Most recent pic of your shitboxes

post em'

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why have there been so many "post pics of your car" threads lately.


The s2000 is a shitbox

don't see the problem here

I really need new wheels



my porche

I alternate between the two



I thought this was the worst color for the FiST but those red accents make it look so good. I want one.


you got an RX7 now too?


I didn't really have a choice of colors since it was the last 2016 ST left in Ontario/Quebec

Glad you like it though


>also pictured, my sister's Elantra

There's a brand new FiST in my area in this color for $15,600. That's an unbelievable price but man, this color was hard to cope with. Looks great though, I'm considering it again.

I'll take the tire soap one of these days


This better not rotate on me
I need some new wheels, stock ones are uggo. Suggestions?

>most recent
sure.. ok.
This was test-fitting a shark fin antenna that ended up not looking too good.

Its got wheels and a motor. It will have to serve as a place holder for cars because I cannot afford both until I'm getting paid to fly.

Once I finish the ratings I can finish my project jzx100 chaser that I've been acquiring parts for for the last 3 years

two motors*

Thats a pretty nice shitbox...

13' Platinum 6.2


More like semenhole lmao

(jealous because I learned multi on a Tecnam, nice plen)

Its there, just kinda blocked

Nice ride, when did you get out of prison?

>Tfw want a chaser but don't have the money to import one from japland

The asses


nice fiero

thanks random dude from seattle who yelled the same thing as i drove by


The mud flaps make it look so much better, nice Shitbox user

Need to take new pics desu

Just got it back from getting detailed.

What mercedes is that

You need to clear your headlights.


Took it today

Japansas meet

Looks even better in real life.


thats an accent, not an elantra

pls don't blow me up or behead me


Hi Cel




skyrine sexy :))))


Yea I know they're pretty bad, just haven't gotten around to doing it. What do you recommend to clear them with? I've heard toothpaste works decently

needs some low

I'm saving up so I can start modding some appearance shit. Wheels and stuff coming after I get an h-pipe and weld out straight pipes in place of the mufflers.

>black mustang
Shittest color after white desu

I always had a soft spot for black stangs, my first car was a 2004 and it was black. I got mine ceramic coated so it holds up decently against the elements. I'm likely getting it wrapped some sort of dark satin gray though.

>thinking white mustangs look bad
shit taste desu

But they are. If I wanted a white car I'd get shitbox prius or corolla. White is not a sports cars color.

>sports car

I think you're good on wheels for now.
at least they're not 13" steelies wrapped with 155/80R13's

Been a while since I've snapped a photo.

nice econobox



this is a board about cars
people like to talk about their cars

my favorite car on Veeky Forums. i want it rly bad

Neighbor has a MX-5 gen1 for sale for 3k. I want another commuter coupe. Should I pull the trigger? I don't know much about Miatas.


Yeah to sell. Sooner it's gone the better.

I'll give you $500

Put $8000 more on that and you got it :^)

We talked about this before you're 5 states away

not worth

I'll deliver it for $9k how bout dat

i love that nardi wheel


They are cheap, easy to work on and fun to drive. Would buy again.
Test drive it and see for yourself