You can only pick ONE (1)

you can only pick ONE (1)

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Do you understand where you are right now?

>Actually matches my poorfag life
>Cheap insurance
>Feel more accomplished getting laid with a Geo than a Lambo
>Poorfag but enough money to spruce it up.

Can I ride OP instead?

>take lambo
>sell it
>buy mini cooper, swap engine for something bigger.
>drive that

Geo Metro
>fast enough to keep up with traffic
>cheap spares
>nice 3 cylinder sound
>owning one shows you have good taste and like to be sensible with your money

>unreliable, will probably catch fire
>gas guzzler
>very expensive spares
>so fast you'll lose your license immediately
>owning one shows you have poor taste and like wasting money

>swap lambo with 1.0L 3 cylinder

do your parents know you're gay?

>Get lambo
>Sell lambo
>Buy geo metro
>Use leftover money to do something silly with it

Do your parents know you fuck dogs?

> not buying 20 metros

I don't, but I'll ask again, do your parents know you're gay?

Do your parents know you fuck dogs?

refer to

>20 metros

Haa, they know, don't they?

What did they say? did they give you the whole "it's ok son it's just a phase" talk?

nice projection, almost sounds as if those exact words were spoken to you.
They must be burned into your mind.

>Lambo magically appears in my parking spot
>By the time I go outside to get in it's stolen

t. poorfag

Almost as burned as you were when you spun out at 5mph

You mean when I didn't damage anything on my car and drove away scot-free
Felt amazing 2bh, god damn I love my car


about to go to the wreckers to get tailgate and tail light housing for my 89 Metro.

>let wife drive
>backs into parked bus

Lesson learned!

Says the tripfag. I'll take a JCW mini with a bigger engine over some shitty overbuilt Buick that goes 0-60 in ten minutes.

Both sound awful 2bh, I'll take neither

What do you drive then, a Mitshitbishi that's had eleven recalls?

Except you do.

So I guess they don't know, shame. At least fucking people of the same gender isn't animal cruelty.

I drive a bunch of different shitboxes that are all heavily modified
You're not even playing the game anymore, you're just boring.

There's no game. There never was.

You're an animal fucker.

Kill yourself.

wow go have a meltdown somewhere else loser, stay btfo

Stop fucking dogs, loser.

Stop being a weaboo, loser

Since when is 16mpg "guzzling gas?"

Stop fucking dogs, you loser.

refer to

>I drive a bunch of different shitboxes
Thanks for letting me know your opinion is irrelevant.

insurance for me would cost more than my house payment so I would have to go for the metro

>I'll ask again!
youre a fucking faggot

refer to

Aventador then sell it to afford basically everything I've ever wanted and a decent house with a garage.

stay btfo
stay btfo
refer to

Geo Metro. LameBoreMemie's are for 12 year olds and you have to be 18+ to post here

Aventador has 4 more cylinder so it must have
>4x more power - has
- 4x faster 0-60 - has
- 4x top speed - doesn't have
- 4x MPG - doesn't have

The Aventador, despite having 4x the cylinders of the Metro, it is not 4x better than an Metro.
Geo Metro is better.


>has 4 more cylinder
>muh 7 cylinder tractor

Pick Lambo, sell it, and merrily continue my public transportation nu-male existence as it is.

Refer to

pic lambo, sell it, buy a cappuccino and a furgie 135.

thats all i want in life

wouldn't be caught dead in either

Italy makes the shittiest looking cars for the upper echelon of modern societal faggotry

>lambo engine swap

Perfect idea user!

Get the Lambo;
Sell it;
Invest the money on stock market or somewhere more reliable;
Live off the stock market, never have to work again.

Buy how many Geo Metros your heart desires.

>metro with a lambo heart
Oh god yes

When it comes to actually driving it on public roads, Metro every time. It's more efficient, less likely to be broken into and miraculously safer.


i can remember a time where people would tripfaggot to build themselfes some sort of fake internet cred, but using a trip just to show everyone what an absolutely retarded faggot you are is a very new concept to me.

>pick Geo Metro
>restore frame
>no more rust
>restore exteriors
>sunroof (i've a thing for those things)
>make it a sleeper
I'd rather pick an old unloved shitbox and restore it (like pic related, clean and shine), follow its revival and enjoy driving it all around knowing i made it mine.
Built, not bought

>inb4 normis laf at ya
>inb4 waste of money
404 Fucks not found

You obviously haven't been paying much attention on Veeky Forums or you're really new, I'm one of the few people here who actually does anything and doesn't just bench race about cars they don't own.

Oh, and stay btfo

Top kek

are u me wtf?
also me >


>0-100km/h in 12s
>144km/h top speed

How is that even possible with noodle chasis/suspension and 55hp?

I remember the MurciƩlago LP640-4 had a 12m/g estimated range, when it actually made 5.5m/g tops.

Pick the Aventador, sell it and buy what I really want (a GT-R, a Focus RS, and a RAM 2500 Power Wagon).

better yet
>pick aventador
>sell aventador
>buy like a gazillion of geo metros

Do your parents know you fuck dogs, asshole?


Google results

"Aventador on fire" - About 11000 results

"Geo Metro on fire" - 9 results

No offense Aventador, but I'd rather not die in a rolling ball of fire

no im not really new to Veeky Forums, but im glad you told me what a cool dude you are. because otherwise i would have assumed youre a prett pathetic faggot.

Pick Lambo, sell it, buy Metro, pocket the cash

>sell Lambo
>buy something else


>Live off the stock market, never have to work again.
on 200k? lmao you're dumb as fuck desu.

>take lamborghini
>sell for 200k msrp
>buy ~200 craigslist shitboxes

Why would you buy geo metros when you can buy 3k civics?

Is that really $500 for all of them?

I dunno I'd be tempted if that was near by I have a place to stash them can work on the ones that need it and then flip them...wonder if it'd even be worth it if they were near.

Might be worth it just to become the legendary shitbox champion of the world.

>built, not bought

yeah, someone built the parts you're snapping on

not an argument.

>not bought
>literally buys performance parts engineered by someone else

LOL. Unless you own a race team with in house design and manufacturing, all the cars you "build" are bought.

>Unless you grow the trees and cut the lumber you're just buying a house, not building one.

...Well... Yeah... Duh.

>buys a house already built
>puts in a new A/C
>puts in a new fridge and waher
>puts in a new water heater

"I built this house."

So if you buy a trailer home and throw in some new stuff, did you build that trailer home?

Get the lambo and sell it right after buying a non-shit car

>ITT: wow look at me guys im so contrarian because i DIDN'T pick the lamborghini even though if i dont want it i could sell it and buy 100 geo metros making it objectively better
You guys are so cool you know that?

>get geo
>spend a lot of time with it cleaning and fixing it up(something you can't do to a lambo)
>love it more
>cherish it more

>645 more hp
>only cuts 0-60 by half
>costs 1000 times more, literally

aventador isnt a good investment comparatively


>sell lambo for $250K
>get 245 geo metros for $245k
>use 50k to make an app for instant cheap rides
>dethrone Uber