mix.

>legitimately fat

and fucking wierd

>legitimately not fat


Queen(king) of Veeky Forums

To demonstrate how well they modded their suspension?

>I wouldn't be seen talking to her in public.
Probably because she wouldn't talk to you.

>implying someone would want to sit on my VW stock piece of shit



What? That you're such a beta you have to diddle yourself to cartoons?

So they can sniff the spot where her pussy was after, naturally.

anime pussy > nasty real women

okay virgin

not really a valid insult there bub

Im not the one going after disgusting shit

>Im not the one going after disgusting shit

But you are

>not really a valid insult there bub
Not an insult, just a reminder.

>2d perfection


its being used as an insult

just like how I can call you a degenerate non virgin as an insult

its not an insult if you dont take it as one

>its being used as an insult
>just like how I can call you a degenerate non virgin as an insult
>its not an insult if you dont take it as one
Nope you're just a virgin. And it really is a self-defeating situation since no girl wants some creep like you busting anywhere near her.
I'd say i feel sorry for you but you only have yourself to blame.

ive turned down women before tho and if I cared enough about fucking I would get a whore

I dont believe in sex before marriage but I also dont want to be stuck with the same person forever

feels good not being a complete degenerate


I dont hate women tho

I just dont want a relationship and dont like the idea of fucking someone I dont love

She's willing to sit on that piece of shit teg, i can only imagine her reaction on my evo


This is fedora concentration on levels not yet witnessed.

I bet this guy doesnt even respect women

damn degenerate

Are you that poorfag you bailed on a hooker in the other thread?

It all makes sense now

no Id never consider getting one to begin with

>sitting or having others sit on your car

u gay?

when the situation calls for it

sorry I dont support modern whore western culture

good thing were getting more Muslims who will put western culture to sleep

Man she is beautiful. If you don't want that roastie, I'll take her

Sitting on aluminum hoods bends them.
Climbing onto hoods with shoes on scratches them.

This girl is not fat, she is THICC and you can tell she workouts. Just look at those forarms, hnnnnnngggg. She could probably pick your seen ass up with one arm. Mmmmmm

>implying anyone on Veeky Forums can find a girlfriend or at least hook up with a decent looking girl like the one in OP's pic

We are going to be like Jay Leno when we get old. Full of cars, pretty wealthy, but without any children or wives.

Jay Leno is married though.

I know he is.
Hence why I said "but" without any children or wives.

what a dumb motherfucker. if i saw her do that to my car i'd definitely punch her in the face

this makes me so angry.

If she had any idea how much repairs cost on a car like that she'd avoid them like the plague.

I mean seriously, how fucking dumb do you have to be to go sit on random cars and have people take your picture while doing so AND upload it on to social media.

she has sexy feet so I'd let her sit on my rex

I would like to fuck this man.

For a European or Australian...

oh yea i'd suck it

here you go br/o/
>not wanting a corpulent model wearing a cheese dress
so much weirder than liking traps amirite

I don't understand the cheese thing, but I'd suck them toes desu


Men might be more your thing.

>dont want a relationship
>lol ur gay

gay relationships are relationships too

I feel like the most normie motherfucker here sometimes, how can you guys not get chicks to mount your ride or sit in it for a photo? I mean if you ride the bus ofc there's no hope for you (95% of the board) but still.

most skanks will do it just for the attention anyway

Kek I have a picture of me and my girlfriend on my shit box if that counts but why would you want a picture of a girlfriend on your car

>how can you guys not get chicks to mount your ride or sit in it for a photo?

That's very simple. Don't attend car meetings (because they're filled with normies that will laugh at what you have! And social reunions are bothersome and pointless) and totally despise women/manage to shoo them off in some way (mine is clearly being a nerd plus aspergers).

Hell, my car is considered by some a girly car, and what I could afford on the price range of my car with an automatic transmission are all considered girl cars. I just don't give a fuck anymore.

Never thought I'd have to google a word I saw on Veeky Forums.

Normies think "I like my car. I like my GF. Two things I like, together! Good pic! And if I like it then surely everyone else will also because I have the best taste!"

I've done thorough research and the thing that separates normies and the rest is usually a healthy self-awareness and the ability to feel shame. Most of us here know that our shitbox isn't everyone's cup of tea so we don't assume they'll want to see it or like it. If we even have a GF, the same logic applies to her. But that's also the reason we don't have girlfriends in the first place: knowing how shit we are and assuming no girl would want us.

So I was hitting on this chick, right? I was single and wanted to get my dick wet plus some cuddling. She just plays me off and ends up going home with different guys at each party we go too.

Finally, I say fuck this bitch. Start working out, my project car is looking better, mutual fund grows, in the process of buying a house. End up with an amazing girl, and now that I am taken, she starts flirting with me again, like wtf. They just want what they can't have.

I have faith that the fapfic will eventually see the light of day.

Idk why every lonely user assumes no girl will like you if you don't make extreme amounts of money, not have a really nice car and have a "hot summer body" to get with someone all women care these day is if you have your shit straight and you're not a 3/10 looking guy

Climbing onto the hood of a Ferrari 458 speciale. Retarded.
Killing the bitch for doing it. Priceless.

>having unrealistic expectations for women

Can you really afford it though

>I'm not a virgin, I've sexed many women >:(


>not being fat is unrealistic

what a time to be alive

t. Virgin

Jesus christ

Doesn't matter, would copilot hondagurl

I have aspergers and have had sex plenty of times.

It's about confidence and not caring too much what women think.

7 out of ten women i see are not fat. It's not unrealistic to expect a person to not have belly fat that folds up and hangs over their crotch when they sit down.

If your fetish is extremely fat thighs and big swinging watermelon-in-a-sock tits because you look at photoshopped porn and one in a million paleolithic fertility goddesse all day, it is unrealistic to expect that without fat. But my fetish is toned asses, a slight thigh gap, and B through C cup tits, so it's realistic for me to expect women to have average, healthy bodies, like it's realistic for women to expect me to shave, wash my face, and get a haircut every couple of weeks.

>omg you sexist virgin wimmin not all men can shave every day it's soooo hard you don't understaaaaand
said noone ever

>if you have your shit straight
look where we are

You forgot something else: you need to be interesting in some way.

that belly is delicious you low T fag

guys pov
>look at my sweet ride and my "hot" girlfriend! #lifegoals haha!

girls pov
>look at my boyfriends sweet car and how pretty i am next to it!

it's a petty ritual where both parties are guilty of being basic bitches

>he doesn't know we have special words for fatties
u can't just call a fat grill fat they don't like it

>mfw i neither shave or get my hair cut

>ywn marry christ-chan
>ywn make sweet, gentle love to her in the missionary position FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF PROCREATION on your wedding night

I don't.

Of course you can call a fat girl fat.
Fat is fat.

When will you stop this stupid meme? We have already established that it is a girl.

3rd world country group lynching when

its fine user

traps arent gay

>had sex

You have to tell me how.
It seems like there are physical hints and cues that just go over my head.
Is it so hard to lose your virginity?
I have talked to a couple women straight to the point about my virginity problems and they have all said that it's about 'the right time to lose'.

How the fuck confidence makes you get laid?

She gives off a typical boring weaboo cosplayer vibe. The other girl is better. Look at her, she's Veeky Forums model tier desu, and that makes her the queen, and the best girl.

That bitch is Filthy Frank in a bikini

Frank looks hafu (he is); she isn't and doesn't look like one.

So we're not gonna be like Leno

only a european would call that bitch fat