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Azura is shit.


Whose wife is this?

>tfw no Caeda

Five cute facts about Nino!
1. She's a girl!
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How much will reddit hate Sonya? I mean they hate Camilla but then Sonya isn't quite as provocative or offensive. She's still sexy though.

If all the FE games take place in the same universe then please explain why Ashunera got replaced by some dragon bitch

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Now wouldn't that have been a cruel twist for the remake to add.

9 and 10 come first. The back story for the Tellius games, 10 specifically contain a lot of information and lore on the creation of the world and the creation of life. Also, we see the only example of legit divinity in the series. All of that is consistent with the Tellius games being first on the timeline.

Next comes 7 and 6. Valor's Dragon Gate clearly leads to Archanea. What supports this? The dragon on Elibe (fire, ice and divine) match up with 3 of the 4 found on Archanea. The Golden Age of the Dragon matches Nils's story of what lies beyond the gate. Elibe is most likely on a different planet.

Next comes 4 and 5. We already know via Kaga that the Jugdral games take place on the same world as the Archanea games and before them. The exact time depends on what time during the Divine Dragon/Earth Dragon war that Galle makes his pact with Loptyr.

Next is the Archanea games. Marth's games are easy to put on the timeline because of large amounts of info we get on the Dragon tribe in 3/12, Marth being the first hero and lord and the relevancy of his games to the setting and story of Awakening. Gaiden is clearly established to take place inbetween 1/11 and 3/12

Next up is 8. Magvel is probably the hardest continent to connect to the others but there are some things to consider, most of it coming from Eirika's support with Saleh. The support references a legendary hero in Caer Peylin who reminds Saleh of Eirika, she was a female warrior who "wielded a slm sword forged from a dragon's (aka Naga's) fang" and given her resemblance to Eirika she most likely had blue hair. Since falchion is the only sword in the series that fits that description, it's safe to assume one of Marth's descendants was in Magvel.

Up next is Fates. It has to take place before Awakening due to Chrom stating in the DLC that Hoshido and Nohr are old kingdoms he's read about.

Last is Awakening. It takes place last on the timeline due to all the references to the older games.

Maybe it's time to give up.

post the retarded nino little sister one

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>mfw all this panda after almost a week of no fap
You have to go back.

She will come eventually Caedaanon don't give up.

She got fucked by a dragon and had dragon god babies duh

Her lines don't come off nearly the same as Camillas so probably not at all.

If that were the case they'd have literally 0 reason to join you.

Other things worth noting.

The Tellius games and The Scouring on Elibe have no connection between them. For The Scouring to have taken place there would've had to been full dragons, not manaketes. Dragon Laguz don't count because they're Laguz.

At the end of the Scouring, after the Ending Winter, the Elibian dragons can't mantain their dragon form for long periods of time and are forced to become manaketes, gaining dragon stones, or else they eventually go insane. Then they pass through the Dragon Gate an into Archanea.

From info gained in 3/12, there was a golden age of dragonkind in Archanea for a few thousand years before the Divine Dragon-Earth Dragon War. The war happens because Naga and the Divine Dragons decide that the dragon tribes have to adopt manakete form. The Earth Dragons (excluding Medeus) said "no" and were sealed away after the fighting. 980 years after The Scouring, in FE7, Nils says that on the other side of the Dragon's Gate there are a few humans and the dragons live in peace and prosperity.

Thus, the golden age of the Dragon tribes on Archanea is still going on 980 years after The Scouring and their exodus to Archanea, by the accounts given in 3/12 it should go on for another thousand years.

300 years before FE4 starts, Archbishop Galle goes across the sea to Archanea and makes a pact with the Earth Dragon Loptyr, gaining some of his blood, his tome and a shitload of power, in exchange for allowing him and his descendants to be vessels for the spirit of Loptyr. Therefore, 300 years before FE4, the Divine/Earth Dragon War hasn't ended yet or else Loptyr wouldn't be able to make pacts and the war must've been going on otherwise Loptyr, a dragon, wouldn't have any incentive to make deals with Galle, a human. It most likely took place towards the end of the war since it makes sense for Loptyr, knowing they're gonna lose, to give himself a sneaky way to avoid being sealed away and still cause trouble.

I'd have kids with Sonya!

