What is the most dudebro motorsport?

What is the most dudebro motorsport?

My vote goes for Rallycross. This is literally the Doritos of motorsports. Jesus christ I cannot understand why do people enjoy this shitshow.

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Track day, bro.


If we can differentiate american drifting from rest-of-the-world drifting, then yeah, it's dudebro as fuck, but I feel like a lot of driftkids moved on to RX these days.

>he thinks drifting is different anywhere else

It literally is

in nipland maybe

Nah. Murica is different than the rest of the world here.

Drifting regardless of country of origin is faggots

Well that we can agree on.

Drag racing.

Street racing in the form of all the "no prep grudge race" cringy autistic fucking nothing personelle kid shit you see on 1320video etc.


Literally all fat neckbeards squeezed into black tshirts (take a look for yourself) or the occasional angry bald manlet who "races" his car twice a year.

Almost all forms of Motorsport is boring beyond belief. The cars are so fine tuned they might as well be slot cars, the drivers are rich spoiled brats that have teams that do all the real work. Only ones mildly interesting is drag racing and hick level circuit racing.

I think no prep is kinda neat. Shows how a car performs on a surface more like a street and less like a sticky drag strip.

American drift culture is much more dudebro than anywhere else in the world. In Europe and Japan it's kids who love cars getting the most out of their toys. In America, it's GM and Nitrous present sponsored power slides

if there's a more gay ass fucking waste of tires and internal combustion, i've never seen it.

You're looking in the wrong places. The downside is it's still #aintcare brah. You're literally comparing formula D to missiles and not missiles to missiles.

if this aint the truest shit I've read.

although there are some parts of American drift culture (specifically grassroots) where there loads of cool people and little to zero dudebros.

I was just at an event yesterday. Lock City Drift: Night Stage @ Thompson Speedway. Plenty of cool dudes just having fun in their RWD '90s shitboxes.

Some of these grass roots events have a shit ton of v8 swapped S-chassis'. Which is cool but at the same time. Kinda boring. Way more fun to see a low hp shitbox tear up the track.

shit i really dislike about drifting right now is how a lot of people make it seem like you have to buy all these parts (engine swap, angle kits, body kits,etc) to have fun. i blame some of those youtube cunts like TJ hunt. Really you can just any e36, e46, mustang and take it out to beat the shit out of it. welded diff, an extended handbrake/drift button and a bunch of shit tires on steelies

theres a few people in the scene and youtube who get that you can keep it simple like chelsea denofa (pro drifter) and aaron losi (lone star drift).

This. Americans can't drift for shit because they literally have to use overpowered V8s and muh power in order to get the car sideways, whereas everywhere else people make do with fucking 1.8L cars.

lel. That's literally little kid shit here. A lot of kids *used to* build go karts and drift those but those days are gone.


>make do
Is that all you people aspire to, The bare minimum? You people make this board depressing.

>ITT: People that have never gone to a drift event in America thats not Formula Drift.

I think you mean differentiate nippon drifting from the rest of the world, because they're the only ones that don't go full dudebro.
Your shithole country is no exception

Half of this board is underaged, glad you finally came to realize it.

5 posts above someone mentioined going to a drift event that wasn't forumla drift.

I unironically like formula drift.

Fight me.

In yuro drifting isn't dudebro at all. It's more gopnik-tier if anything. Or maybe like actual racing.

>Gopnik tier
>TFW no Lada Drift car

in japan car guys are bunched with other otakus IE they're seen as geeks

Everything americans do. They ruin motorsports.

>not rock bouncer stuff
literally some hick welds a shitload of steel tubing to an engine and drivetrain in his garage and somehow gets it up a hill.

I love in the city, never seen something like it but seems like a shitton of fun

NASCAR, drag racing, tractor pulling.
Basically anything where you sit in a stadium drinking overpriced american 'beer' and eating overpriced hawt dawgs, stand up and sing the national anthem en masse, and then sit down and shout things no matter what happens in front of you, unless you're cheering someone's brush with death.

>literally some hick welds a shitload of steel tubing to an engine and drivetrain in his garage and somehow gets it up a hill.
You mean 'rednecks copy what they saw Icelandic people take seriously, on easier terrain and with shitty homemade vehicles'.

>Only ones mildly interesting is drag racing
You picked literally the most boring one as an example. Motorcycle racing and rally are probably the most exciting. And boat racing if we can include that.

This. How the hell can you not get excited about a sport where the crowning jewel series of the season sees 3-5 driver fatalities every year.

Sure man, Bjork probably does this every Friday afternoon

>If we can differentiate american drifting from rest-of-the-world drifting
no you cant
its all the same

No its not???

Lol no. The fox platform's awful Ackerman makes it fantastic for drifting, do a junkyard gt40 head/intake swap, an exhaust, rebuild the diff with more clutch packs, and you're golde. Don't even bother with the handbrake, just use weight transfer.

but it totally is


Rally is the only good motorsport.

here in Spain drifting is 100% gopnik tier, everyone else just races on mountain courses trying to go fast, not LOOK AT ME I CAN LOSE TIME BY DESTROYING MY TIRES !

In Australia drifting used to be a weeb thing.

Then the same kind of guys who like dirt bikes got into it.

Drifting in Australia is basically full of people with snap back hats with umfolded brims and monster energy drink stickers on their cars.

I sometimes think that Japanese normies probably see Japanese street drifters the same way Americans see white trash.

Japan/weebs/whatever didn't invent drifting at all. Skids have been popular for a long time. My dad and his friends used to slide around for fun on rainy days or when they went to get new tyres and so did my friends when we got our first cars. Skid-nights were a thing even when I first started to drive and we couldn't afford good tyres which naturally ended with easily breaking the rear loose. 'Drifting' wasn't really ever called drifting... but you still saw the same thing at stunt shows, cruise meets, paddock bashing, anywhere people went to have fun with their cars. Of course it's not fast but being able to handle a slide has always been a boasting point and people have always showed it off.

Don't say shit you don't really know.

i liek rally
dragracing sucks

>What is the most dudebro motorsport?
None of the dudebros I know like motorsports. They like dirt bikes and Fast & Furious

It was fine until the Americans caught on.

Professional motocross, especially freestyle X-Games type shit.


in japan car guys are seen as otaku, geeks


Remember, if it's judged subjectively, it's not a sport.

any american abomination

Or there's Wangan style shit, but we don't get that in Western culture

>americans touch a motorsport
>it becomes shit

RX was fine until a few years ago.

First result for 'icelandic hillclimbing' on google, shitstick.

This. America should be reduced to racing horses and bicycles.