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>What is BDO?
Black Desert Online is an Korean MMORPG by Pearl Abyss. It features action-oriented combat, open world PvP territory control, player housing, unlimited levels, life skills, and more.

>Latest Patch Notes

>Mod Info

>Guides, guilds, Olvia Channel FAQ, and other info
pastebin.com/tGWk2bru (embed)

>EnHANCEMENT it's fucking >ENHANCEMENT< Guide

Newfags might be overwhelmed by the information overload at the beginning. Do yourself a favor and "turn off system notifications" in the Settings>Game options. Check everything in that window.
Avoid lag by turning off High End mode in the Settings>Screen tab. Be sure to check "Remove other's effects" and uncheck "Display other's names" for an enjoyable world boss experience.
For everyone's sake, read the links, Google it, and Ctrl+F, BEFORE asking the same stupid question other people previously have in the same thread.
If you don't know if the game is "worth it," ask for a guest pass in the thread.


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what's stronger?
Kunoichi or Ninja???

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Do I know you, or..? Are you on a different character?

I-I'm the Valkyrie that just hit level 50...

I dont know the exact answer to this but maybe this will help in a pvp sense, in pve they are both fine.


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Help med /bdog/, I'm picking up this game and people keep telling me to go wizard, and another camp screaming warrior.

which class is the most fun?
Also is one of them blatantly better than the other?

Are you really surprised? Release a new class that's stupidly strong, everyone wants to play it, but they can't be bothered to spend time on things like strength grinding so they shell out for the weight increases and inventory space.

So much hostility today. You all should relax and hang out with all the pretty flowers :3

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I would say warrior is more fun and wizard is better. Theres some points to argue but thats the tl;dr

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hows the combat compared to Blade n Soul or TERA?

why is that NA/EU has so many warriors while I see literally no one playing that class in KR?

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Wizard turns from a cool long range class into a boring medium range one.

Warrior turns from a boring sword & board class into Guts from Berserk.

You wish I was Eppu!

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I want to know this as well. One of the reasons I dont want to play warrior is theres a ton of them running around and I don't enjoy playing the classes with training wheels thats easier than the others but does better. I know that sounds really fucking annoying

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Why do I never run into cutes like this when I'm ingame?

Is EU simply worse?

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Well, I never try to make myself easy to find, heheh...

More active than both of those games, if you want it to be.
Less flashy than Blade and Soul, in that you don't get crazy air combos.

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I'm in the same boat, I don't like playing the OP ez classes. My mains a musa, but I started 2 months ago and am only 56 (155/153/187) but warrior has my eye, especially since I've been playing a lot of dark souls lately.

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This and the Karlstein getups are pretty Soulsborne chic, I can understand the appeal.

damn my dude I play Musa too, what are the odds we're both in the same headspace. Less dark souls and more Goblin slayer for me though

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