Because they're dangerous as all fuck! Pic is mine. I've been riding for over 30 years.

I had three, then two, now one.
Bout to get rid of the last one, need money for a welder and a tubing bender and a plasma cutter.
I'll never get rid of my mopeds tho, mopeds are life.


Because i don't want to die

I don't have the money for it. I applied for a job though so maybe they'll hire me and I can finally get one.

Literally this. Interviewed last week with no call back. Applying for Walmart today.

Just graduated and I'm first week working. After paycheck I'm going to get my license for motorbikes. Already bought my helmet and gloves. But don't know which bike I want. I would like something between sport/naked/enduro. Don't want cruiser or chopper. My limit is about $1700. I have limit that low because I want to ride asap and my car is going to die soon.

tiered licenses lol
thanks yurop

I like not being a skid mark on the highway

If you are aware and not retarded there's no way you'd be that.

Is that a tomos?


Of the 6 vehicles I have on the road, 3 are bikes.

Once again, OP is a

Both are honda hobbits, my friend has a tomos tho.

I have one, its just unregistered (for the past 6 years)

I'm bout to snatch up an 03 sr400

You can just leave the tag off if it goes fast enough.

> insurance is 3x normal car insurance
> Can't drive in winter
> More likely to die with it
> I couldn't afford the speeding tickets

>insurance is 3x normal car insurance

Full coverage insurance for both of my motorcycles costs 1/3 as much as full coverage for my pickup truck here in burgerland. Then again, I don't own sportbikes, just a dual sport and a cruiser.

I'm considering something like pic related.

then i would feel lame since every biker faggot likes to speed

>on Veeky Forums
>doesn't speed

get an used 500cc. they're cheap and beginner friendly, while having decent speed for freeways.

But I do

Stay away unless a chick owned it


Yeah, this was pointed out in another thread. The LEDs are also a red flag.

I don't see a problem with this?????

No vehicle can last for a billion miles anyway, chart is invalid

>car drivers
>only 26 deaths per BILLION vehicle miles
>1 death per ~38.5 Million miles driven

That seems really, really low.

Because I like Pussy

Bikes are gay

Not to mention that in order to drive 1 billion miles you'd have to travel at a constant 70MPH for over 1600 years. The chart is obviously fake.

Having a motorcycle doesn't really help or hinder your ability to get pussy.

They're dangerous but I still want that Ninja.

Fuck no. Since I got my CBR 250R bitches have been drooling over me

im not poor

I don't think you know how statistics work
You're suggesting no one else on the road isn't retarded. You're still much more likely to get hit by a soccer mum in an SUV

Good luck with wanting to kill yourself or your piece of shit group of managers.

Considering most people drive around 500,000 miles in their lifetime, 1 in 80 isn't so low
Imagine every 1 out of 80 people you know died in a car crash

I mean, car accidents are the leading cause of accidental death so it's not hard to fathom.

Where else should someone with no job history work that isn't fast food?

are you dense enough to imply one single car could go for a billion miles and get magically fixed enough to kill a bunch of different owners?

Akuma-no-zetto up in this bitch.

I dont want to die young

Cardiovascular disease & cancer are the leading causes of death, by far.

Use too work with a guy who got his leg chopped off and know another who almost died, pass

>leading cause of accidental death
>accidental death

heart disease and cancer aren't "accidental"

Also, for people under ~40 I think vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death. After that age cancer / disease starts taking over.

I don't want to get executed in the streets by a senior or chink that can't drive.

I know a guy that got his leg chopped in a car crash. And several others that died after getting hit in a car.

I'll pass on driving a car.

Wal-Mart is worse than fast food. At least at McDonalds you get promoted for turning up for an entire week. Your other options are laboring on a construction site/farm but have fun competing with illegals who'll work for $20 a day.

What about clothing stores?

Its very uncomfortable to ride a crotch rocket now of days. I want to get my hands on a bobber to try and ride to see if it will be better so I can at least get on a bike but havent had the chance yet

What happened?

I like motorbikes

Saw an ambulance picking a guy up off the road after a car pulled out on him. If he was in a car he wouldn't have had a scratch on him.

Disintegrated my C7, fractured my C5, C6 T1, T2. Had surgery to where they took out the little bit of C7 that was still in my neck, and fused the C6 and T1 with the metal cage that is now acting as my C7.

wtf caused that

I don't want to die.

I'm a father and can't afford to have my kid lose her dad because some asshole in a F-150 doesn't see me

Had to sell mine to afford a car to get to work

Buying one as soon as I've got the cash back

Because I live in a third world country with a high motorcycle accident rate because our drivers can't be trusted when it comes to looking for others.

And because i'm a massive retard. Somehow i'm managing to drive in the city and going into a highway at 90km/h without sperging out.

Get something actually comfortable and upright

I've been threatened with getting kicked out of my house if I ever happen to appear riding one.
To poor to get myself a house to have my own rules

Because where I live, it's unrideable for over half the year.

Because my car has a top.

I'm poor

I can't afford one

I actually do own one. Too expensive to register though lmao I'm not paying $1000 for a year of liability insurance again.

But i do, bought it a few months back, starting the project next month.

thats fucking ratchet
I like it

I keep buying bycicle parts

>not wanting to die

ayyy CBR

A fall about 15 feet onto a concrete walkway.

Thats the plan. Either a 250 2 stroke or a bobber if I can actually ride one. Been roding since I was 3 years old. Absolutely hate not being on one.

>This cucked by insurance

the trick on riding a bike is to know that everyone but you is retarded and makes every mistake they can possibly make
and you have to learn to be aware of the situation you are in at all times

that's why, generally speaking, bike owners are safer drivers by a large margin, no matter if they drive their bike or their car
check the statistics
I have no source though, find it yourself if you care enough

>can't drive in winter
who spreads this bullshit
stop posting
of course you can drive in winter, you dumb cuck

I'm a fatass

>tfw saving for a bike
>know ill probably get kicked out

Just going to show up with it one day. Will probably have 5 minutes to pack my shit amd leave

If you live in the south/southwest, sure. But not anywhere you get regular amounts of snow and really low temperatures.

i never learned how to ride a bicycle

same reason i don't own a boat i guess

Probably, I'm paying $1400/year for mine.

if winter=snow, then the south is the last place you want to ride a motorcycle

kys faggot
4 wheels > 2 wheels

I have a street bike and a dirtbike. I live in the best place in the world for both on and off road riding

Thats some nice edge you got there lil buddy

But I do own a motorcycle

Hell yeah, we got the high score!

Don't want nurses to laugh at my small penis in the ER, after a soccer mom in a minivan "didn't see me."

>pest control
>mow lawns
>shop boy
>call center
>ditch digging/lanscaping
>pool install
There are tons of jobs if you get off your fat ass and work for a living. Instead of slowly dying in a halogen coffin never gaining skills to move up on the world. Unless one day you're planning on owning your own grocery store.

Don't want to die from a traffic incident or worse, become handicapped. Riding a mortorcycle is like driving a car between semi's. Except semi drivers are usually better drivers than car drivers which makes it even worse for the motorcyclist.

because they're stupid

>speeding means he's being reckless and dangerous he's going to kill himself.

There's a good reason most of speed and it has more to do with getting out from behind cars and other shit will try inadvertently kill us, than us being cunts.

I own two op.

But i have two
>454LTD for summer comfy
>XT250 for snowy slushy winter road fun
I don't even have a car licence

Because i dont know how to ride one and also i live in florida

I don't even know how to ride a bicycle
Also I'm a lardass

I can barely afford a 19 yo Camry, let alone a bike too.

It rains all the fukken time here.

Im poor :(