You have a crx with 5k worth of suspension work

You have a crx with 5k worth of suspension work.

Yiu are going to be spending another 20k modifying it.

What mods do you choose?

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>20k modifying it.
>What mods do you choose?
I'll go with the GT86 mod, it involves getting $500 for the crx from the dealer and driving home with a brand new toyobaru

Crx is the only choice.

Are you a Mexican?

>Crx is the only choice.
well then, become an hero
its the only way to preserve your dignity

whole underside strip and anti rust shit.
air suspension for comfy cruising
turbo on engine

turbo busa engine in the rear
>improves weight distribution
>ample power
>engine screams

All this for just 20k

you couldnt do it well but you could sure as hell do it

Sell it and buy something with a floatier suspension.

Come back when you are atleast 20.

Crx is only choice.

I'll crush it and dump it in the river.

kk enjoy your vanilla fwd civic lmao

Will do.

Add another CRX engine in the rear. If there's anything left over, I'll fix all the broken/worn out shit, then maybe some minor engine work to both engines, like some headwork, port/polish, sodium filled valves, slightly more radical cams, etc.

Are you 12?

No, why? This is all hypothetical. Why's it matter? Still a better answer than the guy who said he'd just get a GT86.

>change the oil
buy thousands of waifu bodypillows so I can choose a different one every day


>if I had to modify
swap stock engine for k series motor.
hit the track
with anything left over

Sikk body wrap
Neon underglow
Sikk stereo
Leather seats
Three half decent hookers for the night
1/4 ounce of coke
8 foot cold cut sub
2 big bags of chips
16 tequila shots
Laser tag arena rental
Silly hats

-rwd swap
-pop up headlight install
-JDM 4a-ge swap

And that's how you make an AE86 for 20k without a shady importer

and ruin a crx as well you weeb

-RWD swap
-pop up headlight install
- yellow fog light install
-JDM 4A-GE Swap

That's my signature rice recipe An AE86 without the need for a shady import dealer

Chop it or make it a convertible. Basically do anything that will change it from looking like a civic that reversed into a wall really fast.

literally die, ruining a perfectly good crx to build your drifting weeb mobile is retarded and the Ae86 has a solid rear axle so you wouldn't have the handling you used to have either

K20/24 hybrid
supporting mods
wheels and tires assuming thats not part of the 5k

RR format swap

>there are people ITT that hate CRX's because of the only ones they see in their town driven shitty ones owned by wetbacks and rednecks.

wew lad

>another 3k of suspension work
>a worked over all motor k20/24 and supporting drive line
>safety gear
>FIA spec roll cage
>race wheels and tires


Or poor people or kids who think they'll ever be fast.

Wew, indeed

a few simple mods and it would outrun 99% of the cars on the road

>20k worth of mods
even with $20k down the toilet it'll still be a slow piece of trash. I'd smoke the fuck out of it in my 1994 EG hatch with a couple of simple mods:

>10 point cage with Parachute
>3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend
>spec-R full drag suspension
>Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor
>1 044 bosch pump
>1200 rc injectors
>golden eagle sleeved block
>cp 10:1 pistons
>Eagle rods
>arp headstuds
>oem h22 headgasket
>Balance shaft delete
>competition clutch twin disc
>Port and polished head
>skunk2 valve springs and retainers
>Str cam gears
>crower stage 1 cams
>aluminium radiator with slim fan
>gsr transmission with itr lsd.
>qsd h2k intake manifold adapter
>k20 rbc manifold
>qsd throttle body spacer
>blox 70mm throttle body
>4bar omni map sensor
>6al msd with coil and cap. 3 step launch control
>hks bov
>Garret 102mm turbocharger.
>Custom t4 front facing turbo manifold with 44mm flange
>44mm tial wastegate
>Custom water to air intercooler set up
>aem eugo wideband w/ gauge
>tuned on chipped p28
>13 inch volks drag rims
>2 15 inch volks rear rims
>arp extended wheel studs
>si cluster
>150 shots of nitrous

I'm making 248 horsepower to the front wheels because that's the only place the power should ever be, at least your CRX loser ass understands that last point.

>ported stock head
>sleeved block
>crower 404 cams, springs,retainers
>carillo rods
>84mm manley pistons
>crv awd drivetrain swap
>hondata or protune
>boost by gear

700 awd hp

Is that a bolt in cage? Either way, it's not tied in with the body structure, and that makes me ree.

>full door cards
>full center console
You only need the dash, lads.

