/dbg/ Dragon Ball General

Mix-Tape Edition

>DLC 3 (Scheduled for April) will include:
– 3 New Playable Characters: Zamasu, Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black, Bojack
– 1 New Master: Bojack
– 3 New Parallel Quest
– 5 New Attacks
– 3 New Costumes
– 2 New Poses

>The 2nd free Xenoverse 2 update included:
– New level cap for your Time Patroller (up to level 90)
– New Costumes: Zangya, Bido and Android 15 (TP Shop), Metal Cooler (Future Raid)
– 2 New Expert Missions: Broly and Janemba
– 5 New Attacks: 3 from the TP Shop, 2 from the Expert Missions
– Option to change the BGM in Battles
– New Rules for the Tenkaichi Tournament: Character Tenkaichi (specific characters only) and Group Tenkaichi (characters from sagas like GT)

>The 2nd free update and DLC 2 are both live.

>DLC 2 Updated Skills

>Helpful Xenoverse 2 Data/Links
pastebin.com/bRGkSuSh (embed) (embed)

>Xenoverse 2 Mods
pastebin.com/pDwFPrB3 (embed) (embed)

>No Hud Mod (for beautiful screenshots)

>Xenoverse 2 changes
pastebin.com/uDAS7TD9 (embed) (embed)

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steam > userdata > [your steam id] > 323470 > remote > DBXV2
DBXV2.sav should be there, which is your savefile
If you wish to delete it to try reimporting or for other reasons, disable steamcloud on both xenoverse 1 and 2 first.

>Xenoverse Booru: Upload all Drawfaggotry here


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Here's a question.

Does your CaC(s) have any items of clothing that hold sentimental value to them? Something they wear that they find importat for one reason or another?

For Laciem, his jacket belonged to his friend/mentor, Tophi, with his arm warmers being a gift from her once he became an official time patroller


I still think ramming people headfirst while wearing glasses is an awful idea.

I expected better from a scholar.

ehehehe you sly fuck you

The top, which she inherited (copied) from her big sister figure the previous time patroller.

>tfw muh art
I feel ya, I just think the atmosphere is better and not hounded by flags and commercials constantly. But I do like the NFL tons.

But we're getting off topic here.

First for Tuffles!



You got the right idea!


That's not how it works you dumb slut.


its a saibaman and a majin

I could work like that

>mfw people willingly racemix with disgusting saibamen
You wouldn't if you've seen the shit I've seen.

Alomora's Qipao was a gift from her old master, Sagi, which she'll always keep, if not always wear.
Her cowlick hairstyle? Gained from her days in the wilds. Sagi liked it (he thought it gave her a bit of a quirk and some personality) and told her to keep it, and she has ever since.


Majora's shoes were a gift to her from her recruiter and mentor Jukeman (the Namek front and centre in the OP image actually) when she graduated Patroller training.

her cape is just her old a blanket her mom kept when she was little

Surely now you guys wouldn't mind me blowing up the Earth

Go ahead. Such cocklust brings shame upon our universe.

If both Majoras have a kid (somehow), would the kid also be named Majora?

Though she put that part of her life behind her, Hiney Ho still keeps her time breaker uniform in storage.

Though she doesn't have an evil bone in her body, a part of her still hold he time as a breaker dear, as her early life revolved around being muscle for the organization.

>her early life
so...the first month?

>Mochajora legs

They got a couple kids later on through magic alchemy/hackery okay? let's not dwell on it. .
One was named Pai, and the other is named Ruru. Born roughly ten years apart.

This scarf. It belonged to Leo's soulmate. She was the burning ember in the jungles of his night.

Is that Sykos

Well it goes like this.

1 Month : Savage Hiney is a thing
2nd Month : She absorbs Vermicelli and becomes the fun loving Hiney Ho
3rd Month : She quits the Breakers and becomes a Time Patroller, quitting after only 2 weeks worth of missions
4month onward: Muh wrestling, Muh Berryl, Muh Imouto, Muh what's bed wrestling.

Holy shit why was this spoiler'd

I don't even know how I managed that...

