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Memes! Hooray!


Get fucked frogposter

>ywn calamitous curse a board of 3 mordecais and an urd again

why live

you can not banish amulets with calamitous

>double may snipe frog
>wotf frog
Feels good man

So it's a safe bet that Ursias has fucked every single female Bloodcraft card in the game, including spells, already and possibly some males, right?

I mean, not like there's a reason not to.

How do we make Otohime great again

>hagfag getting banished


>hating on birds
>reddit spacing
when are you going to kys yourself?

Thread theme:
All stickers:

>Hagcraft has never been cancer since DE, I swear!

You're mum has spacing too

Evo points should recover one point at 8, 9, and 10 mana to make the game more interesting in the late game

>proving you newfaggotries are coming from Facebook


End of DE, it was on its way to tier 2 status. Real top tier deck of that time were, surprise surprise, Forest and Sword.


Is Zoos worth running in a non-saha Storm Ramp?
I'm too lazy and poor for vials and I got one of him in a pack.

>mfw Forest and Sword are dumpster tier this expac
Dragon and Shadow are stronk again


But Olivia?

you could run one zues and two genesis or something

I'm sick of Sword and it's perfect curve bullshit when they go first.

So you want more SABER STRIKE to the face?

>every T9 Albert is evolved
sure thing bud

Can anyone concede to me for private match quest?

le turn 4 sibyl faec

I'm about to craft 3 Sun Pascales

Talk me out it

I'm not gonna say no to free score

you've got some balls dont think you could get talked out

Gaywine can't save shit, he couldn't even save his own master.


Did you replace sarge for her? I was pretty sure Shadow has enough good class followers to go neutral.

>t1 quickblader
>t2 veteran lancer or whole souled swing
>t3 noive trooper
>t4 jeno
>t5 Aurelia Regal Saber

Just end me

Yeah I use her because 3 DAMAGE EVOLVES

Why was this card even printed, it's braindead shit that perfectly kills evolves, AND THEN they release the mage of free evolves because fuck you Sword gets to keep evolve points for turn 9 Albert. FUCK YOU

not him but the extra shadow is minimal especially once they start rolling with all the skeletons, the ping is usually more useful

>alberto barbossa

The real dumpster crafts of this expansion are Rune, followed by Haven.

>b-but Aegis

Disadvantaged against all other crafts with only a barely even match up against Shadow. I predict that at the end of this expansion, it'll be a tier 3 deck. Best scenario is bottom of the tier 2 rankings.

>12 face point
The hell are you complaining? Exploit broken deck and still stand up to bitch about the only answer the poor guy has.

dorkte is so dumb lol

why would you ever play spartoi sergeant in a aggro when lyrial evolves for 1 more damage and the 1 shadow is almost unimportant?

why would you ever play aggro when midrange is superior?

>1 shadow is almost unimportant
Your D (rank) is showing.

esl nigger please go

Some lists run Squasher now to deal with wards and that one extra shadow could be important.

Sarge sometimes gave me just enough shadow to squash something up on turn 5 when I didn't draw any catacomb.

Who cares? Are you gonna kill it? No, you're aggro.

Why don't you use the pack opening technique, /svg/?

Running that blood vengeance deck with laura, soul dealer and belph
Damn this is intense as fuck

kill yourself

>not taking the chance to throw a tantrum on shadowbbs

Aggro cucks Dragon harder.

because its nothing but a shitty placebo

>4 useless golds
nice method!

All Haven player should neck themselves t bh fucking waste of air piece of trash

aegis is a fair deck with a 50% win rate, don't bully.

>got one from daily pack yesterday
>bitched about it becausd i don't want her
>immediately got another one today
So this is how this bitch annoy people.

She's hot.

That one fucking time I wanted to burn some ungacraft, I brick to kingdom come.

It's as fair and fun to play against as DShift you fucking mongoloid.

I can't fight it anymore. Please don't hate me.

I hope you dies and take along Zell with you.

Lyrial or Conjurer if I don't have room for both?

>k vials in action

But Wight King is better

>Drew 2 echtars already
feels good

>Not having room for both

Their your priotity 2-drops because they are also in your 4-5 curve.

You wait and hope she becomes top tier meta in the next expansion. She obviously has a use, just she doesn't seem to currently have the support to be useful.

Lyrial is usually more reliable and doesn't take up board space.



Their deck is trash but its fucking annoying to play against and one time they won with their shit deck they bm like crazy, fucking annoying

I'm trying out Soulsquasher in place of one.

Why not both?

shadow reaper is priority number one, after that it really doesn't matter as much, i'd personally take mummy and squasher over either of those two

Forest and Sword are a solid tier 2 and seeing tournament play. I won't be surprised if Forest can creep up to tier 1 again.

Rune is the absolute shit class so far, and Haven is doing no better than RoB meta.

Actually I would have killed it if he didn't concede immediately.

Fanart of Gawain actually rescuing Otomeme and carrying her bridal style would be cute as fuck.

>tfw you go through 2 test of strengthed aegises and win
>he spamed sorry every single turn
Only won because of a 2hp heal done by unica. Best follower in the game and my wife

Because I'd rather the disappointment hit me all at once so I press skip.

>win 4 matches as swordcaft or runecraft

Need concede senpai!


>forest is slowly gaining more usage on masters
Why won't you just fucking die, you piece of shit roach?

He can't save anyone. Absolute dream set up is turn 4 Gawain with Otomeme in your hand while going 2nd. Then Dragon plays Salamander on your turn 5 otomeme anyway and you remember why everyone stopped running her.

But seriously he seems like he was meant for a csword or support cannon build, which won't be playable for 3 months just like every other control deck.

Do you not want Roland to get some use?


Thank Forte

People are starting to play Jungle Forest. Goes even with Shadow and completely destroys Dragon.

Like RoB, people are slowly realizing they can just add a couple new cards to old builds and, surprise, Roach is still bullshit.

I just realized it isn't obvious because normal shadow can run carrot but he was also neutralcraft.


It's funny when many laughed at warden, saying he doesn't have a slot in their deck. And lo, it takes a netdeck to change their mind.

Nobody is gonna make 2-3 copies of Gawain, and this guy isn't a easy one to get out off the pack. Until someone can afford risking, we won't be seeing many viable Gawain decks.

He seemed to have so much potential with the commander Banner and/or Cannon, and everyone was jerking off over him before release, too.

Many people did see him as mini-albert prerelease.

Is this a real forest deck worth playing this expansion?

It had an 80% win rate over 50 games.
17 of those games were vs Dragon - all wins, zero losses.

I wish cannon had commander trait. Gawain making making it cheap makes it more playable than lel turn 5 do nothing.

And many scoffed at the idea of a 10pp play because lolroach and lolbolt.

There's another version that swap out grimnir/lily for dod/wotf/glimmering/elfqueen.

>requires 3 ancient elf
GOD fuck
I want to try out forest but I don't want to tank 10500 vials in a deck I might not like.