S/o/cal June meet part 2, electric bugaloo

Not June Hoon edition

>M-muh CHP
They don't show up. We're too slow

>M-muh car sucks
one guy brought a stanced out festiva. Trust me, your car is fine.

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How can you be this much of a retard

It's pretty easy really
You just got to be autistic

This is what I get for phone posting


turn up those Baofangs I'm a block away u should be able to hear me.

Make sure to turn on those gopros, I wanna see some good footage

Miata guy here, had to bail for a family obligation


Bumping for pics

Any updates? how many crashed this meet? Did the radios work as advertised with 33 mile range?

Just got home
tacoma here.
i got footage but no crashes. just people pulling to the side due to over heating.
currently transfering to computer. once i convert to webm i'll be uploading.
>s2k almost went off the cliff on its own after driver said "i wish someone would crash it."

Any pics?

yeah transfering those also. will commence dump in like an hour maybe less

I'll bump thread until then

No 4chanpass so I have to wait between posts.
Commencing with pictures.
I'll see if my computer is up to compiling the video while i upload these

Nice trips

Anyone want in the kik chat reply with your username.

We just post in real time, post memes/nudes, hang out occasionally and plan the mini meets there.


it finally let me log in

Holy shit mustang kid you wanna fight at the next meet? I really wanna fight you. Please fight me.


Add me

No thanks I already get beaten on a daily basis by my dad





sweet hachibroku dude!

You gotta stand up for yourself sooner or later. Unless you enjoy getting beaten.

Fite me faggot.

no thanks good sir


ill have the Dropbox hopefully up by the next mini-meet as im leaving on vacation tomorrow




First for suicidal S2k


and thats the last of it thats not gopro footage

Guy was talking about how he wanted to sell his S2000, and as he was banting over it, it started to roll down the hill right towards an opening in the barrier.

He was standing right next to it so he was able to pull the handbrake and stop it

Wow I didn't realize how many Mexicans there are on Veeky Forums

we're all in turnout. driver starts talking smack about his own s2k and wishing someone would crash it while looking for a piece of his key fob. not a second later the s2k starts rolling down the turnout towards an opening in the guard rail facing a cliff.

Really good pics DSLR bros

Kek. The silver s2k right? Or black one?

The black one





When and where's the next one? Couldn't make it to this one due to a sudden important thing.

Main meets usually the 3rd Saturday of every month.

Mini meets happen inbetween so keep an eye out for those in the future.

Do any of you guys know how to wrench? Or more specifically weld?

Need some help with my project and contemplating whether I should buy a welder or have someone weld it.

What do you need welded?

realized it made it seemed like i drive the blue c5. nope i wish. just a truck
you can tell your friends youre slower than a pickup on the touge tho

There are so many Californians on Veeky Forums I'd be surprised if there weren't many of us.

>tfw no beauty-shot of my blue barge
This meet was great. I can't wait for the next one.

>fucked bumper
>wrxfag drives a retard

About time he crashed. Wish it was more serious though...

was this not you
if i go to the next meet let me know and I can try and take something a bit more aesthetic

This front frame horn. I bought a replacement. Also may need some spot welds on the new fender rail.

Other issue is that it will be stuck at my house now since I disconnected everything. However, it does run if I hook stuff back on. Just wondering what would be the best way to tackle this.

I drove the Crown Vic. It's no problem, your pictures are great.

Fun driving with everyone again. Next "mini" meet will likely be after AX.

>A Turkish soldier lies dead in the sands of Qatar after chemical weapons strike by Saudi F-15s

Turk roach BTFO

>Durango wouldn't pull over on the way down the mountain despite people honking

>tfw car secretly loved the cool down ride

Normies get off my touge!

> Never any pictures of my car at the meet

Why did you post a picture of a dead turk?

>obvious shitposter

dang I thought I had gotten everyone, sorry bro
next time then
i could hear s2k honking and the rest reving from 4-5 cars back lol
this thou, i didn't mind it too much specially since that section isn't as curvy

it's ok tho cause you get a nice spot on the gopro footage. thats gonna take my laptop all night to convert apparently. here's a shot from last meet. not sure if i posted it last time

of course i forgot to attach it...

You did. But I did a lot of aesthetic enhancements since this picture was taken

So anyone who's wondering, specifically The next three main meets will be:

July 15th
August 19th
September 16th

I'm looking for other roads we can take, so if anyone has any recommendations, preferably with a barbeque spot somewhere in the vicinity, post 'em up here.


so my computer is only at 53% for the video conversion since last night.
it slow. i'll try and figure something out for the second video

He should be banned from future meets

its not like he can make it desu

So daddy really did ground him

tfw webm to mega is 24 or so mb. youtube is still uploading at 1080p.

first 3 minutes is me behind everythingGM
I grind 3rd gear at 5mins
subbie overheats at 6:40

300zx turbo? pulls of at 8minutes in
it was pretty uneventful drive desu

tfw the second half of the video is 2minutes long
but still over the size limit


Thanks for sharing b0ss

Hey Tacoma dude, thanks for the pictures!!

Thanks for the upload


Yeen Peen story for the people that haven't seen it yet


but why? the meet is done, no one crashed no aftermath.

What is this a meet for ants?

it was

almost forgot the downhill since my computer took so long to convert it.
since its on mega i didn't bother resizing.


Lies. The WRX ate it on the downhill, hence that bumper scuff.

OP literally is an autistic faggot.


>taking the b8


It's from the previous owner, you faggots.

WRX is in front of silver s2k in
quit spreading lies like your mother spreads her legs

>butthurt flyover cuck detected

omg it wobbles so much lmao

someone make a sick youtube montage so we can compete with N/o/rCal

Actual Truck
also I don't have a steady cam thing

OP is a huge faggot