>at my campus
>little normie faggot gets out of his mom's honda cuv cuckmobile and walks up to me in my FD as im getting out
>"yo that's a sick car bro"
>"heh thanks"
>"how much hp does it have?"
>"oh that's not that much is it"
>"not really, but it's plenty when i bring it to the track"
>"oh you track your car"
>"I'm more of a cruising kinda guy, I don't know much about cars"
>"ya if it was mine i'd drop an LS into it"
>"uhh, okay cool man"

Why is it that people who know nothing about cars always insist on dropping an LS into their car?

It's a shit engine with a shit power curve.

let me explain:
>Muh compact hp
overheats because of muh compactness, shit power curve because of the pushrods which is why it's compact

>muh cheap hp
sure the 400hp number sounds nice, but have you looked at HOW you get that 400? It's a fucking truck engine. Literally every single engineer to work on a performance car has prioritized hp and rpm over torque/low revs except for GM's retards of engineers. and the boomers and inbred children of these autistic boomers eat it up like diabetes because they're too fucking stupid to understand even basic mechanical knowledge.

>muh weight
by the time you're done beefing up everything to take care of the torque that isn't needed, you will likely end up with a much heavier car. Not to mention if any structural members need to be cut to fit the engine in, you fuck the chassis rigidity.

It's a fucking truck engine. When will you amerilards and retarded ausfags get that through your fat fucking heads that it's not good for anything but towing and hauling fatass cars around. It has absolutely NO business being anywhere remotely near a sports car, which can be proven by the fact that every engineering team on the face of the planet has taken quite literally the opposite approach of what GM has done and made engines that are at least somewhat efficient for their displacement.

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nice bl8post faggot

Does take alot to bring to 400, and truck engine is just intake and cam, which you must likely changing if your want more power anyway. I fell like you are trying to hate ls swaps just to be different and act more cultured than others to make yourself feel better.

no I'm just sick of people glorifying this pile of shit and even more sick of people suggesting it in swaps. It should have nothing to do with sportscars and should have been completely reengineered 30 years ago

I mean, GM's engineering in general is fucking abysmal. They very literally can't do anything right so how is it that for some reason this engine supersedes that? I'll tell you why, because it fucking doesn't. normies just see "400hp engine for 3000$" but don't understand fuckall about driving dynamics or how to set up a car properly for performance. They just leech off their parents boomer illogical nonsense and cry when they can't get traction through 3 gears and spin their wheels all the fucking time eventually ending them in a lamppost.

They didn't have la engines 30 years ago, and they are suggested for sports cars there for muscle cars or just fast cars. What's so out dated the single cam, because alot of engines still use single cams. But I get it you just don't like them.

Can't do anything right? Like make an easy swappable engine, such as a "LS swap".

It's a shit engine, why would you want to swap a truck engine into a performance car unironically? It's just fucking stupid and shows how little you actually know about cars.

pics of FD at a track?

idk why all aussies like Ls's so much. We have amazing homegrown engines like the Barra (a turbo 6) but the y insist on Muh Compact LS

>he wants to go fast
>he doesn't have a zx6r or cbr600
Do you like going slow and being stuck in traffic.

because "le V8 meme".

What is a "truck" engine to you. Does a v6 mustang have a sports car engine if it is in a mustang. No it's just a v6 engine.

no i like driving around corners at a reasonable speed and not just doing highway pulls while dressed like a powerranger fuckboy.

V8 sound and barras are expensive and not produced in same quantity.

You just like being a normal fuckboy, not a power ranger fuckboy.That's like more of a fuckboy.

>this coward can't do 160

>low redline
>torque/hp figures almost the same
>peak torque is very low in the rpm range

Those are charasterics of a truck engine that is good for towing. Literally the opposite of that is what a performance engine should aim for
>high hp output, but sacrificing torque for RPM where possible
>high RPM
>flat torque curve with peaky hp curve.

I mean that's pretty fucking simple, pretty sad i have to spell it out for you.

>this coward can't do the groceries without dressing like a powerranger.

Yes but if you don't remember I said this,You can change the redline or an engine and change entire curve with upgrades, unless you only want a stock engine.

>Power rangers as defense mechanism. Where did the power ranger touch you?

>increase redline
>stock cam already dropping off at 6500rpm
>don't make any more power

>add bigger cam for higher redline
>now your car runs like shit below 3000rpm

hence why one "cam" is fucking retarded.

and the point isn't modded engines, otherwise why not just put a turbo k24 in whatever you're doing a swap with because that would be better in literally every single way than some GM garbage.

>add bigger cam for higher redline
>now your car runs like shit below 3000rpm
>hence why one "cam" is fucking retarded.
Do you honestly believe that a DOHC set up could solve a rough idle issue caused by an aggressive cam that couldn't be fixed on a SOHC or OHV?
It seems like you don't even actually know what cams do.