No silly goose. Syko if for fighting. She's a saiyan

Real talk Leo, disregarding your first impression. With these past couple of threads, I've realized you're not half bad of a dude, and come off as trying to be well meaning.

Sort of happy you decided to come back to the thread, and share with us, keep it up, dude.

It doesn't really count as 'clothing' but the headphones she wears are sentimental enough for her. She always wears them so she can listen to her vaporwave or electronica whenever to help her calm down and block out any nasty thoughts she may have about herself or others. In truth, it's been the thing that's kept her from decimating worlds.


That's a real nice Hiney pic. Good pose and background.
How you managed to snag that is beyond me, though.

I try to be as friendly as I can. I'm sorry for sperging so hard in the beginning. I just don't really like losing at least to stuff I know is preventable as I've played and learned so much about this game, except lag. I hate nothing more that lag. So I tend to vocalize my hate when stuff like that happens. It's a bad habit that I'm trying to help prevent from surfacing.

I hope to see you around too!

Rocks and other things that fix the camera in place during zoom ins really.

These snapshots are really the only thing of worth I can pull off as of late, ha ha.

When I went to take a shower a couple minutes ago, I saw Leo's post and thought "Ohhh someone's gonna be mean to him again" and was thinking of my reply to that.

This is the complete opposite of that and it's so nice to see.

Hiney pls
>good headcanons
>good draws
>good fightan
>good snapshots

I'd call you a jack of all trades but you're more like a king.

I can relate really, granted I don't get as colorful as you did way back. I'm pretty vocal about the game's shortcomings in terms of netcode, I've come to realize a lot of people are too, and we all handle it our own ways.

It's good to know you're trying your best for our sake, but most importantly your sake as well.

Had any good fights lately, /dbg/?


oh hey, Cargojira got in a pic

I wanna kiss that tummy

I'll do my best to keep my sperging to a minimum ^_^

Bufuus are for eating

obviously the hat. He has had it ever since before he was born! When he was still a few weeks old he could hide under it. His adoptive brother (and kind of a foster parent) found his egg inside the hat. Tea believes it belonged to his parents.


who the fuck gives arm warmers as a graduation present?

I thought tuffles had grey skin

>through magic alchemy/hackery
>meanwhile Shenron has bee reduced to Conton's most popular hairdresser

I felt using Shenron would be an easy out. So I made use of my Majin being into occultism and stuff like Fortuneteller Baba is into but used for lewd purposes.
Is it better? Prolly not. But fuck it, it feels like less of a cop out than "lol Eternal Dragon"
And really, do you want to be the Shadow Dragon born from the "give me a dick" wish?
And I know, this is high tier autism, but really it's not even the oddest thing done in here OR in Dragon Ball

and yet he makes it work

you could bypass the dick and just wish for the kid

But then they wouldn't get the chance to partake in degeneracy, and those sluts cannot accept that

if you just wanna partake in degeneracy you could convince a majin to take the shape of a feeldoe

Sure, that's the boring easy road though. Gotta make use of all the weird side material and go off on a tangent.

Didn't and don't need none of the above stuff to partake of degeneracy. It was for fun really.
Think of it as a really real feeling force feedback dildo.

What if the two of them just wanna be degenerate with each other and only each other?

Most importantly, it affects absolutely nobody else so who cares really?

The green scouter she sometimes wears belonged to her mother, after discovering her body on a 'yet-to-be-expanded-on' planet.

Not on her. But in her space pod she has the Lima force ensignia and a photo of her and Jalid as well as a photo of her and Kolbra

Amelia has her Father's old scouter and her mothers arm warmers. the arm warmers were a gift from her mother and so was the scouter, only difference was that her mother stole the scouter from TP Nathan before she retired so she'd have something to remember him by.

His father was a part of the original time patrol that fought against Super Mira after he conquered the Earth, and this was his main Gi of choice. He fled that timeline after he found out his wife was pregnant with Tenktop, and ended up in the newly formed Toki Toki City. He raised Tenktop as long as he could before he had to return to his original time and meet his destiny at the hands of Mira. He left the Gi Tenktop wears as a parting gift.

