European boy racers

What's the official car of european boy racers?
Is it the golf gti?

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GTI/GTD yes.

In countries where there are pollution taxes and so on they're not that expensive. Kids buy them, not knowing shit about cars, and they sell them as soon as it's due for maintenance or something breaks.

god i love the look of those early golf gtis

I suppose it might change from place to place

If I ever do see someone speeding stupidly over the limit here its usually a VW Passat, Audi A4, Volvo 240/740, and sometimes an S13

Golf, Corsa, E36 316i and the occasional Saxo/106, pretty much.


Citroen Saxo was but they've all been crashed now

Bumers, obviously, without a doubt in eastern europe.

Saxo was the traditional chav car
nowadays, Corsa or the old model Fiesta ST

In Denmark it is Golf, E30, E36, W201

In the 90s: Corsa, Punto, 106, AX, Saxo, Polo, Civic
In the early 00s: Corsa, Punto, 106, Saxo, Ibiza, E36, Civic
In the late 00s: Corsa, Punto, Ibiza, Leon, E46, Civic, Stilo
Nowadays: Corsa, Punto, Ibiza, Leon, Bravo, Civic, E46, E90

Almost every car is a diesel, too. Only the civic fags are running petrol.

Uh, forgot about A3s and A4s.

>A3 1.6 TDI
>A Class 180 CDI (with the Renault Diesel ayy lmao)
>114d (with the mini 3 cylinders Diesel ayy lmao)

Back then Fiat Uno turbo and actual good taste and fun, a really 90s Japan like environment and culture
Now riced out Fiat grande punto with lights and subwoofers everywhere and a fart can if they can afford it.

>not mentioning LA PUNTO GT

What the fuck have they done

Goddamn, totally forgot about the Uno.

Golf GTI, and anything ending in "45 AMG".

I see more GTDs than GTIs on German roads, and again more GTIs than regular Golfs.
And the Golf is the best selling car here by a considerable margin.

DSG and other modern auto gearboxes are popular at the moment. I don't think there is an official car, the new focus rs with its Cosworth engine would be pretty well rated.

>Uno Turbo
and her great rival, the Renault R5 Turbo.
Why were the old days so fucking aesthetic, and why are new cars so fuck ugly shits.

top taste, Mk1 is qt and lively.

This one is currently parked at my local VW/Audi shop, freaking love these little things. This is one of 6 owned by a guy in his 50s, all of them are in immaculate condition.

RIP E30's
fast and furious era took a huge toll on clean cars, sad.

this, boyracers are particularly fond of clapped out E34s and E36s here


What, you have something against PREMIUM PERFORMANCE TUNING??!

theyre all in yellow fart canned seat leons here

first on the peak wins

dibs on R5