You're just mad that I have swag

You're just mad that I have swag.

>when you realize that the foglights strapped to the front of that wrx are actually the OEM fogs that initially were recessed in the bumper with their housings shaved down

ok kid

That was an ok album.

How do you tell the difference between a WRX and an impreza ? I thought that was an impreza

They're all Subaru scum.

Mitsubishi leftovers, pls go.

You're thinking of OK Computer

ok kid

if you look at the front grill you can see the wrx badge with the 'w' ripped off of it

I need that pic, kid.

None of the regular imprezas have a widebody

honestly, this is a picture that just keeps on giving, the longer you look at it the better it gets
>plastic crown on roof
>painted sun-visors and dashboard
>tilted rear view mirror
>busted off WRX logo
>spiked lugnuts
>colorado plate

Nothing of value was lost.

I just saw the flared fenders + spaced bolton fenders were a fuckin joke and gave up.

The Burger King crown is priceless.

The, matching green spraypainted burger king crown at that

You forgot

>the American flag on the visor

Shit like that honestly makes me glad for TÜV. In krautland this fucker would have to pay 3k+ just to have them check the calculations for structural integrity, more if they had to calculate it themselves because a faggot like that clearly doesnt bother with logic and numbers. And then they still wouldnt permit it :^)

>towbar so it can be towed by an RV of the same nature


Hood scoop



a computer was better desu

are those fucking control arms on the bumper?

But both have hood scoops?

Is the crown for King Turd?

nice reservoir

>this is real.

>Paint sand castle mold green and glue it to roof
>Is now crown