Name a better car

Name a better car.

Pro-tip : You can't.

damn 3.3 sec is fast as fuck for a land barge like that

Only people I ever see drive AMG mercs are ~20 year old blondes

you'd think they give them out for free

Hmmm, I would also consider RS6 wagon. That baby looks bomb and sexy.

The old M5 is a better car
Too bad it's discontinued

600bhp and enough torque to change the rotation of the earth helps.

v6 rav 4

German cars can not live up to their own hype.

>Pro-tip : You can't.
The estate/wagon version is better.

-uses manly superchargers instead of measly gay turbos
-bigger and can fit more people or luggage
-looks much better
-sounds much better
-loo reliability
-better interior layout

>tfw bongs and burgers are the only ones left using Super Chargers anymore

Based jaguar

vag likes them
they use really small ones though

fuck yeah

their oil rich middle eastern husbands literally do

Audi recently seems to have developed a bit of affection for superchargers, too. The current S4 and S5 use a supercharged V6 instead of an NA V8, and the new RS5 will most likely drop its NA V8 for a souped up version of the same supercharged 6 as well.

>Name a shit-post.
>Pro-tip : You can't.

are these v6s better than those horrid 4cyl tfsi units?

Apparently they're pretty solid, more reliable than the TIMING CHAIN GUIDES 4.2 anyway.


That's my weakness.

>Less power
Still faster, how the hell bmw does it year after year?
Smaller tires too.

1996 Dodge Ram

sportier ...suspension?

superior suspension and steering breh
amg's are straight line cars with brute power in general while M cars focus more on handling rather than moar hp and moar liters

AMG E63 S Wagon

Why is it still called the E63 if it doesn't use the 6.3L anymore? Or did I have that wrong from the start?

superchargers are trash

Chevy SS with a Whipple supercharger kit

I like btfoing GM but you are wrong here

Certainly not very good looking.

I really like that. It looks tame and professional, yet it can spank just about anything it comes across

bmw underrates hp. they've gone on record about being against the hp wars for a long time. a lot of bmws dyno near their crank rating.

>muh burgerking

>t. tree hugger/weeb


Too bad it will be another 10 years until people take American cars seriously again thanks to the 80s-2000s

Stay mad turbos are superior

sand nigger trash

car for arabs with too much money and poor taste, not for white men



The 2018 M5 is gonna smoke this garbage.

My digits confirm.

jesus christ does that look like shit

the 2016 already smokes it