>Kamui dodges with a backflip straight into his attack and follows up with a crit
My eyes might have been playing tricks on me though

You'll get her someday. Your dedication to her actually makes me want to build mine up and make her good. Okay, okay less good and more "well shes usable on a flier team I guess"

>inb4 5 orbs per reroll

you can roll your current +/- again

Sacrificing Sonya to Duma!

Except for the fact that Lehran is immortal and can be seen waiting around for his goddess to return 12,000 years later in the secret ending, meaning anything that says tellius is earlier on the timeline has to come up with an explanation for what happened to him.

In Elibe, Mage Dragons (also called demon dragons) are corrupted Divine Dragons (Idunn) but in Archanea, they're their own separate unconnected species. Elibe and Archanea are not connected.

>fucked a dragon like everyone's wanted to at some point
>divine dragons come into existence

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I'd rather not get banned, but can you imagine having a little retarded Nino sister? She would be soooo helpless! Forget reading, she would struggle just to eat without getting food all over her clothes! And you would have to be there to help her! Get dressed! Brush teeth! Eat food! Pee in toilet! She needs your help with ALL of that, and just FORGET teaching her higher-order cognitive skills! This lil' potato needs YOU just to survive! She will always be crying out your name hoping you can sustain her basic life functions! Forever and ever and ever!

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The animations are super slick this time around. Mathilda lets the enemy get close and has her horse fucking kick their teeth out.

Finally got a defence win. Against a Caeda. I guess Azura Singing my Halfway complete Cavalry Meme Team was too much.

Is anyone still even choosing Sonya after IS went to a lot of effort to try and make Deen better because of their otome pandering?



Five facts about Pious Mage, Nino.
1. Now the most expensive card in Cipher, rivaling that of Maiden of Destiny, Deirdre.
3. Has the most busted heal skill, for whatever fucking reason.
4. Can activate Lineage of Magic ON DEFENSE.
5. Has probably enabled most of every recent decks out there, including Hector.

Oh posting this pasta is bannable too now? What a drag.


The women in this game can be divided into three categories:
Love you
May love you
Who goes where?

Okay, so what's the difference between Fire Dragons, Ice Dragons, Earth Dragons, Dark Dragons, Divine Dragons, Fell Dragons, manaketes and dragon laguz.

Two dread fighters is really enough

Fell Dragons are freaks of nature.

Seems like Sonia's growths didn't get buffed as much as some other characters, but I still think she'll be the better choice.
If you're falseflagging please stop but if you think Deen is better now please elaborate.

That would be generous as fuck.

>Hmm, what should I do? Roll another oboro or reroll the IV's on my 5*?

If IV rerolls ever came out I'd expect them to be really annoying. Like 20,000 feathers or 20 orbs for a reroll. Even then it'd still be worth it. Maybe 50 orbs then.

She's a witch. Her pussy is probably moldy and stinky and would probably suck your life force out and then kill you.

I'd lick Sonya's thighs!

>Reroll IVs
>get something even worse

They've revamp her spell list. They actually want the choice be difficult to chose.

Bantu is still kicking during Awakening, Nowi meets him. He might as well be chilling out in the woods for all we know.

Cute girls>guys, user, it's no contest

Is Peri a good lance cav? I want to use her because she has good Res and my cav meme team only has one good mage soak, and also I want to fuck her.

I think something like 5k feathers would be okay with this thing i had in mind.

To extend the time it takes to get all your units to the perfect ones you want by randomly rerolling them they make it so you "send them away" for a few days and get them back with different IVs. Or there's some kind of cooldown between each altering session.

I don't mind this
FEH is built around having a very small but competent squad, so investing all your efforts into that squad seems logical.

But I have a feeling we will get a S slot gatcha first.

>otome pandering?
Can you shut the fuck up already? Geez you're annoying as fuck. Is it waifufag pandering that Mathilda shits on Clive? That Mae is better than Boey?

Kill yourself.

Fire Dragons, Ice Dragons, Earth Dragons, Divine Dragons, Mage Dragons and Wyvern Dragons are the 6 different species of dragons in Archanean lore. A seventh species is Shadow Dragons which are just corrupted Earth Dragons.

Fell Dragon is Grima's title, not species.

Manaketes in Archanean lore are any type of dragon that has sealed it's power in a stone, making a dragonstone. Not all dragons are maneketes but all manaketes are dragons.

Dragon laguz are a type of laguz that can transform into dragons. The distinction is important and one of the reasons Archanea and Tellius are separate. Tellius laguz are humanoid creatures that evolved to be able to take bestial forms, including dragon laguz whereas manaketes in Archanea are dragons that sealed their powers and turned into humans who can transform back into their original form using their stone.

