What's it like to be poor and drive a bad car?

What's it like to be poor and drive a bad car?

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I don't even own a car my dude

Only one of my doors opens and sometimes I have to climb through my window/leave the window down when I go into shops, could be worse, could have to walk everywhere

>2010 3 series
Since your car isn't worth anything, tell us.

At least I don't listen to fucking country

Congrats. You've shown us that you own a shitty auto BMW that you probably bought used. So kindly fuck off.

>yuropoors btfo

Thats racecar af senpai

Preferred it honestly had like 5% tint and didn't get pulled over once, got a new car and bam popped for tint

you tell me

btw, leasing doesn't make you rich

lol at the poverty pack screen

I don't fucking know, I'm poor and don't even have a car.

you tell me?

Dude, in Europe these sells for less than 10k, they're really cheap. You guyze think bimmers are fancy, around here there are more BMWs used as shitboxes than fucking Dacias.

show me


BMW E60, the official second-hand chariot for the smelly turks that migrated to the civilised world.

maybe because over there the base model is missing 3 cylinders.

>those radio stations

Brah why'd you change to "MELISSA" ? I was listening to "GOOD"


>tfw so poor I ride a motorbike instead

Hey man e60's are good cars

Just because some subhumans drive them and pretend they're rich doesn't mean it's not a good car

T*rks eat grilled meat too doesn't mean it's not tasty

It gets me from my house to the post office and back, so I can't complain. Maybe once i make enough schmeckles selling my wares online, I'll buy something less shitboxy.


Expensive. Things keep breaking, and you miss work because you can't get to work, so you get too poor to fix the car to get to work to pay to fix the car, so you bodge-fix the car to get to work to get the money to fix the car, then you spend the money on crap because you're poor BECAUSE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON CRAP AHEAD OF ESSENTIALS and the car stays bodged.
Then something else breaks...

It's even worse if you're making payments on a depreciated shitbox that's past the 'shit starts breaking' point, because you're working 10 hour days to get the money to pay for the car to get to work to get the money for the car to get to work, and you're barely making the payments and then shit breaks and needs fixing and if you miss a payment at all they flip a switch and remotely cut off your ignition until your payment clears. Then they come take it because you can't get to work to make the money to pay for the car to get to work.

>Car driver
lol, fuck off OP.

preddy gud reply


I have seen this thread on 3 boards today.

what's it like feeling rich when you're actually just average?

Pretty much the reason why people start working on their cars to save costs. Also, your car feels like a ticking time bomb.


in europe you see bmw 3 series everywhere, common as fuck car

why ameritards make such a big deal of it

Nobody buys used luxury cars here

it's fun 2bh

Pro tip: Become a BMW technician.

I can own a BMW and keep it in tip top shape without it bleeding me dry.

How do I do that? The cars aren't exactly beginner-friendly.


>being a tech
>buying a car from the brand you work for and spending your free time fixing it without being paid
You haven't been a tech for long I see

Just buy a hyundai, my dude
At least they keep their value longer and don't shit the bed after a short warranty. And you'll look less like a faggot

Or buy a bus pass since you don't know shit about cars

>$1600 subaru legacy 2.5 gt
>could keep up with ur nazirice on backroads

its okay

This. Although BMWs have turned out to be a hell of a lot more reliable than expected. The real problem is with old and damaged plastics or small motor systems like window regulators. Those kinds of things eat shit daily on complicated German cars but luckily everything is well documented on the internet.
If this is the case though then you're dumb. Just learn how to work on cars in general and figure out how to find your specific problems on google and you'll be golden.

What's it like to have to get your own coffee?

You are a dumb nigger. I've been a BMW tech for the last 15 years and another 10+ years on other makes.

Just this week I got paid to fix my own car under warranty. So much exploitation potential... but I don't abuse it.

Otherwise, I get parts at 10% over dealer cost. You wouldn't believe the mark up. Sit your bitch ass down. You're in my world now. You have no frame of reference, you're like a child that wonders into a movie and wants to know what's going on.

>if you miss a payment at all they flip a switch and remotely cut off your ignition until your payment clears
Is this an actual thing with modern cars?

Door accent looks great

Cool. I'm an actual tech and my E24's interior doesn't look like a basketball shoe. Nobody who has been wrenching for 25 years gets excited about maintaining their own shitbox, that's how I knew your story didn't add up.

>bacon foreskin
ebin meme

Only with sketchy buy here, pay here lots. Reputable finance companies and reputable dealers would never do that. They'll just rely on standard repossession methods.

>"hurr yall poorfags lmao"
>posts a BMW

Nigga I bought a 316 yesterday BECAUSE it was a dirt cheap gypsybox. It's a RWD with a fun engine and that's it.
Unless your post was a jab at BMW drivers, I'm going to laugh at you for hours. You're bragging about having a car mostly driven by poorfags and unwashed albanians.

The few chill people who do drive BMWs don't brag about them, they're just daily drivers. Or it's some insanely built racecar/project. And they only ever talk about it if it's the latter.

you are like little baby

watch this

whats it like having an automatic, non sport package 335i? faggot

>Or buy a bus pass since you don't know shit about cars

People don't learn about cars by riding the bus. If user really wants to learn cars, but some $600 jap shitbox and try to keep it running as long as you can.

Your car isn't worth shit OP unless it's Elliot Rodger's.

My car is overheating and at my dads house but I don't talk about it so nobody has to know how much I suck at life.

E90 :D

Idrive :/

Manual (throwing up emoji)

It's a thing with all cars, if the dealer's fitted an ignition cutout.

Well, tell me. Seems like your poorfag income didnt allow a benzer.

They're cheaper than bimmers lel

a min wage 18 year old can EASILY pick up a beemer. obvious bait thread.

What's it like to be a slave to the manufacturer?

>muh Alpina



Looks identical to my brothers 06 5 series that he paid 6k for.

>can't even afford an M3

Proletariat spotted