Just bought this for $300 Canadian

Just bought this for $300 Canadian.

How'd I do?

Needs front brakes and rockers patched on drivers side.

what's a rocker?

the outside bit under the doors.


>has an amazing garage space to work on a worthwhile car

mcfucking kill yo self

You made the best decision ever.
Go fuck youself with an xacto knife

Pictures of interior OP?

Nice snag OP. Give it a full whack of maintenance stuff and it'll probably run for another 20 years

I have a 2013 charger and a 2004 Canyon Z71. Canyon gets 15mpg on a good day and the charger 20. Wanted something good on gas that i could beat around town with.

I'll dump a few. Thing was a fucking disaster on the inside, part of why it was so cheap. Pictures don't do it justice just how bad it was. Just about finished cleaning it now. I'll put some before and after, starting with before.

That's the hope. Thing seems to be in really good shape now that i've got it mostly all cleaned up. A lot of car for $300.

Took the seats out to do a good proper cleaning, wish i took a picture before doing some vacuuming, so gross.

To take out the center console, there is a hole in the back cup holder that leads down to the screw. I don't even want to describe how much fucking disgusting ass black goo that must have been the remains of a ton of spilled drinks, that i had to dig out.

And good as new.

Throw a big spoiler on it

Give it boost

Carpets came out decent, only a bit i wasn't able to get out on the drivers side.

Didn't take any before pictures of the doors sadly. They came out really well, plastic held up well to the abuse over the years.

Look almost like new.

Care also came with 4 extra tires on wheels. Has some new parts too, brand new gas tank being one of them, some new suspension components on the front, new brakes in the rear.

Damn nice job dude

Man, I wish I had the time to give my car a once over that thorough. I'm pretty sure there's mould in the cupholders, and the trunk was crammed with Tims cups

Its in pretty good condition
Shampoo the carpets and its should look like it rolled out of the dealership

Give it a good wash, polish and wax and defog the headlights and it would be a fine shitbox

for this price, you could actually have a very light and (fun?) car to bang around.

it would need some ups on the engine and a better suspension + manual transmission.

nice, how many KM's?
front brakes arent terribly expensive for these.

250,000 km.

Has the original window sticker from the dealer in the glove box and the original bill of sale. Sticker price was $16,000 in 2001, guy only paid $12,000 though before tax.

He traded in a 1997 Tercel.

Exactly what i'll be doing. Was joking earlier that the cost of my detailing products is worth more than the car i'm using it on.


my grandma has an echo, just hit 400k kms, she drives it everywhere and has owned it since new. its been from where I live (central bc) down to texas and other states.

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why are these (and tercels) so common in canada? especially montreal

Reliable, cheap to buy and maintain, and easy on gas. Good beater, certainly when our winters eat cars.

If it can pass safety without costing a ton its a good deal

pretty good user