Tuffles come in two varieties- regular, fleshy Tuffles who resemble humans, and Tuffle parasites like Baby who can possess other beings.

Goodnight, thread!

I love this wallpaper krok!


Tophi thought that because he's a fridge/Frieza race person, he might get cold sometimes

okay that's kinda endearing

I am quite liking your style there friend

The circlet Lavandita wears on her head was crafted by her adoptive mother, given to her when she came of age in her tribe.

Kalia is too prideful to admit that she keeps anything sentimental, but is privately very proud of the armor set her mother left behind to her after she was killed in battle. It's the only thing she has to remember her by as, befitting of a typical saiyan parent- her mom never really associated or kept in contact with her other than to abuse her during her time off.

Anything of sentimental value that Shyne/Madelyn had was destroyed in the war.

Puuf was created spontaneously, and being only a few months old she hasn't really made a lot of friends yet to inherit anything special.

>people who use ults in combos
>people who use ults out of hard knockdowns
>people who gravity impact
>people who ult twice during a stam break
>people who use infinites
What do you think of those people?

>other than to abuse her during her time off.
She deserves it.


Unzan still actively wears his old temple clothing. The sentimentality helps him keep his temperance. He keeps the actual set and it's centuries of wear at home during missions, using fancy spirit magic to keep the look.

Please do.

b-but why user?

I am those people.

all of them.

Because she's a disgusting half-tuffle.

>captcha "Lima North"

>is a half tuffle
>is abused by her presumably full-blooded saiyan mother


>implying tuffles don't deserve it
I'd abuse her, too.

Huh.. I actually never thought of it that way. I was just going to say she was abused by her mom because her mom is a saiyan and that's something they'd do. But maybe she's ashamed of what her daughter is and that's why she did it instead.

Thanks for pointing that out!

I bet you would, "user"... ;)

You know that's not what I fucking meant.
Reeeee stop shitting me with tuffleshit.

stop shipping me with tuffleshit*

>abuse her during her time off
I hope it's sexual at least

>people who use ults in neutral

>people who use ults in reverse

Do not abuse the halfbreed

so now that dimps has realized they can use super souls to soft buff existing transformations, how long until we get the rest?

Think we'll ever get him legit?



>been in a serious art funk for almost 2 years
>i've always stuck to lurking /dbg/ and never posting.
>see tons of drawfags creating stuff recently
>suddenly i find my resolve and want to join in.

Thank you /dbg/ and Sour Patch too

DLC pack 4 will be Vegeto Blue, Fused Zamasu, Fused Zamasu Alter, and the Goku Black story campaign. they've officially declared they're gonna cover all the Black stuff in the DLC.

though everything after Black Arc is gonna be shelved for Xeno3 without a doubt

nice sour patch dude

>gogeta's rainbow garbage into hit's backsomething

How are ya?

The blue scarf is actually a keepsake from the old gang she ran with as a child. They were the only family she had back then, but she had lost the scarf in the heat of the gang war. Mocha actually stole a time scroll trying to chase down her strike mentor, and ended up right in the aftermath of the gang war. She searched through the wreckage and found it, burnt and scarred. She ripped off the burned parts and tied it around her neck, which is why it's much smaller than the scarf around Kid Joras' neck.

Lulu -> Ruru

Something about this community really brings out a bunch of inspiration. A lot of people who've been struggling to keep at it have been inspired to start working their craft again because of the sheer influence of our collective autism or somesuch.
Awesome picture of Patch by the way, I'm sure he'll love it.
Any chance I haven't drawn a sprite for you as of yet? I'd love to add you to the list.

I shall take no credit, it was all your doing user, keep up the drawing.

I shall continue into my state of insomnia, away I go.

What a cutie.

Here's my namekian. I don't use him as much as I should, but I like how his costume turned out.

Hey, that's pretty unique looking. Nice.
Any chance you've got a shot that contains his feet?


holy fucking k e k

Cool stuff.
I'll post the sprite in here and in the Discord when I finish it. Not sure when that'll be though, so if you're not in the Discord then you might need to keep your eyes peeled.