Realizes the god machine has btfo the competition in every way that matters

>realizes the god machine has btfo the competition in every way that matters
>has nothing left to criticize except for fake air vents
>"a-and the 0-60 time is worse than a more expensive awd car"
>being this frazzled by a honda

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>getting this triggered over someone's negative criticism
hondacucks btfo

>having to shill so hard for a Miguel mobile

Why so assblasted?

>so triggered you felt the need to make a thread about it
i like hondas adn i think you're a faggot

not triggered, just defending a genuinely good car that people are trying so hard to criticize because it's a civic

that 0-60 is pretty fail....

>replies with the triggered meme

More expensive car is only like $3k more and is a solid jump up in power.
Plus its litteraly the most factory riced out car ever produced

>only a 5 second 0-60
>mfw that's all they got

But does it hold the world record for longest drift?

Doug DeMuro isn't exactly an engineer so...

Slower then a mustang that's the same price

>ill still race you in a 92 swap

yeah but not a crowd killing pig fat american pos

>ugly as a rabid hairless squirrel

"b-but, user. for the dollar val*"
>buying an econo shit box new

There is no reason to give two shits about this.

If you want a Civic R go buy a older better looking one for cheaper.

You mean faster

Soo glad the Type-R faggots got a new idol to huddle around. I was starting to miss their stupid ass ilk.

no the new mustang is ugly as shit compared to the civic and barely performs better despite it's v8 and rwd

kek, btfo

Got a link?

>shitposts lap times
>ugly, wrong wheel drive honda is suddenly faster than his dad's mustang
>mfw passing your bus in my brand new econo shit box

Thats for the 4 cylinder ecoboost. Type R vs any gt would get wrecked, and the mustang is cheaper

For fucks sake, paying attention to Doug DeMierda. Stop giving this shit head views.

did any reviewer state the 0-200 kmh time or 100-200 kmh ?

If you could buy the RS for the MSPR you'd be nuts to get the Civic.

its a benchracer mobile but unlike the rs its practical and comfortable
Also fuck honda for retiring the v6 accord at least ford had the decency of making a v6 3l turbo.

because it's an ugly piece of shit that Ford beat several years ago but Honda faggot fanboys are still going through denial

Nope, that was the 5.0L GT. Hell, even The American was going on and on about how it's a real car because it has a V8

all civics deserve ridicule.

t. butthurt rwd cuck
Did you bumped by a civic?

That's the GT.
From the segment where they were comparing the Mustang and the Focus RS.

And both are slower than a fucking civic kek btfo.

Anyone else find it pathetic that car manufacturers have somehow tricked consumers into getting excited about a 300 hp car? do people not realize manufacturers intentionally sandbag these so they don't have to compete with each other? It's retarded and you should feel bad for buying one instead of just building your own car for half the price

Also it looks fucking stupid

Also, that Civic was the FK2, whose front looks worse and is slower.
I hope Grand Tour reviews the new one.

That is fucking retarded. A boy racer fwd civic is the fastest thing around a track for under 40k... Seriously, do physics not fucking matter if its a honda?

What else could I get for this price

>mfw Type R has a worse 0-60 than a 1999 Mustang GT

Lol I bet the dealer only did that because they have low allocation and wanted to keep the car on the floor for a while to draw in extra Mexicans.

Honda makes the rules of physics. VTEC is the ultimate limit.

>Seriously, do physics not fucking matter if its a honda?
Honda Engineers know their fucking shit. Type R's have always been the best bang for your buck for track performance in a stock car.

the type r is shit for its cost

for 32k you can get a 06 997 GT3 RS with 550 hp and 600,000 miles or a 2002 Lamborghini Diablo with 480 hp and 350,000 miles

this is legitimately one of the dumbest posts in all 10 pages of Veeky Forums

kys you're selfs dumbass
Here's your (You)

>not buying a toyota 2000gt /w 11,000,000,000,000 miles for $32k instead


>less expensive v6 mustang

Fixed your comment about 0-60

>yfw that was the old type r and they haven't even tested the new one yet
>yfw when the mustang and the the focus rs gets even more btfo

Honda is based

>adjusted market value
I've never seen this on a window sticker. What does this supposed to mean exactly
And how does it justify adding a whole 25,000 dollars to a civic type R? That's basically adding a Honda Accord onto a Civic

Why don't you compare 2002 Lamborghini Diablo with 2002 Honda civic type R with similar mileage?


It means we know what we got and we're gonna Jew the fuck outa you.

for small track performance anyway

An interesting RWD killer. I wouldnt want to die being hit by a fucking Civic

I don't like this car because now normies are going to start liking honda civics instead of saying they are ricey POS.

Nah, everyone is still calling it "riced out"