Broh just like swap a ls1 in it and like get stage 4 everything broh. Need for speed taught me that a fully modded crx is faster than a lambo broh. It'll be sick.

>only buying a car to be "fast" on the road
>not knowing what these lightweight FWD shitboxes are actually capable of.

Yeah I can already tell the type of person you are.

Aaaaand put a few simple mods on those and we're back to where we started.

What, good gas mileage? Sloooooow.

Well let me type myself so you don't strain your brain: I'm the kind of person who buys a fast car when they want one, not a $500 pos that I then sink thousands into to become almost as fast as a corvette, then brag to everyone that I now have the fastest of the slow cars. Nah, I cut out all that retardation.


most cars are too fat

Ok. I have nothing against people wanting to buy a Corvette. its a good cheap car with plenty of power.

You still fall under that exact stereotype though.

Also Honda's with high strung engines get shit MPG's fyi

>You still fall under that exact stereotype though.
I keep waiting for you to come up with exactly which stereotype.
>Also Honda's with high strung engines get shit MPG's fyi
Yeah, i know, yet that's a go-to argument for people wanting to tout the benefits of a four cylinder. I'm glad at least one of you has seen the light.

>Also Honda's with high strung engines get shit MPG's fyi

yeah 30 mpg and 100+hpl is awful

>spending 20k modifying it.
You're better off putting financing on a shiny new Civic Type R.

its more like 15 MPG. don't look at the official numbers. check forums

yeah nah lol

only way youre getting 15 mpg is flooring it everywhere you go

I drive a Civic at the end of the day m8 and I have places to get to and women to pork.

I floor it everywhere I go

Best anti-theft in the market.

>d15z1 swap
>Lightened fly wheel
>Spend the rest in aero mods and wind tunnel testing.

Get 80 MPG all day long baby.

Top kek

20k ???

>built b18c~5k
>type r trans ~1500
>clutch and flywheel ~500
>swap mounts ~400
>tucked harness~ 500
>shift linkage~200
>header and exhaust~700
>intake mani and tb ~400
> kosei k1~ 600
>toyo r888r ~500
>spoon brake setup ~???
>itr style recaros~ 1000
>si-r front end~????
>remaining money on paint

buying a gun and killing myself since i'm a no good goddamn JDM fag ricerboi

>what is a k swap

I don't want to have the fastest car in the world though.

That's not the point in my build.

Wouldn't learn anything that way.

>awd conversion
>throw in a boosted built k series
>tranny work
>strip interior and drop in a half assed roll cage
>drag seats
>better lights
as long as the drivetrain/motor work doesn't go over 18.5k could easily have proper quality everything and dust 95% of modified cars out there.

>on board dedicated to talking about making shitty cars better than new cars
>Would buy a fast car instead of building one
>In reality just rides the bus.

The only good answer in this thread

Another engine in the back.

Why do people think this would cost less than 20k?

>underrated opinion
I appreciate the crx just how it is. I like it for it's character, even with stock engine it's a fun car. Sure something like a K-swap is tons of fun, but if you aren't getting paid by the minute for your tofu deliveries you can have just as much fun hooning the fuck out of an underpowered car. That's why I think the most satisfying thing you could do in this situation is this

>all motor k20
the point of Honda motors Is to Tarbo the fuck out of them. Unless you want to build the fuck out of it and rally it.which you can't because it's not stock.

i fail to see how it would cost more than 20k, if you already have the crx.

5k to buy a second hand busa
that leaves 15k to put the engine in the rear of the car.


easy. probs have enough spare to turbo the cunt.

all that for 248hp atw


You can do all that except for the awd conversion for like 10k including price of motor and all that

>that's the joke

The point is keeping up with rwd and awd cars with a non turbo fwd that everyone expects to be slow because it's a non turbo fwd that shouldn'tbe as fast as it is.


Also that those modifications don't even make any sense.

Any turbo under 200mm is cuck territory

Sell it for the 1500 it's really worth, and take the 21.5k and buy a car that someone older than 17 should drive.

>ruin a crx


Sell it and spend the 20k on dildos.

This literally made me LoL

this fuckin guy

Why would anyone spend 25k on a shitty Honda?

Turbo K20, fully forged and balanced bottom end with ported/polished head. Top notch tune n shit. Quality radiator and fan/shroud, oil cooler. Good wheels and tires.

Racing seats, steering wheel, other interior upgrades.

Will eat most other cars on the track.

you are right user, just saying

this guy drives civics

$5k head unit
$15k subs everywhere

nut and bolt restoration and roll back odo to 0