>being this butthurt about bike superiority
You have no real argument. For the price of a shitbox you could get a pretty decent bike.

>Performance engine doesn't drive good on street.

Well who would have know?

Because a turbo k24 would be shit and not that long lasting, inb4 but with more money you can make it long laster.
>Gm garbage, lists a k24.

This if I only had ~3,000 I would get a bike over car.

>small cam for low RPM
>big cam for high RPM

DUAL overhead cam wouldn't fix an inherit flaw in sohc engines. Literally no sportscar manufacturer that's somewhat intelligible is using dohc EXCEPT for GM because their engineering is fucking terrible and based on boomer logic instead of actual research and facts.

can you fuck off brosfine, you don't know anything about cars and nobody here likes you, never has, and never will. Time and time again you come on here proving yourself to be a fucking idiot and every time you get shut down and told to fuck off. So just fuck off already.

good thing i can afford a shitbox and a bike. But i don't want a bike because I don't want to be an obnoxious faggot that can only do straight line pulls and have to slow down to a crawl around corners.

You literally couldn't defend your point.
The advantage to DOHC is separate VVT between intake and exhaust, DOHC comes with a whole slew of downsides.
The same cam profile on a DOHC as a SOHC or OHV cannot be any more or less corrected for idle just because you have dedicated cams.

>wouldn't last that long
>an engine made by GM


>Makes great power and has fast cars.
Some how fucking shit cars and engines.

Telling someone on the internet no one likes them, that's just telling everybody you lost an argument.

Poor guy, where did the bike hurt your, did you lose a boyfriend to a bike owner.

Do people seriously believe cars are faster on corners than bikes?
That isn't even a meme, it's just blatantly false.

Seen lots or gm "truck" engines go over 200,000. But that's nothing right. While my old 1999 Ford "truck" engines stopped at 98,000 , 145,000 and 160,000. But those don't count because there not gm garbage, huh.

brosfine. In an SOHC engine, you have ONE cam. ONE cam through a set RPM, lets say 3000rpm where it's effective. Before that, it runs like shit. After that it doesn't make power.

By adding another vvt we now have one cam profile that can go from 3000rpm to 6000rpm, then another one that works from 6000rpm to 9000rpm. It's not fucking rocket science yet you still somehow managed to misunderstand literally everything i was saying and prove once again to Veeky Forums that you're a fucking idiot.

NOWHERE did I even mention idling.

And the disadvantages to DOHC are so minimal compared to sohc it's fucking pitiful you would even try bringing that up. Valvefloat ring any bells? Bent pushrods?

fucking kill yourself tripfag.

Since you're too fucking autistic to do research on your own I've given you a pros/cons list for sohc vs dohc

no it's not. bikes are slow as shit in corners. Maybe if you drove something other than your moms corolla when you weren't playing power rangers you'd know that.

>be a cruising guy
>lets get an engine with no power under 9k rpm

>Runs like shit.

No just has less power.

>After that makes no power

So it only makes power at exactly 3000rpm?

Oh yeah just add vvt, the internals and everything else can handle it just fucking put them on.
LS engines are not ohc cam they are pushrod as in under the head.

>be cruising guy
>be a fucking normie
>have no reason to be on Veeky Forums
>don't contribute anything useful to this board.

Have you rode a bike in corners, is there prove because I would just like to know.

Cruising guy equals normal. So I have to be a little boy racer driving shitbox, as fast as possible to be a car guy.

Because LS is entry level car shit, it's normie tier code for "i know a thing about cars fellow kids". It's basically the car equivalent of zelda references or "greedo shot first" jokes.

No, but i can tell you that my car goes around my local track faster than the "quick" bikes go around it, and i know that the bikes go faster on the straights. And you can fucking watch them. they're slow as shit in the corners, even with their spandex kneepads dragging on the ground.

yup. now fuck off.

That is a good answer.

Well is it a bike track, a car track or a made for both track. Also I don't think spandex is a good material for kneepads, just doesn't seem strong enough.

>>Runs like shit.

>No just has less power.

what is bogging an engine you fucking idiot.

>just put vvt
ya, because apparently the majority of manufacturers can figure it out except for GM's garbage ass engineering department that can't even make an engine thats been the same for 30 years be reliable.

Sorry I can't I'm a little boy racer who just has to comment as fast as possible, or would you like to cruise on out.

it's a track. with corners and straights. I don't understand how you could have exclusively a bike or car track.

the bikes are not just slower in the corners, they're much slower.

>making shit up this much
Seems you have no evidence other than """""""track experience"""""""

Made up story by someone who hates ls swaps.

It's usully people who know nothing about cars that think ls engines are heavy that hate ls swaps.

Because barra is a heavy motor.