Stop falseflagging. Deen is another DF, big deal. Sonya has great spells and you can never have too many mages with rings.

>tfw you finally finish grinding SP on a character and can gaze at their fully tricked out glory
Time for Nino to do her best!

Fell Dragons, according to Echoes are "Despair inducing entities brought to life by ancient alchemy", so they technically shouldn't even exist.

That only happens post-game

>A seventh species is Shadow Dragons which are just corrupted Earth Dragons.

But Idoun is a Divine, not an Earth like Medeus or Loptyr

I got a Spring Camilla whose +spd/-def, and I'm just trying to fish for some opinions here.

I was thinking about throwing her Gronnraven so that she could fight Takumi and Kagero, but would it be worthwhile to give her Triangle Adept, or should she keep Defiant Speed? With the +spd, Defiant Speed helps her reach a respectable 36 speed, but Triangle Adept should let her OHKO Takumi, RobinM and Kagero without buffs.
I'm also at a loss at as to what I should do with the rest of her skills.

Post your cute mage.
I have over 2k SP now with nothing to put on her. I might as well give her G tomebreaker to fuck off Julias with G tomebreaker.

Only /v/eddit-tier waifufags pick Sonya because dude boobs xD

Deen has always been the better choice, even in the original Gaiden.

>waifufags triggered that Deen is better than Sonia
maybe you should find a new series

Idunn is a Divine Dragon turned into Demon Dragon (also called Mage Dragons) and not a Shadow Dragon. It's one of the reasons why Archanea and Elibe are separate. Mage Dragons in Elibe are corrupted Divine Dragons whereas they're their own separate subspecies of dragon in Archanea.

(Demon and Mage are both valid translations of what the japanese name means and the names of mage dragons from archanea and Idunn's class in FE6 is the same.)

You're welcome and you weren't bothering me.

Post Ninos.
Rate Ninos.

Nino a shit

What about that whole thing of Ninian saying the atmosphere in Elibe is harmful to dragons, that could be a reason why they're a bit different but called the same thing. Especially if there was that supposed golden age in Archanea.

Dumb shitposter.


I don't have skill fodder suitable for her

I forgot to post my Nino.

I want to progress through Echoes but can't be bothered to get through the forced skirmishes and the Desert Fortress on Celica's route. Not in the mood for tedious shit.

>finally having a perfect run with no quad taco vantage meme defense
>split off cordelia from rest of team and let bunny chrom deal with her
>she attacks chrom and leaves him with low health but will easily be killed on my turn
>olivia fucking jumps across the map to dance her and she kills bunny chrom

>Same IV Nino

I really don't know if I'm going to be able to handle the shitty maps.


The atmosphere is different and it's harmful to them because the're not used to it. There's no reason why the different atmosphere would suddenly make Mage Dragons their own species.

So did the banners get datamined too or will they get added on 14th

New member of Nino team, she does not disappoint.

God damn that stage in Celica's route is fucking annoying as hell. My adivce, don't try and avoid them as it never fucking stops. Just power through until the end of the chapter.

I'll give you a peek into what the Desert Fortress holds.

>Desert tiles that limit movements
>Falcon Knights or Pegasus Knights are unaffected
>Fortress is full to the brim with Archers
>And there's also some mages on the desert tiles

Are we getting any large feather gifts anytime soon? I wanted to drop 40k on getting my Reinhardt setup but I'd feel awful sitting at 0 feathers.

Wait until you get to Grieth's bone zone.

Alm, Lukas, Faye, and Claire on the 14th, the VS Zephiel one we don't know yet.

Thunder Cock is worth it. Go for it.


Is that other 20k to get him Death Blow 3?

Reinhardt is worth it, but how are you trying to set him up?

Faye's banner in 5 minutes?

cutest couple

24 hours 5 minutes


When do I get Palla and Catria in Echoes?

>Life and death
I wanted it too in my own Nino, but sometimes I need her tank some mages or even Hector

What's wrong Feh?

Yeah, I'd have to promote then incinerate an Effie or Ursula.

Nothing special, I just have few options when sending deathblow to him.

I enjoyed Greith's Bone Zone because Split my army in two.
Everyone went left.
Genny went right with a Ring and just spammed Invoke, So it was summon battles on the right while my real army just marched around the Bone Zone.

Talk to them after Celica first chapter 3 map