If you don't know the difference, maybe you have never compared the two. If they are slower I haven't seen prove, and why does them be slower in corners hurt you so much if you don't like them. Is this what keeps you up.

>all the naughty tickleplaces

>Ls engines are so heavy, they have to be it's a v8.

It's just wierd how people can assume, and they just like like they know it all.

Because they aren't slower in corners and he wants to feel better about shit choices.

>go on bike forums
>a "quick" lap for bikes is the same as my car and my friends VERY lightly modded RX8
>the guys saying they're hitting much higher top speeds than we do in our cars.
>deduction: the bikes are slower in the corners.

Inline 6 and alloy block, still a good engine.

>ls weighs nothing because twice the number of cylinders somehow doesn't weigh anything
>the reinforced transmission and differential needed for this swap is heavier but that doesn't count.
>the heavier axles needed for this swap don't count

Bikes are usually slower in braking. Very small contact patch.

Well a car is a car and a bike is a bike, so shit choices is more of a opinion of what you need.

On what track? Let me just go find some forum that fits your fucking needs and do your job.

You low test no dick motherfucker you're just scared a 90 year old will make your worthless ass a shitstain on the road.

>bikes are slower in cornering
>havent ridden one but have proof
>continues to provide extra proof

yet i am still somehow wrong?

Caring about having more power so you need to do support in mods. That like saying you don't want fast car because of bad gas mileage. And as long as your car is underpowered, you shouldn't need a new diff or axles.

no because you could have a 400hp car with less torque but shorter gearing and not have to beef up every component until the car drive like a truck you fucking mongloid.

>Provides proof

Fucking where?
Your opinion counts as fact with no proof?

>a forum post with 200 replies all saying the same thing is not proof.

do your own research then come back to me with a valid argument

Car drive like truck, that has nothing do to with engine that's all one trans, which most people change to a manual. And all suspension. Not the fucking engine

>weight is higher
>tall as fuck gearing
>clutch heavy to deal with excess torque

>doesn't drive like a truck as a result of the engine

??? are you imbred or just retarded?

That's not proof that's some saying something with no evidence. So if I say I have a 20' penis, does it make it true if I get 200 replies.

again, less torque shorter gearing, higher RPM. That's what you should be aiming for if you're trying to make a faster car. Just slapping in a sloppy as fuck engine into a car isn't the way to do that.

Not him.

I've got 2 road bikes, a scooter and a dirtbike + my car. I'm telling you, a car with sticky tyres corners faster than a bike. It's all about contact area vs weight, where cars win in this regard. This is even more prevalent with straight-line braking as there is 1+ tonne of weight on the front of two much larger contact patches vs the rather small patch of a bike, despite the lower weight and resultant shift (rear unreliable).

Bikes excel in power to weight, not braking power to weight.

don't you have anything better to do because I'm bored of feeding your trolling

>meanwhile bikes are still 40 seconds ahead of cars on the isle of man TT

Clutch heavy have you ever been in a fast car. Or are you just a weak person. You where talking about swaps so... in a truck Wieght is higher yes ,but it is a swap so don't put it in a tall car, huh. Tall as fuck gearing, like I said people swap to a manual transmission. Do I have to say everything twice.

It's like you have to calculate everything for a swap not just throw it in and say perfect.

Calling the other person the troll, I have never seen that tactic.

This. That's the biggest thing. Tiny amount of weight on a tiny contact patch lesds to braking earlier than cars which leads to slower lap times.

Also that other dude is still talking out his ass. Real happy his shitbox is faster than small bikes.

If there are no straights yes that is how "Corvette loses to gtr meme" happened Corvette can't Corning and had not enough straight s to win so with enough corners I guess a lot of cars would beat bikes.

I guess we're done posting... Bye

That's where a lot of the "X car is faster than Y bike" videos are from. Put a bike on summer tires on a wet track with lots of sharp technical curves and little to no straights and you get a nice click bait video and shit posting material.

Or you pit a shitbox against small bikes and you get even more shit posting.

I've been absolutely owned by a miata in the twisties on my 250, but I'll never see the driver again on my TL1000s if there are wide sweepers.

There are plenty of vids on youtube with, as
says, clickbait titles. How the fuck is a 1000 supposed to compete with a caterham on a tight track where the bike can barely shift into 2nd?
IIRC, the BMW S1000 matched the Ariel V8 around the top gear track - something I'd consider reasonably balanced for low speed/straights.

The LS has the same problem as an inline 6 - it's long. It's also slow revving, mediocre breathing and ill suited to a sports car. Its only redeeming quality is that it makes a lot of torque naturally aspirated.

Also, if you're going through all the trouble of a goddamn engine swap, with your car never quite running properly as the bitter consequence, just to make your car different, why not use an engine that won't sound and feel exactly like everybody else's? Just a thought.

I'm both of those posts. Even on my CBR small cars fast cars will fuck me up on tight roads. Give me any room to stretch my legs I'll leave them behind, tho.

All the high end super bikes are fucking nutty though. Same weight and agility with twice the power. IIRC the old Ariel v6 smashed the same CBR I have around the top gear track by a solid 4 seconds.

your straight retarded, 400hp all motor with almost zero effort out of stock parts is easy on a 5.3

If your really that worried about the power, buy a 6.0 or a 6.2 which do come with 400 legit hp, and can easily eclipse the 500+ range with bolt ons.

>ITT: OP got smoked in his ricemobile at a red light by some dude in his 50s in a corvette.

Just man up and admit it, dude. I lost the other day to some dude in a modded dodge turbodiesel. Don't gotta be a salty faggot about it.

ls1 won this test, and for a budget swap it gets much cheaper than there 10k shootout.

a find a stock coyote for under 3k even a truck coyote.

coyote is fuck huge compared to the ls, this is especially important when trying to fit a v8 into tight engine bays.

parts for the coyote are MUCH more expensive and the engine in general is much more complicated and harder to work on.

stock ls parts are high quality and many parts are reliable up to the 800hp level (intake manifolds, flipped exhaust manifolds, pushrods, rocker arms, crankshafts, etc).

What size and year cbr? Thinking about this one

I have an 01 F4i, great bikes. Just make sure it has been lowered front and rear 1" not just the rear, cuz that'll make the handling shitty. Personally I like my bike at stock height, but I'm not some short ass man let with 20" long legs...

Yeah that was one thing I was concerned about, I'm 6'2". I've looked at Kawasakis and Suzukis, but I've always thought of Honda as a better brand. Is the price good at least?

Look at the state of his quad.
Underglow?? wtf
Why is "rob" making out with a child.

Fucking hillbillies.

This is also close

I've got an '05 600rr. The f4i is a great bike as well. There's a YouTube video around of some guy with like 300k miles on his. It's worth spending a little extra to get one that's been taken care of. Though you can get a nice rr for $4500-$5000

Going back and watching the top gear atom video, I think it was an 03-04 model though. Hard to tell from the BBC's shit 240p uploads.

I like the way yours looks. The color scheme is more tasteful. Highest speed you've hit?

>Highest speed you've hit?
RIP idiot bike rider.

Indicated like 162 or so. On a private road of course. Speeding is bad.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to LS swap most cars.

The problem that I personally have is with people who want to LS swap rotaries like the FD....just go fuck yourself

>speeding is a bike thing
I've hit 127 in my Accord. I usually drive like a grandpa though.

>OP thinks there's torque and HP are different things and ones bad while the other is good
You're just as retarded as that little faggot in the CR-V.
HP is a function of Torque and speed. High HP can be had from a ccombination of high torque and low speed, or low torque and high speed, or a combination of mediocre readings of both. The reason non-V8 cars make any power at all is because they make up for the lack of torque by revving to the moon. An LS doesn't need to rev to 10k to get the same effect, it just needs different gearing to more effectively take advantage of the engine's much smaller RPM range (vs a rotary).
The main difference is that your rotary has to spin up for a bit before it can actually put power to the ground, and the LS or any other V8 has it IMMEDIATELY for amazing acceleration. When people call high-revving Japanese engines "gutless" this is what they mean. It doesn't snap your head back when you step on the gas at 1500rpm. It doesn't launch. You won't be first off the line but you might catch up later. And a truck engine in a car just means you have more torque than you need, which is an awesome feeling. I bet you've never even driven a decent V8, because it's like a Krabby party. The only people who hate them haven't tried them.
MCM's Mad Max video comes to mind.

While I agree with you 100% on ls swapping an fd, you're being a whiney baby about the ls. Did you ever think there might be a reason why it's universally loved?

I don't get why most people can't have an open mind about platforms they're unfamiliar with. The only legitimate reason you gave was weight differences because of the needed drivetrain reinforcement. But even then the difference would be negligible, maybe 40lbs between an rx7 5 speed and a t56. I'm not sure about rear ends in the rx7 so I won't fling shit to prove a false point

(I can only assume this is op as well because of how much of a cunt he's being) you just gave a great reason to choose the ls, you're just not thinking hard enough. Imagine being able to go around an entire track without changing out of 3rd gear. The useable power is across the entire rev instead of right at the top. You'd have more time to focus on your line and weight transfer rather than being in the correct gear for corner entry/exit.
No matter how much you want it to be shit, you need to have some semblance of an argument to convince anyone. Name calling provides no merit to your argument either, it just makes you more easily recognizable as someone who doesn't have anything interesting or important to say.
Lurk moar and pay attention, you might actually learn something.